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5 Things to Know Before Buying

Review Updated 8/2/2023

1. Is Box Office Ticket Sales Legit? seems to be a legit and reliable ticket platform since 2007, but there are some complaints to be aware of (see BBB report below on #4).

is-box-office-ticket-sales-legit-and-safe has 12 years of experience in the ticket industry and has helped nearly 1,000,000 customers.

They offer a good selection of tickets to sports games and events, theatre performances, concerts, and Las Vegas shows.

According to some recent Box Office Ticket Sales reviews, it isn’t the most reliable ticket site (see our top alternative ticket sites below).

box office ticket sales address legit

Box Office Tickets review shows they are a trusted brand for premium event seating and tickets, as all of the tickets offered on the website are guaranteed 100% authentic. provides customers with good customer service and completely secure online shopping. reviews legit experience

Customers are free to purchase tickets 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are guaranteed that a trained sales representative will process the order to ensure proper handling. has a call center open daily from 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Central Time to help customers with issues.

When comparing BoxOfficeTicketSales vs. TicketMaster, we see more positive TicketMaster Reviews on the web.

TicketMaster has partnered with many venues to sell primary tickets at face value (with a service charge, too).


2. What’s Good about

Box Office Ticket Sales website, opened in 2007, ensures that its customers have a safe and secure experience in buying tickets from the website.

box office ticket sales reviews yelp legit seats

All transactions that g or through are managed through a secure site.

It’s protected by Secure Socket Layers software, which is the industry standard for securing online purchases.

payments on boxofficeticketsales

BoxOfficeTicketSales review shows they guarantee that their customers will have a safe buying experience with multiple payment options.

If the tickets a customer chooses are unavailable, will substitute a comparable ticket at no extra charge.

is box office ticket sales reliable protection


3. Any Cons (service fees, shipping, etc.) about

The only negative aspect of Box Office Ticket Sales review is that tickets sold on the website are often above face value, though they could also be below face value. This is because the tickets sold on are often obtained through secondary market ticket sellers to be resold.

Another common thing seen among Box Office Ticket Sales reviews was their service fees and delivery charges. service fees can be up to 30% (as shown below) when ordering NBA tickets.

box office ticket sales fees and delivery

To be able to provide the best tickets to the most popular events, Box Office Ticket Sales review reveals they often have to charge their customers a premium price. All ticket prices include additional service charges and handling fees, so customers don’t have to worry about hidden fees.


4. BoxOfficeTicketSales Review Summary

Overall, Box Office Ticket Sales is a good ticket provider, but remember, they are a resale site with some negative reviews.

Remember that Box Office Ticket Sales on has some complaints and low customer review ratings, but this is a small percentage of their total overall business sales.

Most complaints about are about their service fees, and customers think they are a venue box office.

Remember, they are a ticket reseller, and pricing may be above or, if timed right, can be below face value.

bbb reviews rating

They offer tickets to top concerts, sports games, events, Las Vegas Shows, and theatre performances.

It’s common to see complaints and negative reviews with almost any ticket resale site on the web.

With that said, it’s worth looking at TickPick Reviews, and you’ll see TickPick is a legit ticket company compared to Box Office Ticket Sales website with no hidden service fees (and you can bid on tickets too for certain events).


5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

Compare all our top 3 ticket sites below for the best deal.

1. TickPick

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway shows

Why TickPick?

We have tested, and TickPick is legit and has positive feedback from other TickPick reviews.

> no hidden fees and easy ordering process compared to other sites

> best price guarantee and up-front pricing (no service fees)

> grades every ticket from sellers based on price and seat quality

> options to pay w/ PayPal or Zip (4 interest-free payments)

> ticket search w/360-degree seat view

stubhub vs tickpick reviews savings


2. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

> best for sports tickets

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

We have tested Ticket Masters Resale and got overall positive feedback from most Ticket Master reviews.

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

> safe and secure ordering process

> 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

> tickets delivered within minutes w/ e-ticket email deliveries

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


3. Vivid Seats

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway tickets

Why VividSeats? We have tested, and it was good for us, although there are mixed VividSeats reviews., but recently rebranded with better support.

> 100% guarantee with safe ordering

> largest independent secondary ticket marketplace to live events

> the official ticket provider of ESPN

> good prices compared to most ticket sites

> voted best in-house customer support team

> extra event protection add-on at checkout (100% reimbursed if an accident)

viagogo vs vivid seats ticket review sites legit


We did compare Box Office Ticket Sales vs. StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and is StubHub legit and reliable?

StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to events in over 50 countries, while BoxOfficeTicketSales has events in just the United States.

Also, Box Office Ticket Sales service fee is about 30%, and StubHub’s service fee is similar at 26-32%.


Share your Box Office Ticket Sales review below.

Your feedback matters.

box office ticket sales reviews 2022 is legitimate

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45 Reviews for Box Office Ticket Sales Reviews

harrisond92393 1 Reviews
Over charges

They stated the tickets were box office price the they $61 seats they charge $98 plus a service fee for about $30 this should not be legal the service fee well that’s their price but to price up the seat like that is just ridiculous

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scotttrica17 1 Reviews
Don’t do it

Well I should have read reviews. I feel like they are scammers. They are rude and get really mad if you ask questions. I was told my tickets would be in my email right after confirmation. No that’s not true. You will be lucky if you get them at all. And then they don’t won’t to discuss it. Read the reviews. Something I failed to do. Never got a legit order number. This has been the most stressful day of my life. Just don’t try and purchase tickets here. Y’all have a Blessed day

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paulamahone63 1 Reviews
Rude Ticket Sellers

Was interested in purchasing tickets and had questions. All tickets listed as general admission yet the prices at Box Office Ticket Sales range from $51 to $221. I wanted to know the difference between the tickets. The agent responded, “Can you so the math?’ He understood I was asking if there was a benefit with the higher priced ticket like positioning closer to the stage, or a seat, etc. I explained I am unable to stand through an entire concert and wanted to know the policy for disabled ticket buyers. He hung up on me. When I called back, I explained what happened to the next ticket agent. He hung up as well. I dialed again and discovered my number was blocked. I used my husband’s phone to call and asked to speak with a manager. I was on hold for more than 12 min. I ended the call. I’m retired. I’m tired of rudeness. I will be writing the company until I receive an apology and some sort of satisfaction. I have a lot of time and determination.

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owen776856 1 Reviews
Never again

This was the first time I bought tickets from this company. I thought once I purchased the tickets I would receive the tickets. I purchased the tickets a month before the event. 3 days before the event I still had not received them. I called the number that was given if you had any issues with the purchase only to find out it was a third party you had to go through. I called them and was told to email them an URGENT message. I did that. Right away I got a message saying they have a high volume of calls and messages and they will get to me asap. Well, come to find out this was still that third party. You cant even get in touch with them, Only the third have access. At this point, I’m starting to get mad and think this is a scam. So I thought let me just purchase more tickets on Ticket Master, which I should have done in the first place. I looked on Ticket Master and realized Box office charged me 3 times the amount of the tickets. I paid almost $300 for tickets which were $127. Not only does this company inconvenience you but they overcharge you. after calling and emailing over and over again because I was so determined they finally sent me an email with my tickets 2 days before the event. I was happy to get my tickets but I will NEVER EVER order from them again. .

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Shady Business Practices: Your Entire Transaction Recorded

A ticket to a local opera event sold for $75.00 on two local websites. Box Office Ticket Sales price added $44.00 plus fees. They also record the entire transaction. Once you have paid, there is no refund available unless the event is canceled. I would stick with a reputable company that has a history of positive reviews or call the venue directly to purchase tickets.

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dondragonetti18 1 Reviews
ripped off on cub tickets

I looked up Chicago Cubs ticket office on google there ticket site pop up saying home of Chicago Cubs I ordered tickets paid 470.00 for 4 tickets found out I could have gotten same tickets for 424.00 called back 5 minutes later they said no refund I asked to speak to a manager I spoke with Josh absolutely the ruddiest person I have ever encountered asked to speak to some one else he said no I asked if he was the owner he said no but said its his job to handle any problems he handled nothing nor tried to I am retired spent over 35 years in the customer service industry this is the worst customer service I have had Do Not Ever Purchasing Tickets from this company after reading reviews could not believe how many complaints there are against this company buyer be ware

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dgg195834 1 Reviews

Wish I had done my homework before using this site. My boyfriend and I have tickets but a seat apart even though there was a block of about 5 which I chose from. Ripoff on prices as well. Never use then again. ,!!!

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kaylaj_929 1 Reviews

Do NOT buy from this website. This is a scam. I bought tickets to a concert that was cancelled due to covid. Even though the policy states a refund if your event is cancelled they have informed me that the policy has randomly changed and they will not give anyone a refund. When I called they were extremely rude and dismissive. She even hung up on me. I have never dealt with a more corrupt company and I have bought tickets to many concerts without any problems. They do not care about their customers. Buy your tickets elsewhere.

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greenacres822 1 Reviews
Total Scam

I wanted to order tickets from the Koger Center in Columbia, SC. Read Box Office Ticket Sales and believed it was part of the Koger Center. I got my tickets the other day for the Lion King and they sold for 78.00. Box Office Ticket Sales charged me 213.00, $125.68 Service Fee, $15.00 Delivery Charge and hooked up a insurance company. I was able to get the insurance charge removed. I have been trying to get in touch with this company since the tickets were delivered on March 30, 2022. no success. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE SCAMMERS

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jolantatgal92 1 Reviews
impossible to recover from mistake

I purchsed two tickets online and as soon as I realized that they are for 7:30PM rather than 2:00PM (which is what I wanted) I tried to get them changed. IMPOSSIBLE!!! It took me a few hours to finally “chat” with someone – he told me that they do not refund or change tickets and that I agreedt to that – but they can resell my tickets if I would like. TicketMaster that actually issued the tickets said that they do not refund or change tickets purchased through a thrid party. So a huge mistake on my part for not paying closer attention to what I was buying (website was confusing I have to admit) and for not buying directly from TicketMaster. Will never buy from BoxOfficeTickets again.

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wkvalliere29 1 Reviews
Scalpers and scammers

When a concert is canceled people should get a refund and if you make your customers wait for a rescheduled date for the concert the customer should be notified of the revised dates for the concert. P.S. Scammers do not buy tickets from box office ticket sales

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marilyn011667 1 Reviews
Bon Jovi

I purchased 2 tickets for Bon Jovi concert in Sacramento,CA for 6/13/20 and was told that no refunds unless performer cancels…..I paid $4951.92 for front row seats. Well Covid hit and I was calling every month (spoke to “Josh” who was very rude and condescending). When Jon Bon Jovi cancelled and Box Office Ticket Sales said I would have to wait 60 days after original concert date. Well….I continued to call & was told the same every month…wait 60 additional days. Finally when I called in October 2020 Josh said they had emailed me a message (of which I did not receive anything)…so after talking to him I received the email. It stated “they deal with every cancelled event in the US & Canada & are trying to work on the refunds…or I can take a 120% credit to another concert. Hell no…I WANT my money back. They are a rip-off & lie about what they offer…DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!

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Great Customer Service

I could not find the transfer link for my tickets to Andrea Bocelli in Las Vegas friday night. I called and the gal Tina was very helpful retransferring me my link and had a great time at the concert

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Fast and Easy Process!

I was searching for tickets to the Boston Red Sox and came across a bunch of sites with different pricing. had the seats I wanted and for a good price. Tickets were sent to me within a couple of hours. I had a great time at the game with my kids.

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malgy4 1 Reviews
Really Wish I Would Have Read These Reviews Before Using Boxoffice Tickets

I concur with most of the prior reviews. Very overpriced, and they add a $50.00/ticket “service fee”, I am still trying to reach out to customer service to let them know there are errors on my tickets. “All sales are final”, and you will understand why if you use them. Good luck trying to reach their customer service department! I’m just hoping we at least have seats for our October performance.

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redfords4ever91 1 Reviews
Fraudulent Scam/Scalper

Searched for a specific band and hit link on that band’s website for specific venue. BOXOFFICE TICKET SALES is who I was directed to vs the venue. Thought I had that venue box office. Gave me several choices in several price ranges. Said lower priced seats may have obstructed views. Went with higher prices SEATS. Weeks later I got email alerting me tickets were ready but when I went to view tickets I saw STANDING ONLY and GENERAL ADMISSION. I contacted these con artists and got no answer on both attempts. Show was 500 miles away and I thought tickets were a scam as was the seller, I called venue and they do not deal with this guy. Eventbrite only. I then bought tickets from them – $136 vs the $346 BOXOFFICE had charged including fees. I immediately disputed the charge with Visa and no luck so far. Has been almost 2 months. This guy does NOT refund money. Still has not contacted me even though I tried to contact him twice. What goes around comes around…

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ladyt42h97 1 Reviews
Don't purchase from this site

The worst company to purchase tickets from. The sold me tickets for $87 when the original ticket price was $20. I don’t care what you do for a business every company should do refunds.

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dpsmith3156060 1 Reviews


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gswaney6275 1 Reviews
Very poor service over priced

Never ever buy tickets from them way over priced and poor customer service didn’t send tickets until few days before event had to call 3 times to get it right

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Roxywilson7752 1 Reviews
Laver Cup Tickets

This is the worst and most fraudulent company to deal with. I never got my Laver Cup tickets before the event 9/24/2021, and now I can’t get reimbursed for $4840 worth of tickets. I notified the company several times before this event to see how to get the tickets. I was told they would come 9/21/2021. They never came nor was I notified on that day.

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clkaple21 1 Reviews
Maybe if enough people complain, they will get shut down!

It is absolutely shocking to me that this company has good ratings anywhere online! I have to believe that their ratings are falsified. You can absolutely do that. Maybe if enough people review these people on online platforms, the truth will come out eventually. I just paid over 500$ for 2 tickets to Radio Music Hall in NYC. It seemed strange to me that this place sent me to Ticketmaster to collect my tickets. They present themselves as a place like Ticketmaster when you are making a purchase. They even display a high star rating. (On every platform that I have googled legitimately, they do not have good ratings FYI). So just for the fun of it I thought I will Google Ticketmaster myself and see how much they would charge for seats right next to it. They were $155 per ticket with minor fees! I then went to radio city myself to see what they would charge for seats right next to the ones I purchased. They were only $125 each!!! Someone might say…..well, you should have checked them out better, but everything looks to be on the up and up until you start really digging! Google has their reviews at 1%! So how do you see a different rating when you go to purchase? It seems that everything is OK until you find out they are purchasing the tickets off of Ticketmaster and then upcharging those tickets even higher! And then it is too late! Because they have a zero return policy and they take your money before they tell you that they are going to do that! I am going to check and try to share this review everywhere I can so that this company can be shut down! The bad part is they probably have a lot of money LOL! If everyone does this that discovers the truth about this company however, maybe it will work eventually!

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ryandellis17 1 Reviews

This is not ticket master or any venue. They are total rip off artists. NO ONE should buy from them. These people charged my 70 year old recently widowed Mom triple price for concert tickets, changed the date, offered no refund or exchange. Mom wanted to surprise our family during our visit with tickets to James Taylor, a family favorite. She thought she was buying from Tanglewood, but she reached a third party site. She paid $109 each for 4 lawn seats marked $29 along with a $116 service fee. That’s ok if the concert happens or there is adequate customer service. The date moved from the July 4th holiday to a random Tuesday (8/31) evening during the school year. My wife, daughter and I live in Miami and cannot travel to Massachusetts at that time. Box office ticket sales offered no customer service for the $116 service fee. In fact, they told my mother to sell the seats on stubhub, but she feels terrible selling $29 seats for $109 so she mailed them to me. The company refuses to speak with me or listen to my mother’s story. They simply hang up the phone. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE. Buy tickets ANYWHERE else.

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steveandchan49 1 Reviews
They have my money, I have no tickets

3 weeks after my payment I have no tickets. I tried calling their number and was sent to another number where I just heard music for over 2 hours. I called back on the original number and said that I wanted to speak to someone, they said they were going to transfer me again. I asked them not to as I had just been on hold for over 2 hours. Their response “I don’t care if you have to wait five hours I’m transferring you”. WOW I then emailed their customer service and have had no response at all. I believe this is a scam site, avoid at all costs.

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MADDY7GEN57 1 Reviews
An asshole customer service, more of a scam


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megm71141 1 Reviews
Horrible experience with box office ticket sales

Do yourself a favor, don’t do business with these people. My concert was canceled from August 2020. Since then I’ve been trying to get a refund on my money. Box office ticket sales refuses to refund my money. Note also that my initial purchase I thought I was buying the tickets from Ticketmaster when they were actually being purchased from box office ticket sales. I didn’t find that out until I receive the tickets. I wanted to cancel them at the time but they wouldn’t allow me to cancel them they said the tickets are nonrefundable. Go somewhere else for your ticket purchase

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Class action lawsuit

I’ve been told I’ll have my refund in 60 business days 3 times still no refund. My concert was canceled April 20, 2020. The manager Josh comes across as irritated by my calls as if I call everyday. The artist canceled the event so fans could have their money in this time of need but it’s been 10 months. With so many having the same problem I seriously think a class action lawsuit is reasonable.

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Steal,s your money

Do not ever use this service ,I brought tickets on dec 11 2019 hockey game was canceled due to covid. They refuse to refund my money .I tried to be patient with them but only got a run around. It is now feb 2021 filed a complaint with state attorney General, and the better business burrow. I,m just sorry I ever used them . DON,T MAKE THE SAME MISTEAK I DID!!!!!

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bobandgloria83 1 Reviews

This site is nothing but a fraud and a scam! Refused to refund my purchase for a cancelled concert. extremely rude and condescending customer service especially the manager. Josh. Do NOT BUY TICKETS FROM THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!

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winnipeg_icon67 1 Reviews
Total scammers – NEVER buy tickets from them!!!

My event was cancelled due to Covid and I was promised a full refund within 60 days. After multiple phone calls and emails and absolutely horrific customer service, I have gotten nowhere. They clearly have no intention of returning people’s money and are ripping off people during a global pandemic. They should be shut down and charged – what they are doing is criminal. NEVER buy from them and spread the word!!!

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barbdthr91 1 Reviews
purchase/refund scam

Thank-you for your attention to this matter and for the requested refund!

I purchased tickets through this company for an event which was canceled due to COVID. The event was cancelled 5 months ago and I still have not been able to get my money back. Each time I call a new date and time line are given for my refund. The customer service overall has been horrific! Customer service manager is rude and unhelpful!! I can’t believe a company can stay in business with this type of moral code and attitude or lack there of…

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Jodystackman33 1 Reviews
They owe me $1019.80

Rip off ??? Ozzy Osbourne got canceled and I requested my money back and they still have not credited my account yet and because they sold me tickets to somebody named Maryland not me and I want my money back!!!I have turned them into better business bureau and they are not calling them or contacting them either with any response!!!I might have to go out there and visit the company if they don’t answer their phone here pretty soon because I want my $ back!!!

Was this review ...? Interesting 5 LOL 0 Love 2
marciapennock11 1 Reviews

We bought tickets for a musical. FIRST of all, i coordinated my seats to accommodate a disabled person in my party. After the sale was final, they told me they could not guarantee the seats we just arranged. SECONDLY, after the sale went through there was a few hundred dollar “misc fee” my tickets were to be $900 but total came to over $1300. THIRDLY, we are now trying to get a refund for the cancelled event due to covid19 and we have been told it will take 30-60 days for a refund. We do not trust this and we have a fraud dispute currently open with our credit card company.

Was this review ...? Interesting 5 LOL 0 Love 2

Rude customer service. Cannot access tickets on either website from the link they send via email. Both websites say, “Website Access is Blocked”. I was told by their representative in an email that, “I have to find a way.” Received an email with the change of event date listed in the subject line, but no message explaining in the email that the event date has been changed! Box Office Ticket Sales told me to call Flashseats about the problem. Flashseats can’t access the tickets either! Flashseats told me the tickets I purchased are resale tickets! I will be very upset if I lose my $250.00! I will report the company to the Better Business Bureau and will tell everyone to STAY AWAY!

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hallg15742 1 Reviews
Apparent Scamming and poor customer service.

We called the box office at the Sunset Center in Carmel CA. My wife did not know she was talking to this third party. She bought tickets and we were charged approx 28% service charge. The event cancelled. We called Josh at BOX Office on the day of the event. He stated then he would refund the tickets. But in 30 days. We said we wanted our money now, Over two weeks after this call we called again. He now states it well be another 30 days. At this time I do not recommend anyone do BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY IF YOU WANT A BAD EXPERIENCE THAT I ENCOUNTERED. It is a shame our country lets business run this way. I doubt I will ever see our refund. However I will do all that I can to prevent other people being put in this situation.

Was this review ...? Interesting 7 LOL 1 Love 4
judyrand38 1 Reviews
Box Office Ticket Sales will rob you blind

I thought I was on the Tanglewood website purchasing tickets. Within an hour a friend said I was scammed so I called Box Office Ticket Sales to cancel but of course I was told the sale was final. I was charged $1,300 for six $44 tickets. ($264 value). I hope this review helps others.

Was this review ...? Interesting 7 LOL 0 Love 3
rlayton22 1 Reviews
Not sure about this site Box Office Ticket Sales

Along with others, we thought we were calling the venue box office. This company has sucked alot of people in with their name. Smart on their part but not on our part in going ahead with the ticket purchase. Exorbitant user and service fees. We did receive the tickets but the show has been postponed due to the coronavirus. There is still the possibility we can use the tickets if the show is rescheduled but there is no refund. A hard lesson learned at $400+. The customer service rep actually hung up on me when I told her I knew that she was following company policy but it was a poor policy.

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sed2s33 1 Reviews
Ticket Sales

Horrible. Absolutely Horrible. Called to ask a question on which sections were reserved for an event, and they kept saying, “are you ready to make purchase?”. I said no, I am inquiring on which sections are reserved and which are general admission.. And they hung up. Twice. Worse customer service I’ve experienced in a very long time. Shockingly bad. I wish I could mark below 0.

Was this review ...? Interesting 5 LOL 0 Love 2
dnlwils740 1 Reviews
Rip off

I called the number which I thought was the venue it ended up being the scammers. They did they told me my ticket price was $69 each for two tickets. They asked me repeatedly if I wanted to authorize my card for the purchase of two tickets at $69 each I advise them yes at the end of the call they sent me a ticket invoice for $182 why so high? I am told them that the venue does not charge that much and is this The arena . They totally misrepresented themselves, and lied and then when I asked for a refund as this was a scam . they said no refunds or cancellations… So they thought. They then sent me two scanned copies of tickets in a PDF format this is not a mobile ticket it is a scanned copy of tickets. When I called and actually got the number for the venue they told me that mobile tickets are not submitted that way and they could not guarantee that those tickets could authorize entry. I Call my bank about the dispute and the same day I sent the dispute over two hours later they sent me a email saying they canceled my ticket and I will be receiving a full refund. Only deal with Ticketmaster. Normally i am smart about this , but the number came up locally as the venue .

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nursemomjudy49 1 Reviews

I feel I was scammed by Box Office Tickets. I thought I was calling the box office at the venue. The customer service person was willing to be very “helpful”, but little did I know she was being deceitful! I got suckered into paying $638 for 4 tickets that should have been $402. With fees. . Stay far away from them. Tough lesson learned!

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shari_key200928 1 Reviews
It was a rip off!

Do not ever use! I didn’t even know that I was using them!…I could not make it to the venue so I googled the event online. Then was immediately redirected to with the university logo of whom the the venue was owned. Upon purchasing my tickets the sales person was pleasant, but fast talking. I had to interrupt and ask her to explain the fee she vaguely mentioned. I was met with sarcasm and told that she’d just explained it to me so I asked her to repeat what the fees were for again, and she said it was necessary to purchase the tickets online. At which time I informed her that I had not seen any service fees on the website! To make a long story short, I ended up paying and extra fifty dollars for tickets that I could have just gotten up off my ass early in the morning to get, and save some money! !!!???

Was this review ...? Interesting 6 LOL 1 Love 2
Ann.Jeskie45 1 Reviews
Total Rip Off

I also, purchased tickets through them for what I thought would be apprx. $200, when I received my tickets much to my surprise they had added on an Administrative Charge of $100!!! This is not a concert I would have paid that kind of money for. DO NOT buy your concert tickets here. Go through the venue if possible. Box Office tickets will rip you off BIG TIME.

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Goada193 1 Reviews
Complete ripoff

They represent themselves as a legit source for tickets. They are scalpers nothing more. We were charged nearly three times the face value. We paid more for the worst seats in the house than the face value for the best seats. Tickets are still available now as the show starts. I’m tempted to buy new tickets from the real box office so I can actually see the show. Stay away from this site. They should be shut down and put in jail.

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willrealtyky62 1 Reviews
Completely Disreputable

I purchased tickets for a play online, and called the number listed upon receiving the purchase confirmation email. I was told my tickets would be at Will Call at the time of the event. They were not. Upon calling from the event, which started at 3pm, they were delivered to my inbox at 2:58, but the tickets were only valid if printed. Obviously as I’m standing in line at a theater with 1 minute to spare a printer is not available. I requested a refund because of the unreasonable circumstances. They refused, but put me on hold for another 15 minutes. Performance was already underway and my tickets were unusable. I was finally transferred to a supervisor who said he would look into it and then promptly hung up on me. When I went to the box office to see if anything could be done, they said they had problems with this seller often and that no one should buy from them. I completely agree.

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ralphraposa11 1 Reviews
Scalp Alert for overpiced tickets you can buy direct from venue for best prices. This company is a scalper.

I paid $162.00 for 2 tickets to a venue I live a few blocks from that cost $25.00 each directly from the venue. This company was reselling tickets you can get at real face value by selecting the venue’s name when googling rather than the artists’ names. Tickets for a General Admission show that cost all comers $25.00 per ticket were being sold by this company with specific rows with varying prices up to nearly $200.00. The venue was ALL General Admission, no matter where you sat. All tickets were sold by the venue for 25.00 each to everyone, including this company, who turned around in a resale scam that you would believe you had seats in a specific row that does not exist in this venue and your choice could cost you up to $200 each for tickets they did, and you could have yourself, bought for the same $25.00 the venue charges for ALL tickets and seating is first come, first served. No specific rows designated in web site tickets from this company website. In fact, the tickets I printed off the web site were real tickets I verified with the venue, with a face value of $25.00 each, that I paid $59.00 each for two tickets, plus fees. I found out from the venue that this company bought those tickets the day I ordered them, after they got my order from their website. So, I paid a total of $162.95 for two tickets I could have walked down to the venue and bought them for $50.00. Had I wanted tickets advertised in a specific row and a specific number of tickets, I would have had to pay up to $200.00 each for 10 tickets, so $2000.00 for tickets the venue would, on their own website, sell you for 250.00. This is all legal, with the possible exception of misleading you into thinking there were specific seats available to you, and making up non-existent rows that were higher in some sections than others. Don’t go near this company. It is a total ripoff.

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Don’t use “” this company is a complete ### of the earth rip-off. They add in huge service fees (~$95)– 2 tickets! And, they will charge triple or more than the going rate. When I discovered what they did, I called them within seconds of executing the transaction on my cell phone and they refused to cancel the order or even let me buy a different set of tickets. Do not ever, Ever, EVER use them to buy a ticket of any type. They will rip you off then refuse to work with you.

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