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Is BBTix Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2020?

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BBTix Reviews 2020

1. What is BBTix and is BBTix Legit?

Just like any other online ticket brokers today, is a website where customers can browse through a collection of events and get tickets for those events. Many customers write BBTix reviews to share their personal experiences with those who want to purchase tickets from the company, etc.

But BBTix is quite different from other typical online ticket brokers. Normally online brokers would have a huge collection of events for concerts, sports, theater and sometimes Broadway tickets, but BBTix specializes in selling Major League Baseball tickets.

A lot of MLB fans wrote in their BBTix reviews that they love the website because it is like a library full of baseball events all over the country. But these reviews also provide essential information to other consumers who are interested in the company is reliable or not.

Many fans might just enjoy being able to use the companies browsing through their MLB events collection. The company also guarantees that they will look for the best MLB game seats available in the secondary market. 

As stated in different BBTix reviews, consumers will be able to evaluate for themselves that the company makes ticket sales. But the tickets that the customers buy from this company come from the secondary market. This just means that they have previously been owned by another person before they were sold to you.

This should not be a cause for concern though because the company has a guarantee that all of the tickets that they are selling are real, accurate in their application and dependable. This can be proven by multiple BBTix reviews that satisfied customers have written. Also, it is worth mentioning that they have event tickets for any MLB game at any stadium across the country.

Many fans love the website because it is like a library full of baseball events all over the country.

2. What’s Good about BBTix?

There are a lot of BBTix reviews that like the customer service of the company. One of the things that elevate this company’s customer service compared to others is its 24/7 live chat option. There are only a few online brokers who offer this same type of feature.

Customers can also quickly call their phone numbers during office hours to inquire about tickets. Their representatives can even look for the tickets for you and direct you to the purchase.

MLB and sports fans wrote many BBTix reviews, and they are just happy that all MLB event tickets are gathered into one website for easy searching.

Customers can also easily call their phone numbers during office hours to inquire about tickets.

3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.) about BBTix?

A few BBTix reviews thought that the pricing of the tickets found on their website was pretty high.

Some customers who had purchased tickets for a favorite game said that they were shocked to see the actual value of the tickets when they received them was just half of what they paid for them.

This was why customers need to read the terms and conditions of the site because it is stated there that the company does not sell tickets at face value.

There are also BBTix reviews that mentioned about some irregularities with the delivery. The complaints said that the customers did not receive the tickets on the scheduled delivery date. But these errors in delivery are seldom to happen.

There are reviews that mentioned about some irregularities with the delivery.

4. Review Summary: Is BBTix Good, Reliable, and a Safe Site?

Even if the BBTix reviews were mixed, BBTix seems to be a good company where customers can get premium MLB tickets.

They can even choose from the best seats available through the seating charts.

The reviews about the prices were mixed too, but if you consider other ticket brokers, then you will see that their prices are pretty competitive on that scale.

5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

There’s one ticket site below we’ve tested and recommend as the go-to.

This fan-to-fan ticket exchange is verified by TicketMaster and is:

The only resale site to guarantee 100% verified tickets in your name.

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Never again this site sucks I bought my tickets from this site they charge my card and all we called 5 different times to see when they were going to send me my tickets game started at 515 pm at 4:30 I called again telling them I need my tickets I was told with in the hour I would have them I was changed $33 per ticket plus tax I ordered 4 tickets $157 bucks long story short at 5 Io clock I was told they did not have my tickets and how sorry they were I ended up paying $380 bucks for 4 tickets this site sucks and is not worth any ones time

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