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Is Ticket Faster Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2021?

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Ticket Faster Reviews

5 Things to Know Before Buying

Updated Review 9/13/2021

1. Is Ticket Faster Legit & Reliable?

From our experience, TicketFaster.com is a legit site, that is a secondary reseller of tickets, although there are some negative Ticket Faster reviews below.

According to some recent Ticket Faster reviews seen, it doesn’t seem to be the most reliable ticket site (see our top alternative ticket sites below).

is ticket faster legit site reliable trustworthy

There is more than a hundred websites today that give the opportunity to customers to buy tickets online to their favorite events.

Ticket Faster is based online and is a ticket broker that you can get premium tickets from for concerts, sports, and theater shows around the country and sometimes even internationally.

It’s a good idea to check recent Ticket Faster reviews below to know if Ticket Faster.com is a legit and reliable ticket source.

ticket faster reviews 2021 Ticket Faster reviews will help consumers decide whether the company will be a safe place for ticket purchases.

Just like any other online broker, the company guarantees that the shopping experience of the customers will be very convenient, accurate, and secure.

Convenience and security are two vital components in doing a reliable online business. Ticket Faster.com is a secondary broker.

ticket faster review order summary

For those who do not understand that term, it just means that the company is a reseller of the tickets. They get the tickets from primary brokers and other sellers, and they post them on the website.

These tickets, although considered secondhand, are still valid and they are a hundred percent legit as manifested by many Ticket Faster reviews that say so.

This company is an independent ticket broker, and many customers have already tested their service – as seen in many Ticket Faster reviews.

legit ticket faster review secure checkout

As a ticket broker, they have excellent means of looking for primary brokers and sellers so that they can post tickets online.

And because their events list is very extensive and covers different genres of events, they have to always look for newer sources of tickets to bring to their customers.

Not a lot of people understand brokers and how the business process works, and this is where the negative Ticket Faster reviews arise. Brokers are different from sellers in the sense that sellers own the tickets while brokers sell the tickets at a higher perceived value, especially when the tickets for the event are already sold out.

TicketFaster.com claims a 100% guarantee that all tickets are 100% accurate and will arrive before the event.

is ticket faster legit site reliable trustworthy


2. What’s Good about Ticket Faster?

The company’s vast array of events tops the list on many Ticket Faster reviews for what customers like about the company.

Another positive with TicketFaster.com is the option to use Affirm, which allows you to pay over a 3, 6, or 12 month period. You will have to be approved via your credit score, although to check for approval they say won’t affect your credit score.



When people visit their website, they are immediately greeted by a list of the top upcoming popular events in your area where tickets are still available for purchase.

Sometimes people do not even need to search for an event since they are posted right on the homepage for quick access.  

Delivery is also prompt although some rare Ticket Faster reviews stated otherwise. They also accept major credit cards under Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and the option to use PayPal, or affirm (monthly payments). This makes the purchase even more convenient.

Delivery is free for some events, and they accept PayPal and affirm with monthly payment options.





3. Any Cons (service fees, shipping, etc.) about Ticket Faster?

Because some users didn’t understand how ticket brokers do business, there are Ticket Faster reviews that talked about the high prices of the tickets being sold on the website and the high service fee.

The customers claimed that the amount paid was way over the face value. Although some people understand that these brokers need to add a markup price on top of the ticket price to earn a profit, they don’t get it why they had to add over 100% of the original price.

With the 35% service fee added to the subtotal it all adds up together which seems to stack the price up in some customer’s opinions.


With the service fee added at the checkout it all adds up together to raise the total price.

There are also some Ticket Faster reviews that mentioned the tickets bearing a different name when they received them. When they called customer service, they said that those names were the original owners and that the printed ticket codes would be what the event organizers look at upon receiving the tickets.

4. Ticket Faster Review Summary

Overall, TicketFaster is worth trying, as it is a legit ticket resell site with premium seats, although the service fee is a bit and there are other good ticket sites (see below).

Ticket Faster reviews correlate that the company is a legit site that provides real tickets to events. Although the pricing is a little high compared to the primary brokers’ prices, they will still be able to deliver the tickets on time and be reliable in that sense.


The other thing we liked about ordering our tickets with TicketFaster.com was the mobile delivery option, which is convenient and an easier way to get into the event.


5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

Compare all our top 3 ticket sites below for the best deal.

1. TickPick

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway shows

Why TickPick?

We have tested TickPick.com and TickPick is legit that has positive feedback overall from other TickPick reviews.

> no hidden fees and easy ordering process compared to other sites

> best price guarantee and up-front pricing (no service fees)

> grades every ticket from sellers based on price and seat quality

> options to pay w/ PayPal or zip (4 interest-free payments)

> ticket search w/360-degree seat view

stubhub vs tickpick reviews savings


2. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

> best for sports tickets

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

We have tested Ticket Masters Resale and got overall positive feedback from most Ticket Master reviews.

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

> safe and secure ordering process

> 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

> tickets delivered within minutes w/ e-ticket email deliveries

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


3. Vivid Seats

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway tickets

Why VividSeats?
We have tested VividSeats.com and was good for us, although there are mixed VividSeats reviews., but recently rebranded with better support.

> 100% guarantee with safe ordering

> largest independent secondary ticket marketplace to live events

> the official ticket provider of ESPN

> good prices compared to most ticket sites

> voted best in-house customer support team

> extra event protection add-on at checkout (100% reimbursed if an accident)

viagogo vs vivid seats ticket review sites legit


Share your Ticket Faster review below.

Your feedback helps us and others.

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9 Reviews for Ticket Faster Reviews

zerichenry9065 1 Reviews

I purchased my tickets for Megadeth and Lamb of God several months prior to the show, I spent a couple hundred dollars and when I was literally at the gate with my tickets, they were invalid and said they were already used! There’s a money back guarantee on the website and I fully intend to get a full refund. Stay away from this trash site at all costs!!

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MJA11763 1 Reviews


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abbeylea4496 1 Reviews
Less than one star, Still waiting for my money back

I bought tickets to a concert event on Nov28th around 7am, received an email saying “congratulations on your purchase, your tickets will be delivered soon!” 6 hours later received a call and an email saying that I no longer had the tickets Bc the seller no longer had them and to try and find other ones for the dec 1 show.. they STILL withdrew the $430 and told me that it would be 3-5 business days before I saw it… I ended up having to buy tickets from another (clearly more secure and legitimate site) and went to the concert expecting to receive the “100% money back guarantee” they advertise in the corner of their site. I waited, called several times, only to be told “my bank was holding the transaction”. Called my bank, they said there is no such thing that they do, they’ve NEVER heard of a situation unto which that would be true and it not show up on their records, at all. Needless to say, this is DEC 16th and I still HAVE NOT received my refund!! This place is rediculous and the customer service people don’t even know who their supervisors are apparently and now they’ve directed my questions to tickettracker….. I’ve filed a dispute with my bank, hopefully one way or another I’ll get my $430 back!!! Terrible.

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 1
joeyt56377 1 Reviews
Stay away from this website!

Bought 4 tickets 2 months prior to the event. Site said the electronic tickets would be delivered via email instructions 1 week prior to event. 1 week prior to event no email was received, emailed support and an email response stating the email was delivered so I called customer support, spoke with a representative. Added the them as a contact to avoid possible spam filtering and was given assurance the email for instructions would be delivered later that day…again no email. Called again the following day, next representative said the previous agent gave me incorrect information and walked me through creating an account to receive e-tickets, seemingly problem solved. Day of event, at the ticket gate….denied entry because seller transferred the tickets via an app that was no longer accepted at the venue…shit show, through and through.

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katakanga147 1 Reviews

Just purchased tickets online and got a receipt… and was supposed to be able to print tickets immediately and ticket were never emailed. FIndTicketsFast.com said we had to send them an I.D. so they can verify payment. Proper I.D. was sent and they said they couldn’t “verify”. FindTicketFast.com took $700 anyway and never emailed over tickets. Beware. This company is a straight up scam. Customer service gave off the red flag. FindYourTicketsFast.com are hustlers.

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code4elmo94 1 Reviews
Customer service a joke. Scam…

Promised delivery on oct.24th. Game is on the 28th. FedEx still hasn’t received package for on time delivery as of today the 25th. Phones for both find tickets fast .com and seller are constantly busy. Can’t talk with anyone. Hope I get my money back cause tickets won’t be here in time to go. Purchased tickets back in Sept .

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gfbn9034 1 Reviews
Stay away

Bought and overpriced ticket from this website that didn’t arrive to the right location nor in time for the event. Customer service lied to me several times about its arrival and had me convinced many times it would arrive in time and to the right location. I would stay away from this website.

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Peter 1 Reviews
Tickets were to be mailed to my house on a certain day, never came

Tickets were purchased for a baseball game that never arrived. Tickets were to be mailed to my house on a certain day, never came. After a couple of days I called customer service to find out the tickets were sent to will call at the venue.

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Andrea 1 Reviews
After completing the order they NEVER corrected the mistake

They charged me $60 more than ticketmaster and after I purchased my order they do not provide good support. They reffer you to another company where they never answer their phone. The sales guy misinformed me about my seat locations and after completing the order they NEVER corrected the mistake.

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