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Is TickPick Legit, Reliable & Reputable in 2023?

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TickPick Review

8 Things to Know Before Buying

TickPick Review Updated 10/7/2023

1. Is TickPick a legit ticket site?

TickPick.com started in 2011, seems to be a legit resell marketplace and was reliable for us with no hidden fees (most ticket sites charge 30% service fees), and TickPick currently holds an A+ rating on BBB.org somehow with just a 1.13 out of 5-stars.

We tested TickPick in July 2023, which worked well and was a reliable site to buy tickets for concert in Portland, Oregon.

Although you may see some negatives that their customer service can be hard to reach at times or slow, or tickets wer as shown from some recent TickPick reviews.

2. What makes TickPick good?

> rated #1 ticket site for easy and safe checkout process

> get the best value w/ their best price guarantee

legit tickpick.com reviews guaranteed best price 2022

> up-front price with no service fees

is tickpick legit trusted no fees

> see your seat with/ a 360-degree seat view before buying

> Get TickPick discounts and save on your order

stubhub vs tickpick reviews savings


Tickpick’s best value score and price system are similar to SeatGeek in some ways, based on price and seat location with what tickets are available for most major and college sports, concerts, and other live events like theater shows and plays.

TickPick, since 2011, has sold  legitimate tickets that are guaranteed the best prices compared to other sites, like Stubhub and VividSeats.

legitimate tickpick guarantee best prices


3. How is TickPick vs StubHub?

We noticed TickPick had lower prices with certain tickets compared to most ticket resell sites.

When ordering tickets on TickPick.com we also compared it with StubHub and discovered…

TickPick vs StubHub Ticket Prices

> TickPick was 8% cheaper than StubHub for this order below.

You can see the same tickets were found on TickPick and StubHub for an NBA sporting event.

TickPick saved us $22 on this order vs StubHub with the same tickets.

tickpick vs stubhub reviews prices fees

TickPick vs StubHub Reviews Prices

There is good alternative ticket site that we like too and tested that you can see below.


4. Delivery and fees on TickPick

Most tickets ordered via TickPick will have these delivery options:

> electronic transfer: is a mobile ticket that’s transferred to your email on your TickPick account

> instant download: is an electronic ticket but available within minutes via email after ordering.

> e-ticket: is an electronic ticket, but cannot download your ticket until the seller confirms

Here are all TickPick’s delivery options and how each one works.

how to use e-tickets tickpickTickets being shipped will have an option for:

> FedEx 2-day delivery and will charge $10.99

> FedEx overnight shipping, which is $15.99

review tickpick delivery shipping fees


There are no service fees ever with TickPick, saving you 10-15% on tickets.

is tickpick a trusted site no hidden fees

Other ticket resale sites seem to charge about 30% extra fees (as shown above with TickPick vs StubHub).


Also, we found that TickPick has an A+ rating on BBB.org (Better Business Bureau), but there are some complaints received usually about ticket prices.

This TickPick review must mention that overall, TickPick takes the hassle out of trying to…

Get a $10 discount with your first TickPick order.

stubhub vs tickpick review 2020


5. Can I cancel or change my order?

There are a few negatives to mention in our TickPick review.

One common practice with all ticket resale sites is you cannot cancel or change your order, except

The only time you can get a refund is if your event is canceled and not rescheduled.

TickPick does have a friendly and helpful support team.

can I cancel my tickpick order


6. Any Covid-19 TickPick reviews?

From our research, most reviews from ticket buyers were refunded when many events were canceled during covid-19.
If an event is canceled and not rescheduled, TickPick will give you a 100% refund or an option for 110% credit towards your account.

TickPick competes with ticket giants like StubHub, Vivid Seats, SeatGeek, and TicketMaster, but with TickPick’s unique business model, up-front pricing, and no hidden fees their brand awareness has grown recently.

According to an article on Forbes.com, TickPick seemed to manage the covid-19 shutdown.


7. TickPick review summary

Overall, TickPick is a real and legit ticket marketplace that started in 2011 with no service fees and has an A+ BBB rating.

We noticed a few complaints from customers who stated that delivery was longer or delayed when buying tickets outside the United States. It appears those customers did receive their tickets on time before the event.

It’s best to contact TickPick via their support form online.

reviews tickpick contact us phone support

If you are traveling outside your state or country to your event, it’s highly recommended to find tickets with Electronic Delivery, so there are no shipping your tickets or having to wait for them to arrive.

We’ve tested TickPick and got positive feedback overall from many TickPick reviews.

> transparent and customer friendly

> bid on tickets for certain events

> top-rated Inc. 5000 company


The fact that you can choose what you are willing to pay for tickets to any given sports game, concert, theatrical performance, or event is brilliant.

There is even a bidding tutorial where you can learn how to bid on certain tickets, which can be a better option for you based on your needs.

Also, the latest technology is used on TickPick, which is a type of algorithm to find you the prices on tickets based on price and location.

Think of the Google search algorithm of tickets.

TickPick is like a “Ticket Search Engine” that ranks the best ticket listings, so you don’t have to.



8. Any good alternative?

One site that guarantees 100% verified tickets is…

Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

> best for most sporting event tickets and some concerts

We ordered tickets and got overall positive reviews from TicketMaster Exchange, which is a legit ticket exchange to try.

> safe and secure ordering process that’s simple

> 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

> tickets delivered within minutes after ordering via e-ticket email delivery

> you can pick the exact seats when buying tickets, which is rare with most resell sites

It’s the official resale marketplace for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA.

You get 100% real tickets because every ticket sold is real and accounted for by TicketMaster, so tickets cannot be counterfeited.

Note: there is a 16% service fee added at the checkout.

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


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tickpick safe reliable tickets better prices no service fees

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Q Is TickPick Legit in 2023?

Yes, from our experience, TickPick is legit and was reliable when we ordered tickets from them back in July of 2023 for a concert in Portland, Oregon.

Now, TickPick.com is a resell market, similar to SeatGeek, StubHub, and VividSeats, but with no service fees, which is great. Many ticket sites will have a hidden service fee that you don't see till the checkout, which can be up to 40% extra.

TickPick has been a trusted site for over 10 years, since it started in 2011. Their headquarters are based in New York City, New York.

7 Reviews for TickPick Reviews – Is TickPick Legit?

soccerstrohl59 1 Reviews
Show was good

Will NEVER buy tickets from Tickpic.. again Never got my tickets and had to buy new ones for the show.

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 0
knghtpnny8 1 Reviews

After attempting to use this site for tickets my account was locked with 10,000 in pending charges. never got ticket and continues fraudulent use of card continues

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 0
Dani 1 Reviews
Overall, it was a good experience

I never used tickpick.com before, but a friend recommended them. Overall, it was a good experience I’d say, besides having to pay more then I wanted to.

Was this review ...? Interesting 3 LOL 3 Love 1
Joshua 1 Reviews
I’ll be back again for my next event.

What I really like about tickpick is their name your price service on some tickets. You don’t always get what you ask at first, but I like their selection of good seats, which there is a lot to choose from. I’ll be back again for my next event.

Was this review ...? Interesting 6 LOL 1 Love 3
riverrat376990 1 Reviews
tickpick was good

I ordered Tyler Childers tickets in oct from tickpick and tickets arrived on time, which was good. The prices for our tickets were a little high I though.

Was this review ...? Interesting 3 LOL 1 Love 1
Cassie 1 Reviews
I bought the tickets today and the tickets were emailed to me within two hours

Very pleased with TickPick,I was skeptical at first so I emailed the company asking questions. I purchased tickets for a hockey game for Sept 28th. I bought the tickets today and the tickets were emailed to me within two hours. Great prices and great customer service.

Was this review ...? Interesting 3 LOL 2 Love 5
Nancy 1 Reviews
Bought tickets and had a good experience

Bought tickets and had a good experience. Despite what it says above the tickets I bought actually did provide seat numbers before hand. It seems like it’s up to the seller whether they want to display seat numbers.

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 1 Love 1