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Viagogo Reviews 2019

1. What is Viagogo and is Viagogo Legit?

When a person looks for tickets while having difficulty securing seats for certain events, there are certain companies where they still be able to get reliable tickets.

At this time, with so many negative Viagogo reviews from customers, we are on the fence and not sure if Viagogo is the most trusted ticket source available in Europe.

These could even be events that have been sold out. Online ticket brokers open up this possibility to the market and one of the companies that have this service is Viagogo.com.

There are plenty of Viagogo reviews that can be found in order for other consumers to determine if they want to get tickets from this company or not.

Tickets that are purchased from this website are considered as secondary. Some people call them second-hand, but they are still admissible and are considered legit.

The company has a lot of connections and their sources are sellers and other brokers make up some of these. This is why the prices of the tickets are always above the original market value. Viagogo reviews will show the inside stories of past customers with this company.

Viagogo has quite a unique process because the sellers actually need to create an account through their website to be able to sell their tickets. The company makes sure that the signup process is reliable so that the customers will be able to do business with legit sellers only

Viagogo is a dependable company for getting tickets.

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2. What’s Good about Viagogo?

Different Viagogo reviews show that many people applaud the layout of the website.

The white background is very simple but does wonders considering that all of the links are very visible without causing strain to the eyes. The popular events are readily placed by category and all you need to do is click the link and you will be directed to the events page.

There are also a few Viagogo reviewers that like the seating charts that are available for viewing before choosing which tickets to choose. Through the charts, customers can determine the type of view that they will be getting from their seats. The reviews regarding the prices are mixed. Some say that they offer inexpensive tickets.

Many people applaud the layout of the website.

3. What’s Not so Good about Viagogo?

There are quite a number of Viagogo reviews that have registered their dislike of the customer service of the company.

Although customers can easily call them or email them when any problem or questions arise, the answer can be quite delayed more than the usual according to some reviewers. This was due in part because the company still needed to have the accurate information with the actual seller of the tickets.

This delay concern some customers especially if they are inquiring about the status of their ticket deliveries. There are only a few Viagogo reviews that complained about the delayed shipping since most of them were able to get the tickets on time.

Some customers did not like the customer service of the company.

4. Overall: Is Viagogo Good, Reliable, and a Safe Site?

After reading plenty of Viagogo reviews, it is safe to say that Viagogo is, most of the time, a legit and reliable company for getting tickets.

But aside from that, it is also a great place for sellers to earn money for the tickets that they will not be able to use.

It is a win-win situation for the sellers make money, and the customers get to go to their favorite events.

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Q Is Viagogo a Reliable Source For Tickets?

To put it as simply as possible, Viagogo is a reliable company that has been in business for nearly a decade and that has drawn some favorable reviews its past buyers. You will see some negative reviews as well, Viagogo does claim to guarantee that the tickets they sell are 100% authentic and available or the company will provide replacements of equal or higher value. By using only the most reliable worldwide courier services to ship their tickets, they also ensure that their buyers will receive them in plenty of time for the event, no matter where they are in the world.

Q Is Viagogo a Legitimate Site?

The first question you will probably ask yourself when you visit Viagogo is; is Viagogo Legitimate? Viagogo is a legit website where you can purchase tickets to all your favorite performing artists, sports events or theater shows in your area, or you if you can’t make the show and don’t want to eat the ticket price, then you will be able to sell your ticket here as well. You can also sign up for the newsletter which will keep you informed on all the new artists and shows added.

Q Is Viagogo a Reputable Site?

Viagogo is a reputable website that has gained some positive recognition from customers around the world for providing a much-needed secure global ticket exchange. Before the website existed, if you wanted to attend a concert or game in another country, just the process of locating a source for the tickets could be an exercise in frustration. Worse yet, you had no way of knowing whether or not the vendor was someone you could trust. Thankfully, Viagogo has taken that uncertainty out of the equation and made buying tickets to events in other parts of the world much easier and a lot less dicey, all at the same time.

Q Is Viagogo Safe or a Scam?

If you’re concerned about whether or not Viagogo is a safe website or a scam, all you need to do is look at the satisfied customers that have entrusted them with their private information and credit card data. Viagogo has a strict privacy policy in place that means that you won’t be contacted by them or any other party without first giving your consent. In addition, every purchase made through the site is encrypted using state-of-the-art SSL technology that makes it impossible for anyone to view your personal information as it is transmitted from your computer to the Viagogo database.

Q What is Viagogo's Guarantee?

Buyers are guaranteed to get the tickets that they purchased in time for the event and that those tickets will be valid and accurate. If there is an issue with either of these promises, the company is willing to step in in order to rectify the situation by either providing replacement seats of equal or higher value or by providing a refund to the buyer if replacement tickets are not available. Those who sell tickets through Viagogo are also guaranteed to receive their payment for any legitimate order that they fulfill.

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1/ 5

I bought tickets to see the band Kansas in Anaheim California. The concert was cancelled because the band’s equipment truck was in a major traffic accident the day before and they had no equipment. It is now the start of the third week and my money has NOT been refunded. My friend who was smart and bought his tickets from TICKETMASTER had his money automatically returned to him in 7 days. I have sent VIAGOGO the Cancellation Notice from the venue, facebook from the band Kansas clippings, and testimonial from the truck driver talking about the accident. The companies rep tells me as soon as they find out the concert was cancelled they will refund my money. Still NO REFUND!!! TERRRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. RUN AWAY

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1 Reviews


1/ 5

Was routed to this site to purchase tickets to a show for my own nephew’s band. At the same time, my sister purchased her ticket through ticketfly for literally HALF of what I paid. When i called to advise them and ask to cancel they were not cooperative. How can this happen??? DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS THROUGH HERE. Not to mention, you can resell, but not for the full face value you paid. TOTAL SCAM!!!

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1 Reviews

Worst experience EVER!!

They don’t even have the tickets they are selling online. Total BS scam don’t use this site. Oh and their fees are insane, $200 in fees for this scam site!

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1 Reviews


1/ 5

Terrible experience, spent days online trying to track tickets I purchased only to find out they were in someone else’s name with same seats as mine, plus charged way more than normal prices..All tickets for event were sold out by the time I could cancel and get more tickets from another source.

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1 Reviews

Do use – if you want to pay through the nose..!

Utterly disgraceful . This company is a leech. Hoovers up tickets that would be sold to the public then sells them back tom us for hugely inflated prices. They should be banned and all the other reseller leeches..Don’t touch with a bargepole

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1 Reviews

worst experience ever –total scam

1/ 5

bought many tickets online before —-usually under $10 service fee and receive a confirmation e-mail with e-tickets that can be downloaded and printed within 10 min. after completing the purchase HOWEVER bought tickets from viagogo a month ago —-received an email confirming my purchase along with a service fee of over $60 for 3 tickets BUT what I did not receive (and as of yet ,a month later) was any tickets. to make things much worse is there is no telephone no. or any way to e-mail them to ask for a refund for not providing the tickets I purchased. total scam —-I have notified my credit card co. and reported them to fed. comsumer protection agency . don’t know how this company has not been shut down still waiting for answers!!!!

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1 Reviews

Scam, very confuse site and they change the number of tickets i select

1/ 5

I ask for 2 ticket and then at the end of the process they charge me 4. dont have any way to ask for support or change the order, 1 second after the purchase.

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1 Reviews

Viagogo is a scam

1/ 5

Viagogo doesn’t actually have the tickets they sell, will then mislead you on the website as to the scarcity of the tickets & charge a horrendous fee for the tickets which sometimes may not exist or not be in the seats you purchased. Viagogo is a scam to be avoided at all costs.

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1 Reviews

Use several dubious and illegal practices

1/ 5

Dubious 1) appear at the top of a search list for a festival, look like official resleer, they arer, not they are not even authorised, they are at the top becuase they pay google to be there. 2) Lots of messages saying, Last 1% of tickets left, only 10 tickets left, all in the hope you panick and buy and pay the huge price, when in fact there are lost of tickets left on the only officila site at half the price. 3). They do not respond or even accept emails, so you can’t prove you sent them a letter, and their website prevents you doing anything they don’t want like exercising your legal right to back out of a transaction within 14 days cooling off period. Illegal They refuse to honor the 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. There are legal exceptions to this rule like the event happens during the 14 day period, but Viagogo apply this to any period, even when the date of the even is several months into the future and they haven’t even bought the ticklets to resell to you from the official reseller 2) In the case of Shambala, tickets carry names, you need id, T&C’s say that any tickets bought from anyone other than the official reseller are void and will be turned away, despite being told this, Viagogo continue to sell and offer to esell these tickets, so you are left paying twice the price for something that on the day is likely to be worthless.

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1 Reviews

Viagogo is just a huge SCAM. AVOID like the PLAGUE

1/ 5

I bought tickets here, and paid, paid their crazy fees, and added charges at the end. My tickets didn’t come, and I got worried. I had other tickets and sold them at a loss because I wanted to go to a closer venue after I got my tickets through Viagogo. I kept checking and they said, oh no its all legit, just be patient and wait. Then the day the tickets should arrive, they say – sorry, we don’t have any tickets. I could have had other options but not any more. I HATE VIAGOGO and would probably pay money to see their demise. They suck. I think probably they resold the tix for more money and then just said they would refund my money.

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1 Reviews

The person that sold them to Viagogo also used them

1/ 5

I ordered Metallica tickets for my 10 yr old Birthday and 1st concert. We drove from Florida to Atlanta. Our tickets didn’t work. The person that sold them to Viagogo also used them. Big mess! Something that should never happen to websites that buy and sell tickets. Ended up working it out after awhile and got in!

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