Viagogo Reviews – Is Viagogo Legit?

Is Viagogo Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2021?

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Viagogo Review

10 Things to Know Before Buying

Review Updated 9/20/2021

1. Is Viagogo legit?

Viagogo, founded in 2008, is a legit ticket site, and one of the largest ticket resale exchange platforms outside the US for major sporting events, concerts, and Broadway shows in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, & Africa, but there some negative Viagogo reviews discovered to be aware of…

According to many recent Viagogo reviews, it doesn’t seem to be the most reliable ticket site (see our top alternative ticket sites below).


viagogo reviews 2021 legit safe reliable

Viagogo Reviews – Is Viagogo Legit & Safe in 2021?


Most negative Viagogo reviews talked about:

> high-priced tickets

> 31.69% average tax/booking fee (hidden until checkout)

> bad customer service experience

> ticket delivery was delayed (although it arrived just right before the event in some cases)

At this time, with so many negative Viagogo reviews from customers (over 288 complaints in the last 12 months), we are on the fence and not sure if Viagogo is the most trusted ticket source available in Europe.


As you can see, Viagogo on doesn’t have the best review rating and currently has 286 complaints in the last 12 months.

Online ticket brokers open up this possibility to buy and sell tickets to events around the world, and one of the largest ticket resale platforms allowing this is

Tickets that are purchased from this website are considered secondary or resale. Some people call them second-hand, but they are still admissible and are considered legit.


2. How does Viagogo actually work? is a global ticket exchange, allowing individuals, or “professional ticket brokers,” to sell tickets on their platform.

The tickets listed on Viagogo are never in possession of the team at Viagogo.

This is standard practice and how most resale ticket exchanges operate today, like:

> StubHub, one of the largest ticket exchanges with events in over 50 countries

viagogo reviews vs stubhub legit

review viagogo vs stubhub legit safe site

Viagogo is supposed to “provide a legit, safe and secure platform for the sellers and buyers.”


What is Viagogo and how does it work?

3. Can I change or cancel my order?

Like most resale ticket exchange sites, Viagogo does not allow any changes, refunds, or cancelations after your order has been placed.

The only time Viagogo says you can get a refund is if your event is canceled and not rescheduled.

viagogo review can I cancel or change my purchase

Can I cancel or change my Viagogo order?

Recent Viagogo reviews below will show the inside stories of past customers with this company.


4. How do I contact Viagogo?

It can be difficult to get through to Viagogo phone support or to understand when speaking to an agent at times.

Discovered that Viagogo’s online support seems to be better than their phone support, and it’s more tailored to your questions (see how-to below with picture).

The best way to contact Viagogo if you’ve already ordered is to log in to your account and then find “Customer Support” under “Help” as shown below.


Customer Support Help Viagogo Account


Here are Viagogo customer support helpline numbers.

You’ll find support below for America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa.

Note: there were Viagogo reviews that said support on the phone can be hard to understand and can be delays in getting a direct answer, so it’s best to contact Viagogo via online support first if you need help at all with your order.





There are quite a number of Viagogo reviews and stated they didn’t get much help when contacting Viagogo customer service support from the company.


5. Can I sell my tickets on Viagogo?

Yes, Viagogo allows individuals to sell tickets on their ticket exchange platform.

The first thing to do, if you need help selling your tickets, is to select your event.

You will also, need to create an account at Viagogo to be able to sell your tickets with your name, email, address, phone, credit card, and ticket details.

can I sell my tickets on viagogo

Selling tickets on

The company makes sure that the signup process is reliable so that the customers will be able to do business with legit sellers only.


6. Delivery, tax, and booking fees

Many negative Viagogo reviews were about high-priced tickets.

Other customers said they didn’t like Viagogo’s high 31.69% plus service fee charges that are hidden until the checkout.


Viagogo Delivery Fees and Tax/Booking Fees

Some complaints found on Viagogo and their customer support experience.

Keep in mind, most resale sites today charge anywhere from 20% to 40% service fees (usually hidden until checkout).

There are some Viagogo reviews that complained about the delayed shipping since most of them were able to get the tickets on time.


7. What’s good about Viagogo?

One thing noticed, Viagogo has corporate services offering companies and professionals:

> VIP and hospitality tickets to certain events

> over 4+ million in tickets on their site

> events in over 50 countries

> one of the largest ticket exchange platforms outside the US

viagogo corporate vip hospitality tickets review

Viagogo offering VIP and hospitality tickets.


Different Viagogo reviews show that many people like that they offer premium tickets to events in over 50 countries around the world.

Some customers stated they were actually able to get tickets priced lower than face value (can work if you’re willing till the last minute to buy).

is viagogo legit tickets events 50 countries

What’s good about Viagogo?


The reviews regarding Viagogo ticket prices are mixed, but there are a bit of complaints of tickets being over face value, which is to be expected with a resale site (supply and demand).

Some say that they offer inexpensive tickets, while others say Viagogo tickets are overpriced, or way above face value.

A positive is Viagogo does offer good seats, which might not be available anymore via the box office venue.

There are also a few Viagogo reviewers that like the seating charts that are available for viewing before choosing which tickets to buy.

Through the 3D seating charts, customers can determine the type of view that they will be getting from their seats.


8. Is Viagogo a reliable site today?

Currently, Viagogo is somehow one of the largest ticket resale exchanges outside the US selling millions of tickets each year via their platform, but…

After reading plenty of Viagogo reviews, we are on the fence and not sure if Viagogo is the most reliable ticket source available in Europe.


is viagogo legit reviews viagogo

Is Viagogo Legit – Viagogo Review 2021

Note: back in 2018 there were over 10,000 Viagogo customers that were turned away from the venue at the Ed Sheeran concert in the UK. I understand that it was back in 2008, so not sure if this was a one-time thing at this scale of customers that it affected, or if this can happen again today.


9. Any COVID-19 Viagogo reviews?

Yes, there seems to be at least one lawsuit against Viagogo since COVID-19, because they don’t seem to want to refund some of their customers.

One site at says Viagogo is looking to exit Florida woman’s proposed class action accusing Viagogo of refusing to refund their customers for events that were canceled due to COVID-19, claiming they accepted a voucher, which they don’t apply to other events.

legit viagogo reviews 2021 covid-19 update

Is Viagogo Legit & Safe Ticket Site?



10. Any good alternative sites?

Our top 2 ticket sites we like vs Viagogo are:

1. Vivid Seats

We have tested and got positive feedback overall from other VividSeats reviews.

> 100% guarantee with safe ordering process

> largest independent secondary ticket marketplace to live events

> the official ticket provider of ESPN

> good prices compared to most ticket sites

> in-house customer service team with live support and chat

viagogo vs vivid seats ticket review sites legit


Our #2 pick that’s good for all events in over 50 countries is…

2. StubHub

> one of the largest ticket platforms in the world

> 50+ countries have events listed on StubHub

> partnered w/ ESPN, MLS, MLS, and CFL

> A review rating

StubHub is one of the largest ticket sites in over 50 countries.

viagogo reviews vs stubhub legit


When comparing Viagogo vs StubHub you’ll see they are both ticket resale sites, but some might ask what’s the real difference, and is StubHub legit and reliable?

StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries.

Viagogo has tickets to events around the world too, but Viagogo seems to have more negative feedback and reviews recently.

Viagogo’s service fee is about 31.69% while StubHub’s service fee charges are about 26.5% on average.


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Q Is Viagogo a Reliable Source For Tickets?

Viagogo is not always a 100% reliable company that has been in business for nearly a decade. has some postive reviews, but you will see some negative Viagogo reviews as well.

Viagogo does claim to guarantee that the tickets they sell are 100% authentic and available or the company will provide replacements of equal or higher value. By using only the most reliable worldwide courier services to ship their tickets, they also ensure that their buyers will receive them in plenty of time for the event, no matter where they are in the world. You can also, see the history of Viagogo at

Q Is Viagogo a Legitimate Site in 2021?

The first question you will probably ask yourself when you visit Viagogo is; is Viagogo Legitimate? Viagogo is a legit website (most of the time) where you can purchase tickets to all your favorite performing artists, sports events or theater shows in your area, or you if you can’t make the show and don’t want to eat the ticket price, then you will be able to sell your ticket here as well. You can also sign up for the newsletter which will keep you informed on all the new artists and shows added.

Q Is Viagogo a Reputable Site?

Viagogo is a reputable website that has gained some positive recognition from customers around the world for providing a much-needed secure global ticket exchange, although there is negative review as shown below. Before the website existed, if you wanted to attend a concert or game in another country, just the process of locating a source for the tickets could be an exercise in frustration. Worse yet, you had no way of knowing whether or not the vendor was someone you could trust. Thankfully, Viagogo has taken that uncertainty out of the equation and made buying tickets to events in other parts of the world much easier and a lot less dicey, all at the same time.

Q Is Viagogo Safe or a Scam?

If you’re concerned about whether or not Viagogo is a safe website or a scam, all you need to do is look at the satisfied customers that have entrusted them with their private information and credit card data. Viagogo has a strict privacy policy in place that means that you won’t be contacted by them or any other party without first giving your consent. In addition, every purchase made through the site is encrypted using state-of-the-art SSL technology that makes it impossible for anyone to view your personal information as it is transmitted from your computer to the Viagogo database.

Q What is Viagogo's Guarantee?

Buyers are guaranteed to get the tickets that they purchased in time for the event and that those tickets will be valid and accurate. If there is an issue with either of these promises, the company is willing to step in in order to rectify the situation by either providing replacement seats of equal or higher value or by providing a refund to the buyer if replacement tickets are not available. Those who sell tickets through Viagogo are also guaranteed to receive their payment for any legitimate order that they fulfill.

74 Reviews for Viagogo Reviews – Is Viagogo Legit?

chriskarach88 1 Reviews
Viagogo should burn in hell! Do not use, it’s a scam!

0 stars for these crooks! I bought a ticket for my wife for Harry Styles in Long Island New York, the same day as the show. Viagogo sent an email with a fake QR code, the ticket only showed a section with no row or seat. I was actually able to reach a representative, she said she would get back to me with the required info. She said the QR code would work at the venue. When my wife tried to enter the venue they wouldn’t let her in, they said the needed a ‘rolling bar code’. I called Viagogo again, they said they would send a replacement ticket within 15 minutes. Of course I never received it. Fortunately for my wife, one ticket opened up at the box office and she was able to get in to the show. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and should be receiving a refund in a few days. These people at Viagogo are absolute bottom dwellers. I hope karma gets them all.

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 1
cbshop5955 1 Reviews

0 STAR!!! StubHut is the sister Company to Viagogo!!! On Aug 2, 2021, order # 25258653 I purchased 2 Alex Benjamin concerts tickets for my daughter and her friend through Viagogo. The concert were to take place in Washington DC on Oct 4, 2021. The price for the 2 tickets I paid for was in the amount of $268.45 because according to Viagogo websites that was the price for the Premium seating. Just a few days before the concert I received my e-tickets from Viagogo with a different name and price on the ticket which is $39 per ticket and a total of $78.00 for both. It took me hours to contact Viagogo bcoz they purposely made it impossible for you to do so. After hours of trying the person who finally answered the phone was not interested to listen to my plight but instead tried to sell me more tickets and suggested that i should called the organizer eventbrite directly to help with my situation. I then called the organizer eventbrite and they told me that my e-tickets was not listed in their data log and that I may be denied entry and to guarantee entry I should purchase other tickets from a legitimate source or take chances to gain entry. Needless to say, both my daughter and her friend was denied entry. There’s no way whatsoever to contact anyone as we tried for hours to no success. Check Facebook and other websites you will see ten of thousands tat had gotten scammed by them. AVOID THIS FRAUD!!!!

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 1

Don’t use! You will not get tickets. Total scam.

Was this review ...? Interesting 2 LOL 0 Love 2
dboodhai86 1 Reviews
Horrible company

Bought Ice Cube tickets in March 2020 and the concert was canceled. It’s been almost 2 years now and they refuse to issue me a refund which was over $500! I know people who bought the same tickets through Ticketmaster and they got FULL refunds! Do not ever buy tickets through Viagogo! They are thieves

Was this review ...? Interesting 3 LOL 0 Love 1
nirkaburns7031 1 Reviews

Please do not give this company your money, this is an illegal scam website. They will take your money and will not deliver your tickets or issue a refund. I do not know how they have been operating for so long but I just reported them to the Attorney General and to the Federal Trade Commission and I hope I will be able to stop them from scamming people in the USA. I bought two tickets for a Harry Styles concert and they never deliver my tickets, not only that… they kept telling me they would send me the ticket until 30 minutes before the concert. HORRIBLE PEOPLE

Was this review ...? Interesting 2 LOL 0 Love 1
scanubod44 1 Reviews

These people are criminals. Thieves. Liars. They shouldn’t be allowed to do business. Do not do business with them. Do not give them your money. They are scumbag robbers. Stole my money.

Was this review ...? Interesting 2 LOL 0 Love 2
vofv44 1 Reviews
ViaGoGo is fraud, does not obey the laws in the countries they operate.

Not refunding the ticketa acording to the law of the countries they operate, shielded by headquarters based in Switzerland. And forget about their insurances, they just vanish.

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 1

Purchased tickets that never arrived. Day of event nobody could assist from customer service department. Supposed to get refund and now they want my credit card information again because they can’t deposit refund. Yeah right! Out $358. This company needs to be shut down

Was this review ...? Interesting 2 LOL 0 Love 2
sera_hirasuna52 1 Reviews
Viagogo won't refund tix when concert happened in 2020 during lockdown

If I could have given them a zero rating for being legit and having some semblance of real customer service, I would have. My email from Viagogo said the “expiry date was Nov 2021” for my tix to see Yuga Wang at San Francisco Symphony. As we all know, that concert never happened. Nothing happened in Calif from Mar 15 to June of this year. So what does Viagogo say about a refund, “your date for cancellation has passed.” I asked to speak to a manager and the agent (who had was unintelligible because of a heavy Eastern European accent and slurring–I’m wondering if she was just sleepy or on something). She said they were unavailable and then available only for call backs. I asked if she had my phone number and she gave me a shortened version of my number (drugs, I thought?). I repeated my number. Needless to say, they will keep this charade up. I’m out nearly $200 for a concert that never happened. Do NOT use this site. Moreover, it would be a good idea to pressure your event venue NOT to use this vendor. This is a good lesson

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 1 Love 2
trishboschin91 1 Reviews
Viagogo Scammers Platform

Purchased tickets for my brothers birthday for Sooshi Mango in Australia. I ended up getting standard price tickets but paid an extra $400 total costs ($700) for the tickets thinking I was getting premium tickets but once I got the tickets they were actually worth $100, Details of the tickets are not disclosed until you make payment. Do not use this website, the scammers are making a killing. Absolutely discussing organization. They have a refund policy but will not honor. Trish

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 1 Love 2
bigmuzak1 1 Reviews
Ripped off

These are scammers dressed up as a legit company. You will be ripped off if you buy tickets from them. Was sold tickets in fifth row at almost 300£ I recied 45£ tickets with no seat assignment and was told they don’t refund I would have to sell them on. The buyer guarantee is fake they told me they guarantee the seller gets their money. I am having to raise a dispute and have charge back from credit card.

Was this review ...? Interesting 4 LOL 0 Love 3
datpdbws98 1 Reviews
Bad experience, Thought I was buying from Ticket Master.

And you don’t see the fees until the end. But no chance for refund. I would never buy from them again. Hope they deliver on the tickets when the time comes.

Was this review ...? Interesting 7 LOL 1 Love 4
gerrylaguna93 1 Reviews
If I could I'd give it negative 5 stars

I purchased two tickets for my wife’s birthday last year to a Juanes concert at the MGM Hotel in Washington DC. I made the purchase right before the whole covid thing started, literally 2 weeks before venues started postponing events. I reached out to Viagogo to inquire about the concert status and was told on numerous times that the event had been postponed but not cancelled and as such, I was ineligible for a refund. instead they suggested I try to sell them. I found that interesting as it was for an event that never ended up happening. I continued to ask about refunds and kept getting the same runaround. I’m active duty military and went on two deployments but checked my emails for updates constantly and nothing. Just this week I reached out again and got a reply that I was past the date for a refund. They never sent me any notifications or anything suggesting I could proceed to request my refund. These tickets were my wife’s birthday present and I wouldn’t mind losing the money if it were $20 but in this case it was $220 for two tickets and I won’t be seeing that money ever again. They also never offered me the voucher. Stay away from these people, it’s nothing but an overpriced scam.

Was this review ...? Interesting 5 LOL 0 Love 2
bicarey11 1 Reviews
Should be illegal

I thought I was purchasing thru Ticketmaster and wasn’t aware viagogo was the agent in between. Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to COVID. I was notified that I had stage IV lung cancer and not only couldn’t attend any rescheduled event, but I won’t be alive if/when the event is rescheduled. I tried to get a refund but was told there were NO OPTIONS for refunding almost $1,000. How this could possibly be legal is unbelievable! DO NOT USE VIAGOGO!!

Was this review ...? Interesting 6 LOL 1 Love 3
elsaginola95 1 Reviews
BTS Concert Dallas

Aweful and I would give negative stars if that was available. NEVER BUY from THEM EVER!!! They don’t try to work with anyone and refuse to give our $700 back!! They need to shit down. We bought tickets and then the pandemic hit and we are now out over $700 and they are t even trying to help us out it’s been 11 months since we bought the tickets and 8 months since the concert was supposed to take place!

Was this review ...? Interesting 4 LOL 0 Love 3
bizup23 1 Reviews
Viagogo Bad Presentation

My experience started by my searching for tickets at Crown and one of the top responses is a site that looks like it is Crown Direct Website and I think this is good not going through a second party like ticket master. I buy two tickets but is just tells me lounge and somethig like only six tickets left. So I think Oh well a lot sold in the few days while I was deciding. Then I pay on Paypal. I did get an email but still no seat and row number. I have a low expectation of tickets arriving by Australia Post in the week before the event like they say because when I posted something yesterday Australia Post said a week or two. I was quite convinced it was a scam but it appears maybe not. We will see. Why cant they be up front and not pretend they are Crown on the website. The only indication of Viagogo was in the htpp line at the top and that is very fine print. I think they are sneaky and I am doubly annoyed as I am quite astute at internet and I was tricked. Furhterrmore the tickets I believe were expensive but we will see when the row number etc arrives as I have kept the ticketmaster prices. Not very happy.

Was this review ...? Interesting 2 LOL 0 Love 4
karolcoyle121 1 Reviews
No Refunds! Ever!!!

Don’t expect to get your money back even in Covid times. Spent money for 2 tics to Celtic Thunder 9 months ago and performance was rescheduled for Nov 2021. Have been through several agents and managers and get the same garbage….. “So sad, to bad”. Same email sent about reselling tics but no refund. What crooks! Eric Baker (CEO) you should be ashamed!

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 3
soluxions15 1 Reviews


Was this review ...? Interesting 3 LOL 0 Love 4
Don't buy tickets here

I bought the tickets in a hurry when my daughter sent me the kink where it said only 1% tickets available. I paid more than 300€ for 2 tickets when several days later we found tickets at 70€ each. A total ripoff!!. Then the concert was cancelled and in the website of the company that organized the concert you can see that they say they will refund the money. But Viagogo says no because it says it has been postponed. And yes, it is planned to bring the group for a concert in Spain for next year but not info about when normal where. Meanwhile all my complaints are answered with the same answer suggesting to sell the tickets when it is impossible because there is no date. So my recommendation is don’t buy your tickets here. Don’t rush when you see that only a few tickets are left.

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 6
nicofeli30 1 Reviews

I was trying to redeem a voucher thru their website. There are 4 steps I need to go thru. At the 3rd step, Payment, it asks for credit card details, before it lets you go to the 4th step, Review, where I can enter the voucher code. The value of the voucher is greater than the cost of the tickers, so why should I give my credit card details?

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 1
Robbed of my cash

I purchased tickets for Paw Patrol in SA before the start of Corona virus. Just after Corona struck world wide, Viagogo advised by email of cancellelation of the event. Despite numerous emails requesting a full refund, there was always an excuse. Eventually, about 4 months later I was told I would receive a voucher, to be used for any upcoming event. I was not given a choice. There was no offer of a refund, despite my earlier claims. Their service sucks. DO NOT USE THEM UNLESS YOU WANT A VERY BAD USER EXOERIENCE

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 1 Love 3

Viagogo is a scam. I purchased tickets in Jan for a March event. The event was canceled, and I received a notice that the event was canceled and a refund had been issued to Viago but Viago has refused to issue my refund. I have sent the cancellation notice and they have acknowledged they received it. Even now more than 7 months later. Please DO NOT PURCHASE, learn from my mistake. #23790664

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 2
Awful company

Bought tickets for a concert in 2021. All of the concerts now cancelled due to the death of the main performer. Viagogo refuse to reimburse my money and keep telling me to sell the tickets on! I actually don’t physically have the tickets so don’t even know if they were ever real. Who is going to buy tickets for a cancelled gig?! As far as I am concerned Viagogo are crap and untrustworthy.

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 2
discomonkey2094 1 Reviews

Complete rip-off!! I bought VIP tickets for the Bottlerock music festival originally scheduled May, 2020 for $3200. The event has been postponed twice now due to covid, currently set for May, 2021. Viagogo will not refund my money, and it’s impossible to get someone to help. My only option is to sell my tickets (which haven’t even been issued yet), mail them to the buyer, then possibly get paid after the festival occurs, and only if the buyer actually goes to the festival and gets admitted. If I’m even successful, I will only get a portion of my money back due to fees, and about 16 months after I paid for them!!! I would give zero stars if I could.

Was this review ...? Interesting 2 LOL 0 Love 2
macrec42018 1 Reviews
Say No to Vianono!!aka viagogo

Me and my wife we’re going to celebrate her birthday via gogo at the time was paying Google to be at the top of the search engine making at the first ad when you search for tickets for a concert at a venue. They have now restricted that from happening Google that is. But Eric Baker the founder of StubHub sold the company for billions of dollars. He decided to get low down and dirty and go to Europe where he has been fruading via viagogo. This company is a joke but the joke is on the person to purchase the tickets unknowingly that they are going to be suckered into most likely a ticket that has been purchased for the fraudulent credit card overseas then sold and they make the money of the little transactions. If you do not dispute this within 48 hours you are shit out of luck. They make this super difficult because when you get to the venue realize that you’ve been sold a fraudulent ticket they have an algorithmThat rejects your phone call. Me and my wife St. Louis Missouri August Going to see Ariana Grande. The devastation the realization that we would not be seeing Ariana Grande because they have the Villa gogo guarantee will replace your ticket the day of the concert but you don’t know until you get there and then when you call back they’re going to reject your number which I picked up my wife’s phone call to her phone and got in but it was very difficult and then automatically they said over sorry we have an issue and the tickets are sold out for this show. But we will be issuing a refund automatically with 150 gift voucher to purchase more tickets on this fraudulent site!I went to St. Louis news correspondent And sit down with Mike Colombo investigative reporter. And he did an amazing news piece on e-commerce in this company via gogo so please stop listen to what I’ve said call them with a different number if you have already purchased tickets and make sure you call and call and call and call at least 3 to 4 times and say that you’re going to sue them when is my money getting in My account. And if you’re lucky you’ll get your refund you just have to be diligent. I have a Facebook health page called victims via gogo USA and they’re helping people and what makes me more upset is that people are still getting screwed as I speak this company has a class action lawsuit overseas to Australia to Europe all over the UK they are a scam and it’s not worth the gamble!

Was this review ...? Interesting 3 LOL 0 Love 1
maggie1225477 1 Reviews

SCAM pure and simple

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 1

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY. After the Russel Brand show was cancelled earlier this year when COVID first hit, they have still not returned my refund and refuse to do so. Absolutely disgusting and such a scam. They owe me over $500. I have no idea how this company is still legally running.

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 2
lindarouse11188 1 Reviews

whatever you do do not buy tickets through this company. The tickets are overpriced and if the event is cancelled they do not give you a refund unless you threaten legal action. just visit victims of Viagogo to make your own decision. they are not authorised to sell tickets for lots of the venues and even if you are lucky to get a ticket you may be refused entry

Was this review ...? Interesting 2 LOL 0 Love 1
martin100 1 Reviews
never use them

i bought tickets to see machine head and the concert was cancelled due to the covid-19, I have requested a refund of the £140 I paid ( no small amount of change) I received and email from them saying it was postponed, so I sent them the link to the bands website clearly stating that all venues are cancelled. I haven’t heard back from them for 2 weeks so I called today and their response was it will take a couple of months to confirm it is cancelled and then a couple more months for a refund! This is completely unacceptable. I will never use them again and if you are thinking of using them, on your head be it.

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CATOEGS24 1 Reviews
No refund granted

Ordered a ticket to a hockey event in March 2020. To find out two hours later the event was cancelled due to Covid. Said they would issue a new ticket if the event was rescheduled or refund if it was “cancelled”. Well…I’m still not getting a refund. They are one shady company. Can’t believe that’s how they operate during though times during a pandemic. I would give them a negative five review if I could!

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 1
No clear reply re cash refund

I bought tickets to see Santana at O2. The show was cancelled owing to the pandemic. Viagogo have offered me 125% in vouchers. I have asked for a cash refund without deductions or additions. Have unclear automated answers. Why don’t they just give a straight answer? Or speak to me!!!

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 1
No refund on cancelled concert to Lenny kravitz

Still await refund for tickets to Lenny kravitz not looking good and Viagogo is not responsive

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 1 Love 1
ajbrown131328 1 Reviews
Crooked as Hell! Don't buy from Viagogo

I doubted the validity of our tickets as soon as we got them. Now, with the concert postponed and rescheduled for a time we can’t go, they won’t refund. A real site, like Ticketmaster, offered me a refund. These guys are just crooked. Don’t buy from Viagogo.

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jmcmorris70240 1 Reviews
Run Away Fast! Total Scammers!

Terrible experience!! I’ve never had such a horrible experience trying to get a refund for a concert that has been cancelled for months! They REFUSE to refund me my money back even though on the official website of the artist and the official website of the venue that the concert was going to be held at has it posted as clear as day that the event has been cancelled. I even sent them a link to show them where this information was, and they just kept repeating like a broken record that according to them, they had not received news that the show had been cancelled. But it is EVERYWHERE THAT THE SHOW IS CANCELLED! What the heck!? How can a business like this be in business and allowed to do this!? Bottom line, contact your credit card or bank to help you deal with this fraud business. Totally unacceptable! I was trying to be a good consumer and try a “smaller company” but it is sad to say that I guess there is a reason places like Amazon and Ticketmaster are reliable sources to purchase from

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timdtanner67 1 Reviews
not refunding after show canceled

Purchased 2 tickets to Bad Religion after the show at our venue canceled they said it wasn’t just postponed but the venue already issued refunds after the band pres release the entire tour for 2020 is canceled I still can’t get a refund

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Dear Brian, Thank you for contacting us regarding your order for Chris Stapleton on 16 October 2020. Further to our conversation, I am just following up with you by email regarding the points discussed during our phone call. We are sorry we couldn’t help any further in this case. As just discussed, Our guarantee clearly states that we will refund customers in the event of a cancellation. If an event is cancelled, we will be refunding all effected buyers for the amount they have paid for their orders and will inform customers via email. If an event has been postponed, we will contact buyers and sellers with more information about the next steps. All events are considered valid unless there has been an official announcement stating the event has been cancelled. viagogo has not yet received any information about Chris Stapleton, 16 October 2020 being changed or cancelled. If we do, then we will contact buyers with information on how to proceed to receive a refund for their tickets. We appreciate your feedback as we are always looking for ways to improve our services. Should you wish to contact us at a later date, please click on the Contact us link below the body of this email. Kind regards, Fei

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barely legal scalping site AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Barely legal, AVOID !

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rogercwardjr13 1 Reviews

I purchase tickets to the CMA country fest 2020, that event has been canceled they will not issue a refund they are saying it is rescheduled for 20 21 which is an entirely separate event and CMA is stating they will either give a refund or honor the tickets for 2021 viagogo will not issue a refund because they say the event has been rescheduled and not canceled which is totally incorrect their customer service is terrible they are dishonest because on their website it says if an event has been canceled they will issue a full refund I have gone through several emails and talk to three different people with viagogo, I would never purchase tickets through viagogo again, if you have any issues they’re not going to take care of them.

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jriddle0274 1 Reviews
SCAMED!: Venue Date "Postponed" but informed no Refund!

We are not happy at all. Ticket price was high but it was the event we wanted for that date. ViaGoGo sent notice to me yesterday via email that the James Taylor 07-July concert date I purchased has been “postponed”, and since it is not cancelled no refund is due: “We will email you as soon as the new event date gets announced. The tickets you originally purchased will remain valid for the postponed event. Please note that we are unable to process refunds for these tickets as the event has not been cancelled.” I cannot postpone my schedule to meet theirs. We booked for a specific date.

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vivied56 1 Reviews
I want á refund, but they sent me an e-mail with a code to a voucher

I’ve searched their website but I cant write them. I want my money back, since my event is cancelled, but they sent me an e-mail with information and code to a voucher. I didnt choose that.

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no28 1 Reviews
Fake tickets

I bought tickets (at 4X face value) for a cricket match, only to arrive and the the tickets did not work. I went to a ticket office to see what was up and they told me that my tickets were fake and Viagogo was an illegal ticket reseller.

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you cannot get a refund if event is re-scheduled and you cant make the new date

I didnt realise Viagogo were re-sellers when i booked tickets for an event abroad. After i bought my tickets i then bought flights and hotel for the event. A few weeks later the event is re-scheduled due to band member health problem. I called viagogo and explained i will lose all of the money i spent on flights and hotel, and i cant afford to pay for 2nd lot of flights and hotel, however they said we are a re-seller. We cannot refund you. You can re-sell your tickets on our website. My tickets did not re-sell, even when i dropped the price. The event had been re-scheduled from a saturday night to a monday night. Hopeless. Ebay and Amazon are re-sellers, if you have a problem with a seller they help you. Why are viagogo exempt from this? i googled the only info i had about the seller. They were named in the paradise papers. Corrupt fraudulent horrible people. dont use Viagogo.

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dyersdad11 1 Reviews
Got scammed by viagogo

I bought front section tickets for a concert in Vegas. A few days after buying them, I get an email from them that they don’t have the tickets that they sold to me, but offered me other tickets at a higher cost. They had one pair for the same cost, that were general admission and no seating. I took those and come to find out, those tickets sell for $35 a piece. I paid $300 a piece for the front section ones, that they sold me and took back. Never again. Be warned, they are scammers.

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Extremely disappointed

I ordered 4 tickets for The Weeknd concert in Amsterdam on 27th October 2020. I placed my first order on 28th February, paid WAY more than just the tickets (the tickets were 130 euro each, I paid a total of 720 euro for 4 tickets). After placing the order, it was cancelled! I got sent a link to repurchase the same tickets, so I repurchased them on 29th feb, received a confirmation email for them and then it got cancelled AGAIN! I got the money back, thankfully. I am extremely disappointed and will never order anything from viagogo again! I never got any explanation about the cancelling, I wrote them an email and received only an automatic response and no satisfactory explanation whatsoever!

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sue39 1 Reviews
NZ Festival Chosen and Beloved

Viagogo you are a disgrace to NZ How dare you tell us to print tickets and you do not have a code that will print off let alone not even telling us where we are seated. I am not use to such a disgusting service never again will I reserve a seat through your firm I will recheck these tickets with ticket as I think they are illegitimate tickets Suzanne Holden

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Biggest scam ever. Do not purchase from here

They sold us Ozzy tickets in a October 2018 2 days before concert, we showed up only to find out concert had been cancelled with a tbd reschedule date. They would not refund our money since it was being rescheduled EVEN though they advertised and sold the tickets AFTER they knew the event had been cancelled. The event has been rescheduled multiple times. I tried calling today to see if I could possibly transfer our tickets to a venue closer to us on the East Coast. I gave them my order number and email address and they are now saying my info doesn’t match. I asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisor only to be told every time “that’s not possible”. We basically have over $1000 in 3 tickets that are useless to us as we’ve had no luck selling them and now I can’t even talk to anyone in customer service because they say my information doesn’t match!!!!!! Do not buy from here!

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kflood50 1 Reviews

Just wanted everyone to know NOT to use viagogo for ticket purchases. Read the reviews. I received my tickets 24 hours prior to the event after purchasing them 4 months prior. They sell tickets they don’t even have. They were way overpriced. You will not receive them on the date promised and will get excuses when you contact customer service about this. It is obviously a company out for your money and never at your service. BEWARE. I will never use them and am warning all my friends and family.

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viagogo process intentionally misleading

After naïvely purchasing tickets this morning, and immediately call in customer service: I still actually have no idea what I purchased at this point. my rmsil redponse to the worthless customer service “ I assumed I paid $263 for 2 balcony tickets to a concert in London that would be shipped in “3-5” business days and, extremely inconveniently, require a ‘signature’ at the door when a working person is not home. This is what I saw and ultimately proceeded with. It was not until after multiple intentional distractors on purchase site, and after committing to purchase, that I see the arrival date for the tickets is unknown and that they would not arrive until a week before the concert when I will be out of country. The absence of clear upfront disclaimer related to the fact that you can’t/wont email tickets, won’t allow pick up at the theatre, and that “3-5” days really means 3-5 days 3 months from now (!), with a ship date that is a moving target, is inexcusable and intentionally misleading. I consider myself scammed. ”

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Hans Zinner tickets in Helsinki

It is just a scam. I was buying the tickets with the price of 102 eur, after which I confirmed I will pay an additional 3 eur per ticket for electronic delivery. Once I pressed confirmed I paid 220 eur! I called immediately to the customer service to ask what happened, a guy from the swiss number called tried to be polite but completely useless. I asked him what to do, he said – sell them. I send them screenshots of the process, and they just not replying to me. The way the website is built makes just people inattentive to details. You see the button on the bottom not seeing how the price is changing, and once you press confirmed the money is gone, and no one is responsible

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Pamstaz9 1 Reviews

Dont buy anything from these scammers. They are a bunch of scammers. Their customer service is null and I will be reporting this company to the Better Business Bureau of NY. Unfortunately, I fell into one of their traps mistakenly and now I am out of alot of money for tickets I NEVER RECEIVED!!! SHAME ON YOU VIAGOGO. ROT IN HELL THEIVES.

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brian75 1 Reviews
Elton John

Utter rip off. They promise long, deliver short and make a ridiculous profit off your purchase. We paid for decent tickets for Elton John (+$500). the tickets we eventually received were priced at $149 each and we were at the highest row as far away From the stage as it was possible to get. Use another service.

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joguada95 1 Reviews

transacción 22514169 para el evento Madonna el 19 Diciembre 2019. Viagogo plataforma de ventas por internet que trabaja con Facebook para estafar a compradores a traves de Facebook y internet aca le cuento mi historia para que no cometan el mismo error. Vi una publicacion en Facebook para un concierto de Madonna en Miami ese era mi sueño de todo la vida ver a la reina del POP. Eso fue en el mes de Julio entro a travez de Facebook al concierto y me direciona a la pagina de Viagogo nunca habia oido esta plataforma, pero me dije si están a travez de Facebook deben ser confiables, pues compro mis tickets bien caros y dije esto es una vez en la vida, despues de la compra me dicen que debo recibir los tickets a mi correo , a los dias no veo nada y llamo a Viagogo ellos me dicen que tenga paciencia que antes del evento me van a llegar mes de Julio. Una semana antes del evento vuelvo a llamar me dicen lo mismo , pero yo ya no tan paciente a partir de ese dia empecé a llamar a Viagogo 2 y 3 veces por dias, cada vez que me respondian me decian lo mismo que no me preocupara que me iban a llegar, 5 dias amigos llamando 2 y 3 veces. Llego el dia del evento y llame mas de 5 veces, bien desesperado estaba ya y ellos diciendo lo mismo siempre me atendia una persona distinta para nada bien, nunca me tomaron en serio. El evento empezaba a las 8 :30 pm, 6:38 pm recibo un email de Tickemaster que me habian cancelado los tickets imaginense como me puse , llamo a Viagogo y nada lo mismo. Entro a ticketmaster trato de comprar unos tickets urgente sabiendo que me iban a costar mas caro yyyyy me tomo la sorpresa que compre 2 tickets casi a la mitad de precio y mejor ubicacion que el que habia comprado con Viagogo viagogo tickets $ 962, 6 meses antes del evento. Ticketmaster tickets $ 592 , 2 horas antes del evento, 6:52 pm recibo un email de Viagogo con la transferencia que nunca me llego en 6 meses, ni siquiera 2 horas antes. al otro dia ya pasado el evento llamo a Viagogo a reclamar mi devolucion de la compra hecha hace 6 meses y me dicen que las entradas fueron entregadas a tiempos, para que!!!, como me puse , les explique todo lo que habia pasado es cada vez que llamo es una persona diferente, no tienen un departamento que se encargue de casos de garantia que una persona se pueda hacer cargo y soluccionar ese caso , no es asi, una y una persona diferente cada vez que llamo. A parti de ahi he comenzado a reclamarles lo mismo. les envie todos los screenshot de las conversaciones con ellos durante toda la semana donde me decian que en caso que las entradas no llegaran a tiempo se me devolvia mi dinero . Cuando en una llamada 2 horas antes les dije que ya no queria sus entradas que estaba con la presion alta super disgustado con ellos, que me devolvieran el dinero, en ese momento fue cuando se pusieron a correr para resolverme mi problema. que casualidad que despues de esa llamada a 1:38 munutos ya yo estaba en camino con buen trafico y lluvia con mis entradas nuevas me llega 1:38 minutos antes del evento el correo para transferir las entradas de viagogo? que creen?? En que mente cabe que una persona en una hora va a poder llegar a un evento cuando el evento era lejos de casa con puro trafico y lluvia ese dia , cuando estuve 5 dias insistiendo para que me llegaran mis tickets.cuando esos tickets ya hacia mas de 5 meses se habian comprado y nunca recibi justo que una persona haga mas de 30 llamadas y no lo ayuden durante una semana y 1 hora antes se burlen de uno ?? Adjunto los screenshots hecho para que vean las pruebas. 1-Estafa —tickets el doble del costo del evento siendo comprados el mismo dias horas antes. 2-Garantia—-Falta de respecto, falta de coordinacion, falta de atencion a sus clientes, falta de respuesta rapida , falta de solución a los problemas a tiempo y en tiempo.

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tlport1398 1 Reviews
Buyer of cher tickets

Long story short I bought tickets had end seats then they sent other tickets in same row but in the middle I’m disabled and it’s hard for me to get out that’s why I picked and end 2 seats they refused to give me the seats I bought there not from usa and have no business selling tickets if cant do right plus I paid over 500 for 2 seats I’ll never buy for them again this is my last concert I’ll go to.

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tara_wesley32 1 Reviews
Canceled show tickets

BUYER BEWARE! This company will sell you tickets and cancel your order at any given time. Do NOT count on this site to uphold your ticket purchase. I bought tickets over a month ago to give as Christmas gift and the purchase was canceled due to the company unable to fulfill the sale. Extremely disappointed and lesson learned!

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Event is 3 days away and no tickets

Ordered tickets several months ago and only received an email that they would arrive ONE WEEK before the event. Tickets did not arrive. Called Viagogo several times and although I’m able to reach a customer service agent, answer is always the same. Tickets were not mailed to me as promised, but transferred via mobile to Ticketmaster from the seller (whoever that is). i do not have a Ticketmaster account and had to create one. Still no tickets after several phone calls. Answer is always the same, let me contact the seller and we will get back to you in 24 hours, which has never happened. Very frustrating and now I’m afraid I will be out the event, as well as the money. DO NOT BUY TICKETS HERE!

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ering122388 1 Reviews
Redirected to this site and Overcharged

Intent was to purchase Harlem globetrotters tickets as a gift for my nephew-I got redirected to the viagogo site without being aware. The tickets printed face value shows $21.00 and someone else’s name. I was charged $61 each ticket plus handling charges for a total of $157 for 2 tickets whose value is 42..00. The same tickets are still available on the venue website. Very disappointing -buyer beware.

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ggmpersons28 1 Reviews
Refuse to refund me

The worst service EVER! I pd. for my tickets. I never got my tickets. They have asked me to send screenshots of every piece of correspondence and I have. They are not refunding me because “the seller assures us they transferred the tickets to you.” I have proven that did not happen. This company is a complete scam. DO NOT BUY TICKETS THROUGH THEM.

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drbeckel91 1 Reviews
Rip Off

I bought tickets to a 09/28/19 Eagles concert through Viagogo and then tried to sell them fearing that I would be ripped off based on multitudes of poor reviews. Later, I was informed by Viagogo that I had successfully sold my tickets to a buyer and as soon as the tickets were released I should transfer them to the buyer. Later, I began receiving email from Viagogo stating that I must transfer the tickets to my buyer within 72 hours, or I would forfeit the sell and lose my $1500+. I communicated to Viagogo by email and by phone explaining that I would not be able to transfer the tickets within 72 hours because they had not been released by my seller. I was told not to worry as this was just a computer generated message sent to all customers. I was verbally informed that the company would see to it that my seller would get the tickets and that I should disregard further emails from the company. On 09/26/19, I received an email from the company advising me that the tickets were available and I should send them to the buyer. This was 2 days prior to the concert and I did exactly what i was told, I disregarded the message, assuming it also was computer generated and that the company would do what they had told me verbally, and take care of the transaction. Subsequently, I was informed by the company representative that Vigogo’s team had decided not to reimburse me. Being a citizen of the United States, there was no reasonable way to contest this legally and therefore I incurred a loss of more than $1500. Fortunately, I had purchased tickets to the concert from another distributor because I suspected I would have never received the tickets I purchased through Viagogo. My advice is to either buy directly from the vendor or through a more dependable ticket distributor, but AVOID Viagogo at all costs because based on my experience, there may be a huge cost to you.

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kron21blue47 1 Reviews

I purchased tickets from Viagogo for a Billie Eilish concert for Oct 08, 2019, on Oct 05, 2019. Did NOT received my tickets even though I got a e-mail and it said that my tickets were transferred from this JAKE, to accept or refuse the tickets. WHOEVER this JAKE is, I accepted the tickets from this JAKE, but my tickets were never transferred to my account where I could receive them, total rip-off!!! BEWARE OF THIS JAKE! Probably a made up name! I had to purchase some more tickets from somewhere else where we could go to the concert! Mind-you, the tickets were still not available on the day of the concert Oct 08!!! I have been on the phone with customer service so many times and get the same go-around about getting my refund for the tickets that I did not get! They got the required documents, showing the required evidence that I did not get the tickets and where it showed in the account at Ticketmaster, it showed there were no purchases made! Viagogo has the evidence, but everyone that I talk to, tells me the same thing, that it has been sent to another department and I would be receiving a phone call from them, NO RETURN CALL TO DATE!!!! I would NEVER recommend this place to ANYONE!!! DON’T BUY ANYTHING through this place unless you want to be SCAMMED out of your MONEY!!!! I gave them a rating of one , but would have given them a 0 if it was available! Total piece of S**T of a website!!! Very Mad and upset at myself! Should have checked them out first before purchasing! Will never happen AGAIN, learned my lesson the hard way. AGAIN, DON’T BUY FROM VIAGOGO!!!!!!!

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thaistyx100 1 Reviews
Total Scam

I bought two tickets for Metallica at the Chase Center for Sept 6 about a half year prior for $800 each. Month four, since I have not received my tickets, I made multiple calls up until a week before the concert. They assure me I would receive my tickets about 5 days prior to the concert. Three days prior, and no sign of a ticket, I contacted Visa charge card to see if they were able to do anything. Visa refunded me the money pending an investigation. I received an email by Viagogo less than 20 hours prior to the start of the concert explaining that I could transfer the tickets to my Ticketron account. By then I had made other plans. Also this outfit never had the tickets, since they are a “reseller” and so me a pair of tickets from another seller who had paid only $125 for the ticket. I could have bought the tickets on the day of the concert for half as much as I had originally paid for them. These guys are crooks. I will never deal with them again.

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abereiss32 1 Reviews
be very very careful

I bought over $36,000 worth of 2020 Olympic tickets from Viagogo. I relisted them with Viagogo but they removed the listings, telling me the tickets were a scam and not viable. But, they refuse to refund my money. This is nothing but a criminal outfit. Be careful with your money.

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sjjumper118 1 Reviews

I purchased Vince Gill tickets on 4/6/19. Charge but do not have any tickets. The concert is in Huntsville, Al in August so there is time to get them to me pls. I have no way to get in touch with you. Pls. This was a lot of money and gifts for friends…

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juleenwright62 1 Reviews
J Lo tickets

Complete scam bought tickets on Wed. Charge went through with all email wiped clean and no tickets. DO NOT USE IT is complete SCAM.. NO TICKETS DO NOT EVER USE

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I bought tickets to see the band Kansas in Anaheim California. The concert was cancelled because the band’s equipment truck was in a major traffic accident the day before and they had no equipment. It is now the start of the third week and my money has NOT been refunded. My friend who was smart and bought his tickets from TICKETMASTER had his money automatically returned to him in 7 days. I have sent VIAGOGO the Cancellation Notice from the venue, facebook from the band Kansas clippings, and testimonial from the truck driver talking about the accident. The companies rep tells me as soon as they find out the concert was cancelled they will refund my money. Still NO REFUND!!! TERRRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. RUN AWAY

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lesson_lisa80 1 Reviews

Was routed to this site to purchase tickets to a show for my own nephew’s band. At the same time, my sister purchased her ticket through ticketfly for literally HALF of what I paid. When i called to advise them and ask to cancel they were not cooperative. How can this happen??? DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS THROUGH HERE. Not to mention, you can resell, but not for the full face value you paid. TOTAL SCAM!!!

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ray_gille100 1 Reviews
Worst experience EVER!!

They don’t even have the tickets they are selling online. Total BS scam don’t use this site. Oh and their fees are insane, $200 in fees for this scam site!

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ginialee92 1 Reviews

Terrible experience, spent days online trying to track tickets I purchased only to find out they were in someone else’s name with same seats as mine, plus charged way more than normal prices..All tickets for event were sold out by the time I could cancel and get more tickets from another source.

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geraint98855 1 Reviews
Do use – if you want to pay through the nose..!

Utterly disgraceful . This company is a leech. Hoovers up tickets that would be sold to the public then sells them back tom us for hugely inflated prices. They should be banned and all the other reseller leeches..Don’t touch with a bargepole

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jimyentile82 1 Reviews
worst experience ever –total scam

bought many tickets online before —-usually under $10 service fee and receive a confirmation e-mail with e-tickets that can be downloaded and printed within 10 min. after completing the purchase HOWEVER bought tickets from viagogo a month ago —-received an email confirming my purchase along with a service fee of over $60 for 3 tickets BUT what I did not receive (and as of yet ,a month later) was any tickets. to make things much worse is there is no telephone no. or any way to e-mail them to ask for a refund for not providing the tickets I purchased. total scam —-I have notified my credit card co. and reported them to fed. comsumer protection agency . don’t know how this company has not been shut down still waiting for answers!!!!

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sergio.rocha29 1 Reviews
Scam, very confuse site and they change the number of tickets i select

I ask for 2 ticket and then at the end of the process they charge me 4. dont have any way to ask for support or change the order, 1 second after the purchase.

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bswyber76 1 Reviews
Viagogo is a scam

Viagogo doesn’t actually have the tickets they sell, will then mislead you on the website as to the scarcity of the tickets & charge a horrendous fee for the tickets which sometimes may not exist or not be in the seats you purchased. Viagogo is a scam to be avoided at all costs.

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mail73 1 Reviews
Use several dubious and illegal practices

Dubious 1) appear at the top of a search list for a festival, look like official resleer, they arer, not they are not even authorised, they are at the top becuase they pay google to be there. 2) Lots of messages saying, Last 1% of tickets left, only 10 tickets left, all in the hope you panick and buy and pay the huge price, when in fact there are lost of tickets left on the only officila site at half the price. 3). They do not respond or even accept emails, so you can’t prove you sent them a letter, and their website prevents you doing anything they don’t want like exercising your legal right to back out of a transaction within 14 days cooling off period. Illegal They refuse to honor the 14 day cooling off period if you change your mind. There are legal exceptions to this rule like the event happens during the 14 day period, but Viagogo apply this to any period, even when the date of the even is several months into the future and they haven’t even bought the ticklets to resell to you from the official reseller 2) In the case of Shambala, tickets carry names, you need id, T&C’s say that any tickets bought from anyone other than the official reseller are void and will be turned away, despite being told this, Viagogo continue to sell and offer to esell these tickets, so you are left paying twice the price for something that on the day is likely to be worthless.

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cmoe2152 1 Reviews
Viagogo is just a huge SCAM. AVOID like the PLAGUE

I bought tickets here, and paid, paid their crazy fees, and added charges at the end. My tickets didn’t come, and I got worried. I had other tickets and sold them at a loss because I wanted to go to a closer venue after I got my tickets through Viagogo. I kept checking and they said, oh no its all legit, just be patient and wait. Then the day the tickets should arrive, they say – sorry, we don’t have any tickets. I could have had other options but not any more. I HATE VIAGOGO and would probably pay money to see their demise. They suck. I think probably they resold the tix for more money and then just said they would refund my money.

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Josh 1 Reviews
The person that sold them to Viagogo also used them

I ordered Metallica tickets for my 10 yr old Birthday and 1st concert. We drove from Florida to Atlanta. Our tickets didn’t work. The person that sold them to Viagogo also used them. Big mess! Something that should never happen to websites that buy and sell tickets. Ended up working it out after awhile and got in!

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