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Is AmazonTicketsandEvents Legit & Safe in 2020?

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4 Things You Should Know
AmazonTicketsandEvents Reviews 2020

1. What is AmazonTicketsandEvents and is the site Legit?

Online ticket brokers are becoming more popular every day. There are a lot more people who are discovering how convenient it is to purchase from these brokers without breaking a sweat in having to go to a ticket store physically. is an online ticket broker, and there are plenty of AmazonTicketsAndEvents reviews that say how reliable and dependable this company is. This company is considered a ticket reseller because they purchase tickets from the primary brokers and ticket owners so that they can sell them.

The tickets that they sell are already in the secondary market. These companies earn their income through charging service fees to the buyers, and they also add a markup price on top of the face value of the tickets.

The customers will also be the ones who will pay for the shipping and the taxes. Customers must realize that ticket brokers do not offer face value prices, but there are still a lot of complaints in Amazon Tickets And Events reviews regarding this price issue.

AmazonTicketsAndEvents reviews can make or break the reputation of the company. Before making purchases, customers must understand what the company is and how it does business. AmazonTicketsAndEvents is a legit company that sells event tickets on the secondary ticket market.

The tickets that the companies are selling come from other brokers and sellers. This means they need to add a markup price and a service fee to get a reasonable profit. The tickets that they sell, even if considered secondary, are still admissible and are guaranteed to be real and accurate. A lot of Amazon Tickets And Events reviews have mentioned that the tickets were indeed legit that they bought.

The company is reliable and dependable.

2. What’s Good about AmazonTicketsandEvents?

One of the things that customers love about this company based on AmazonTicketsAndEvents reviews is the layout of their website. There are a lot of pictures on their homepage which makes other people aware of who will be performing or the teams that will be playing. The search bar is also right on top of the page, and it is very noticeable due to its size. There are also many Amazon Tickets And Events reviews that applaud the shipping process of the company.

The company uses FedEx, and the packages can be tracked once they have been sent.

Most reviews state that the tickets arrive on time and some even a few days before the expected date of arrival. With prompt delivery, the company is a reliable merchant.

The tickets arrive on time and some even a few days before the expected date of arrival.

3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.) about AmazonTicketsandEvents?

Some AmazonTicketsAndEvents reviews have had complaints regarding the prices of the tickets that they have bought on the website. Their prices were not as cheap as other ticket brokers offer and other customers are surprised to see that the price that they have paid for the tickets are double what the ticket’s value is.

These AmazonTicketsAndEvents reviews usually come from those who purchased tickets from a secondary ticket broker for the first time. But if you read the FAQs of the company, you will see that they explained the markup price and the service fees that go on top of the face value of the tickets.

Their prices were not as low as other ticket brokers.

4. Review Summary: Is AmazonTicketsandEvents Good, Reliable, and a Safe Site?

After further research, we are on the fence with this company, since there are mixed reviews and other available options to look at.

But even if the ticket price above the face value, purchasing from this company is still safe and secure.

All pieces of information are protected against fraud and customers get their tickets on time.

You can check their available tickets for events in your state at

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5 Reviews for AmazonTicketsandEvents Reviews

Amazon tickets lied about sending tickets to home address

Be aware when purchasing tickets from Amazon. I purchase tickets for Cirque au Soleil for the OVO show at the Albert Hall for January. Tickets were purchased a month in advance and at the time of purchase it was stated that thickets would be posted to my address. As I haven’t received the tickets, there are 5 days left to the event, I contacted Amazon to be told that tickets will be available for collection at the venue’s box office but 90 MINS BEFORE THE SHOW. Future purchases be aware of this trick

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gforcegerry33 1 Reviews
Amazon Ticket sales-shocking & double charging bewarned

Amazon Ticket sales. Also called Amazon Local. Dreadful. Had a technical issue which they completely deny. 2 charges for a single pair of tickets. Refused refund despite calling with 5 mins of receiving email confirmation. Admitted it was odd as same seats all located to both purchases. Call centres in India with hopeless English. UK office again refused refund and referred to them being Amazon branded “ticket touts”. Wrong as under distance selling rules automatic right to refund. Furthermore went to HSBC to cancel second payment, and the same had happened to a member of staff there and he said was not the only customer who’d had issues with Amazon payments in the last week. Really sorry but avoid Amazon, particularly the concert ticket sales part. Generally I find HMV cheaper, better and nicer to deal with when buying records.

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angelacoates31 1 Reviews
Appalling Treatment from Amazon tickets – doubling the price

Appalling treatment from Amazon tickets … I received an email from Amazon tickets advertising a musical’s tickets for £11 each. I went online and bought 2 tickets for £11 each – as advertised. However, when the confirmation receipt came through I had been charged almost double. Not £22 but £42.90. I have since complained and sent at least 6 emails and phoned in. I keep getting ignored or fobbed off. It is just not right. I will not let this matter drop. A customer should not be charged almost double without being informed or asked if this is acceptable, The customer service handling of complaints is appalling too. I have asked for call backs but no-one has called back. This is not the service you would expect from a big company like Amazon

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Carlos 1 Reviews
They changed the seating to back row

Purchased 4 marvel universe tickets, for them to change the seating to back row despite my daughter having a disability, blamed a third party but no refund, cancelled my account with them.

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Katty 1 Reviews
Received an email advising that Amazon has cancelled my booking

I booked theatre tickets for charlie and the chocolate factory several weeks ago and have now 2 weeks before the show received an email advising that Amazon has canceled my booking I have a very upset daughter and am still awaiting an urgent response from Amazon I am very disappointed.

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