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Is Event Ticket Center Legit & Safe in 2022?

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Event Tickets Center Review

5 Things to Know Before Buying

Review Updated 1/3/2022

1. Is Event Ticket Center a legit site?

EventTicketsCenter is, in fact, a legit and safe secondary ticket broker exchange since 2005.

They claim to be a reliable nationwide network with a 100% guarantee the tickets are authentic.

With that said, there seem to be mixed Event Tickets Center reviews though (complaints on high-priced tickets and service fees).

According to some recent Event Tickets Center reviews seen, it doesn’t seem to be the most reliable ticket site (see our top alternative ticket sites below).

event tickets center reviews 2020 are tickets real


Are EventTicketCenter tickets real?

Event Tickets Center themselves cannot sell fake tickets since they don’t own the tickets.

These ticket exchange sites are a go-between for the sellers and buyers

Tickets on EventTicketsCenter.com are uploaded by ticket resellers or “professional licensed ticket brokers,” so…

The tickets sold are not in possession at the EventTicketsCenter office.

are eventticketscenter tickets real

This is how most resale sites work and is standard practice.

Each ticket site, like Event Tickets Center, is supposed to provide a legit, safe and secure ticket exchange platform for sellers and buyers.

reviews event tickets center is legit

Above, is a positive Event Tickets Center review from a recent customer, but again there are mixed reviews though on the web.

When comparing EventTicketCenter vs StubHub, which are both resale ticket exchange sites, you’ll see some differences.

Is StubHub legit though as Event Ticket Center ticket sales?

Another popular site is VividSeats, but is Vivid Seats legit today as EventTicketsCenter.com?


What’s good about Event Ticket Center?

Compared to other ticket brokers online like Ticketmaster, this company is relatively smaller, but it is trying its best to provide the same level of service to customers as shown in some Event Tickets Center reviews.

One of the things that customers liked was the premium tickets (floor seats) available to some events.

event tickets center reviews concert tickets

When you’re on the checkout page you will see an “Event Ticket Protection” that you will help you to get 100% refund if you can’t attend.

is event tickets center legit reliable guarantee

If you get the “Event Ticket Protection” know that you must have a “serious illness, job loss, or traffic incident,” because…

You will have to show prove (ex: letter from signed Dr. if you’re sick) to get your full ticket refund (shown below).

eventticketscenter review legit ticket protection add on


2. Service fees and shipping cost

The service fees on EventTicketsCenter is about 31.5% on an average order of the subtotal (shown below buying NBA tickets).

This may seem a little crazy, but this is almost the standard service charge (around 30% of subtotal) with other ticket resale tickets.

event tickets centers service fees delivery payment

When ordering NBA tickets the delivery charge for us was $8.95.

3. Can I change or cancel my order?

Another common thing among ticket sites is there are no refunds or exchanges after ordering.

This is a standard rule with event ticket sites since most sites don’t actually own or have the tickets on hand.

event ticket center can I cancel an order after its placed


4. Review summary

According to many negative Event Tickets Center reviews, we are on the fence with this company at this point.

Many of the unsatisfied customers accused the company of being a rip-off for charging over face value than what the price showed on the actual ticket stub after they received them. These complaints are pretty common among broker reviews, and EventTicketCenter.com reviews are not an exemption.

eventticketscenter bbb better business bureau complaints

We did notice too that EventTicketsCenter on BBB.org has an alert out from a pattern of complaints rating currently, and 1 out of 5 stars with over 71 complaints in the last 3 years.

Keep in mind this ticket site EventTicketsCenter.com sells millions of tickets each year, so the complaints are small compared to its overall business.


5. Any good alternative sites?

Compare all our top 3 ticket sites below for the best deal.

1. TickPick

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway shows

Why TickPick?

We have tested TickPick.com and TickPick is legit that has positive feedback overall from other TickPick reviews.

> no hidden fees and easy ordering process compared to other sites

> best price guarantee and up-front pricing (no service fees)

> grades every ticket from sellers based on price and seat quality

> options to pay w/ PayPal or zip (4 interest-free payments)

> ticket search w/360-degree seat view

stubhub vs tickpick reviews savings


2. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

> best for sports tickets

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

We have tested Ticket Masters Resale and got overall positive feedback from most Ticket Master reviews.

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

> safe and secure ordering process

> 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

> tickets delivered within minutes w/ e-ticket email deliveries

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


3. Vivid Seats

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway tickets

Why VividSeats? We have tested VividSeats.com and was good for us, although there are mixed VividSeats reviews., but recently rebranded with better support.

> 100% guarantee with safe ordering

> largest independent secondary ticket marketplace to live events

> the official ticket provider of ESPN

> good prices compared to most ticket sites

> voted best in-house customer support team

> extra event protection add-on at checkout (100% reimbursed if an accident)

viagogo vs vivid seats ticket review sites legit


We did compare Event Tickets Center vs StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and is StubHub a legit and safe site?

StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries.

Also, Event Tickets Center service fee is about 31.5% and StubHub’s service fee is about 30%. You can out more too with our StubHub Reviews 2022.


Share your Event Tickets Center review below.

Your feedback helps us and others.

event ticket center reviews 2022 is legit

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34 Reviews for Event Ticket Center Reviews

rhofstra100 1 Reviews
Insurance is a scam and website is unreliable

If you use their website, I hope it works properly or you’ll lose your money. If your lucky you’ll get some rude, arrogant, jerk who will call you 40 minutes before the start of the event and tell you its your fault and maybe you’ll get 25% back. Use AXS or Vivid and get reliable service..

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shannongliem98 1 Reviews
Never got tickets

I paid for tickets in January. It is now April 28 and I never got my 1,400 dollars worth of tickets

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saltmarshgal8 1 Reviews
Can't use Voucher

Recd a voucher for a cancelled concert (@$300). Attempting to use it before it expires. No obvious place to plug it in on the purchase page. Stayed on hold waiting for customer service for 20 -30 mins. Emailed customer service – no response. Will never use them again. That was hard-earned money.

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suni.petersen72 1 Reviews
Worst Experience EVER

They sent tickets that were in someone’s else’s name and address. I was charged $158 then the tickets sent were $30. I emailed and the email came back undeliverable. I called and after an hour, the recording said to leave a call back number, which I did. Then the recording said I would get a call back within 48 hours! A day later and I still do not have tickets, the charge is on my cc, and I am leaving on my trip which will be difficult to get the call back. I doubt that this is a legitimate company.

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diana.ruehl7162 1 Reviews

My information was stolen , someone purchased tickets to a show with my card 380.00 worth to be exact. When I contacted event tickets about it . I was told all sales final policy and that I would have to resale the tickets that I didn’t purchase !!!!!!!! So now the fight begins to get my money back…….. This is the worst company I have ever had dealings with!!!!! They don’t care about stolen information , they only care about your money

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rickgrose64942 1 Reviews
Poor customer service. Rip off !

Poor customer service all they do is send out automated email responses. I printed what I can find on their website it had no barcode could never find where they kept telling me to go call them no answer claim they’ll call you back within 48 hours. Went to the event paid my parking went to the ticket counter they claim they’ve never even heard of them they were uncooperative and I ended up leaving without going to the event. Needless to say not happy. Do not use this service you will be disappointed !!

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cel.vandy12 1 Reviews

I bought a ticket to Amy Grant in Santa Rosa in March of 2000. Before COVID. During the shutdown the sold my ticket back to the venue. Luckily i lost that ticket and had to buy another one. When i asked the venue to honor my original seat i found out what they did.

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kasnow9933 1 Reviews
Absolutely AWFUL

I wish I could give negative stars! I went through process of buying the tickets. The prices for the tickets and the service fee were outrageous but it was my boyfriend’s birthday gift so I went with it. I never got the email with the instructions on how to get the tickets. I called and waited on the phone for 30 minutes. Clicking the track my order link and going to the site just had me going in circles. We aren’t going to the event without tickets. We have to dispute the charge on the credit card. ABSOLUTELY AWFUL! I’ll be leaving as many reviews everywhere so that no one has to go through this.

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This company ripped me off. Having to get money back from credit card company since there’s no response from the company. The worst part was that it was tickets for the circus for my sons 6th b-day. We showed up super excited just to realize that there in fact was no show. So terrible.

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angieastevia46 1 Reviews
Robbers Millinieum tickets postponed indefinitely

This company is an absolute crook. We bought millinieum tickets over a year ago in February before the pandemic and they have rescheduled. Postponed, postponed indefinitely instead of returning people’s funds!! Cruise lines. Hotels. Airlines. Leasing agencies have all accomodated the inconveniences but they continue to hold people’s funds hostage!! I have asked for corporate, managers, etc and nothing, these crooks have spent our money and wont return it!! I had several tickets be refunded due to covid and these scam artist are no different and should be mandated to refund especially after a year!!! Suggesting customers to sell how the heck can someone sell tickets when theres no freakin dates!!! Refundddddd

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sheilahenglish1 1 Reviews
Do NOT I repeat DO NOT buy from this company!!

We had a concert planned in September that got rescheduled to Dec and we will be unable to attend that date. The musicians website stated all tickets would be honored and refunded if unable to attend the scheduled event. I called event center and nope they don’t refund rescheduled events per policy! Maureen the lady I spoke with was the rudest most unprofessional person I’ve ever dealt with! I’m so surprised after reading all the negative reviews they seemed to still be in business! The bad thing is the musicians may not even be aware that company’s are not honoring what they clearly post on there website!

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1 Reviews
Borderline Organized Crime Network

– Obscenely high service upcharges that aren’t communicated until after email and CC have been entered. -Thousands of 5 star reviews with nothing but “adslfhkajsdf” written seemingly fake and likely paid for. – Countless Sister Sites they use to funnel their own tickets through at ridiculous prices. – “Flex Ticket” sales which mean they sell tickets that don’t exist yet. (all under their 100% guarantee, which has plenty of complicated terms as well.) – Paid google advertisements to pray on people worried about events selling out quickly. – All unfortunately done legally, with layers of fine print and info symbols that hide necessary purchasing terms This is as close as it gets to an organized white collar crime network. Would not be surprised if all their transfers happened to funnel through offshore accounts. Will never use this service again and will be informing everyone I know of their scam.

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This website is a SCAM. They sell to you from a different, third-party site that quadruples the price of the tickets from the original artist/event site. My 14 year old daughter was absolutely scammed by this website – thought she was paying $35 for a ticket and was charged $140. She purchased insurance on the ticket but under no circumstances will they return a penny. They should be sued

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I, like all of you, was dooped by this company. Tickets for Tenacious D at the State Theatre went on sale March 6th, 2020. Tickets-Center.com had a part in purchasing all of these tickets and reselling them at a higher price. They claim this was done by a 3rd party and they are just the middle man. I doubt that very much. Unfortunately there was a law passed this year that basically legalized the scalping of tickets, so long as you purchase 8 or more at a time. Afraid of missing out on a show I’ve waited 15 plus years to see, I reluctantly purchased 2 tickets for 650 dollars. Then COVID-19 hit. I’ve been expecting the cancellation notice for months and I received it last week. I immediately received a notification email from Tickets-Center.com stating that due to COVID-19, they could not issue refunds (original policy states refund upon cancellation) and instead offer 110% vouchers for future tickets and merchandise that expires in 18 months. This was unacceptable. My wife is immunocompromised and we couldn’t attend another show now if we wanted to because her life may depend on it. This makes my voucher useless like many others. After calling Tickets-Center.com only to get stuck in an automated loop, I contacted the company via online chat. I texted with a customer service representative named Gloria who assured me that nothing can be done. When I asked to speak with management, I was informed that managers do not interact with the customers and are only there as a supervisor. Laughable I know. After reading more about others that are in the same situation thanks to Tickets-Center.com, I was determined to, atleast, notify someone of this injustice. I first contacted the Better Businesse Bureau and made a full report including my order number, date of purchase and amount paid. I then took it a step further and wrote the Attorney General of Delaware, the State Tickets-Center.com is located. I simply emailed her a full description of my experience including screenshots of my correspondence with Tickets-Center.com, the withdrawal amount from my bank account and the original refund policy. This was done last week Thursday and as of 9:56 pm, the following Tuesday, I received an email notification from Tickets-Center.com of a full refund issued to me. The money was deposited the very next morning. I don’t know exactly which action prompted my refund. I never expected a refund, I only wanted to stop this from happening to more people. I honestly was so ashamed of spending that much in the first place knowing I was clearly being hustled. I was convinced that pursuing the refund was a lost cause. I hope this review helps you all because what this company has done is inexcusable. The point is DON’T GIVE UP, GET YOUR MONEY BACK! I did…somehow.

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If you enjoy spending a lot of money and getting nothing but attitude and a credit card bill, buy away.

Same complaint as everyone else. Obviously a scam and they’ll just change their name and leave us all hanging. Scumbag rip off artists that go against their own protections guarantees and written assurances. Put us in a horrible financial position, and they literally laughed it off.

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2amimylan13 1 Reviews

I clicked on the tickets I wanted for the price shown as $45. When the billnshowed up on my credit card account, there was a $450 service fee charged by eventticketscenter. when I got the tickets via email, they had a different row and seat number than I had selected and the tickets had somebody else’s name on them. I disputed the fees with my credit card company and was denied because if you go into event ticket centers policies, it states that they do resale tickets and Jack the prices and service fees up. Most people don’t look at a ticket centers policies before purchasing a ticket.. do not use event tickets center, it is fraudulent!!!!

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Chico33100 1 Reviews
In This Moment(Detroit)

Bought these tickets 4 months ago and now with the quarantine its obvious its not gunna happen. They refuse to give me a refund! I will pursue other options. BTW Ticketmaster has already refunded my other friends that were going. I will not use this site again!

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abieburkus3 1 Reviews

I bought some tickets for a show on a Saturday. I don’t live near Portland so it is a lot of work to see shows. My show got cancelled then rescheduled for a Thursday later in the year when we can not make it. I told them our problem and they told me they will not work with me for a refund. It’s all about the money for this company. Definitely recommend DO NOT use this company.

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foxeegrandma94 1 Reviews
Johnny Mathis

Even though it does say tickets are non refundable, the fact that we are in a nationwide pandemic should void that. 4 tickets were almost 2000 so ins s/b included.

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jetharvey67 1 Reviews
Terrible!! Scam! Sent wrong tickets and wouldn’t change them!

Do not use this company! We order tickets months in advance, and the day before the concert they sent us the wrong tickets. They said there was nothing they could do, and then when my daughter was headed to the concert they voided the tickets because I complained. I had to buy her new tickets from another vendor an hour before the concert started!

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Frank 1 Reviews
We were put on hold for awhile on the phone

Purchased 2 tickets from EventTicketsCenter recently. We didn’t have any problems, except paying 5 times the face value and we were put on hold for awhile on the phone before speaking to their customer support.

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Fake Tickets

Aunt purchased them for my daughter. They drove an hour up to the event center only to be told that the tickets are fake.

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bighair234 1 Reviews
This was not a good experience,

I understand they are brokers, but charging $22 service fee per tciket and $8.95 to email you a link is very sketchy. Stay with known tcket selling websites, ticketmaster, stubhub, livenation, etc. I felt like a shake down victim and idiot by working with these slime balls.

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jesse.wayne7624 1 Reviews
Complete Scam

We have been getting a run around for months. They keep sending a link to claim tickets that doesn’t work. The concert is tomorrow and they have no idea where my tickets are. It has been to long to dispute the charges with my credit card. My wife has called no less than. 10 times. These people are crooks.

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mfernandes2720 1 Reviews
Scam, rip off

We bought ticets for a comedy show in boston Ma. I bought the tickets on october 1st 2019. I was sent a link to claim my ticket. I acceptt the ticket only to find out that the ticket transfer was accepted by another email which was not mine. For aan entire month i spoke with the seller and ticket master to reolve the issues. 2 tickets was 416$ that was a lot of money. Ticket center kept telling me that i claimed the ticket and couldnt tell me where the ticket was. The day of the event i showed up at the event with hopes that the box office would help me but they said my name wasnt on the information at all. Finally i spoke woth a great guy over at ticket .astee and he told us that the ticket that i was trying to claim was actually sold to 2 difderent parties. Another couple ended up going with our ticketss. So event ticket center seels the same tickets to different people and scamm people. 8 months pregnant and driving to boston for no reason. Now i will report them as fraud on my credit card. Stay away from them everyone.

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Kim 1 Reviews
Fortunately was still allowed in after spending 40 minutes at customer service

Do not buy tickets from this site, they are not legitimate. They told me they electronically transferred the tickets to my name but did not. Fortunately was still allowed in after spending 40 minutes at customer service counter so was late to event and told not to use this vendor for tickets.

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funetix6 1 Reviews

Tickets through this site were $100 higher for the exact same tickets on the Ticketmaster site. On top of that ripoff they charged 8.95 for “delivery” via email (only option). Ridiculous ripoff.

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Lynnfrank9195 1 Reviews
Deceptive, Fraudulent Website Designed to Dupe Distracted Buyers

In the middle of dinner with the wife the billboard near us mentioned a show we both wanted to see. Great. I searched on google “Ovens Auditorium” “Charlotte” “Frankie Valli” and the ticket seating map with price selection came up. All of which was powered by EventsTicketCenter due to their positioning their site to appear as the first option. I should have realized it was not ticketmaster. The price of the ticket was set at double the box office rate (how do I know? I went to the box office next day and bought regular priced tickets) set at $115 for $51 tickets. Then after submitting, dual service charges totaling $96 appeared on my statement and ONLY appeared AFTER I entered the purchase button. I immeidately emailed them to cancel (they ignored me of course since their entire business is set up to dupe people one time only). When the link for tickets arrived next day I ignored that and did not download. Fortunately, I own a business and run significant amounts of money through my Chase premium/preferred CC and they immediately revoked the charge from the vendor .The next day I drove to the venue (only 8 miles away) and bought regular tickets at the box office for $51 for the same mezzanine area. ***DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SUPPLIER UNLESS ALL REPUTABLE SELLERS, SUCH AS Ticketmaster or the venue itself, is confirmed to have no regular priced tickets left. BY the way the event was only 1/2 sold out as per the security guy I spoke to the next day and there were abundant tickets available at regular retail price. I could even have walked in 2 hours prior for the $15.00 special within 2 hours. My fault for being distracted and buying something while at a restaurant having dinner. NEVER AGAIN !!!

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john.fisher4766 1 Reviews


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Tiare 1 Reviews
I did not receive my tickets when it was due and it’s a huge ripoff

I did not receive my tickets when it was due. It came a day late, and when i did receive my ticket, it’s no until AFTER I received it did I realize how high it had been marked up. My ticket was 45.00, issued to a completely different person and they charged me $142.00. They said $15 was for the shipping and who knows what the rest of the money was used for. I was very nice when inquiring about the cost of the ticket, but the person who responded was rude and didn’t explain any further what the extra costs were. There are many places to buy tickets from. It’s a huge ripoff and good luck calling and trying to get a real person. The whole operation seems very fishy.

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eliomoroni91 1 Reviews

Sorry for my English. Event Tickets Center is a fraudulent company of thieves. My wife and I booked two tickets for Christmas Spectacular at the Radio City Music Hall, $ 425.57 – paid in August 2017 by credit card. In December, when we left Italy and reached the theater, we discovered that our seats were occupied and we were invited to go out. Forwarded the complaint to Event Tickets Center, after some brief exchange of emails, even today, May 2018, no longer respond. Elio Moroni – Rome – Italy

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qstockham73 1 Reviews
Event Ticket Center Is A Scam!

I like hundreds of others bought concert tickets with Event Ticket Center and was charged extra per ticket. I disputed it with my credit card company and they weren’t able to get the Ticket Center to reimburse me but they dd credit my card the amount which I was very impressed they backed me up or I would of been out over $100 fee for my tickets. Don’t buy on their site. They hide the fact they charge you until you pay and easily overlooked their hidden fee.

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pavelgutsa62 1 Reviews
Avoid this service at all means, it is a rip-off

This service resells the tickets they buy from other services and charge double prices. They pay for Google advertising to show up at the top of the search list when you are looking for the tickets. Do not use them! Check other services and you see that the prices are much cheaper! This is a rip off. I bought tickets for $78 each which Ticketmaster sells for $42. On the top of that they charged $21.84 service fee per ticket in addition to the $36 profit they already made per ticket, and charge $7.95 fee for electronic delivery, which nobody else does. So they sell you a $42 ticket and make at least $58 profit on it – nice! When I tried to cancel the order right after making it by mistake, they did not reply for 14 hours, then they processed the order and replied – oops, sorry, already processed, cannot cancel now. Very dishonest service, do not use!

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mtwaltman70 1 Reviews
Do not purchase tickets…huge scam!

Purchased 3 tickets to Supercross in Anaheim not realizing they were a broker or scam. Tickets were $139 each but then they added $45 PER ticket in “processing fees” and another $7.99 for delivery fees. We paid $554.58 for 3 tickets not knowing better for Xmas gifts. Then they called and moved our seats and told us it was a great deal and emailed us tickets that don’t have an amount listed. We looked it up and tickets are only $65 for the exact same section. They blame it on market fluctuations within the month but then after questioning it they admitted they made a profit. And does it cost $7.99 to email tickets? Doubt they are even legit at this point. They need to be shut down!

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