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6 Things You Should Know
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SeatGeek Review Updated 2/5/2021

1. Is SeatGeek legit?, launched in 2009, is a legit ticket platform that has sold millions of tickets for 10+ years, but there are some negative reviews saying it wasn’t the most reliable site.

Overall, SeatGeek’s review rating here is a 2.9 out of 5-star rating with common complaints saying:

     > prices w/ service fees (30-34%) are higher than others

     > ticket delivery was delayed on a few orders with certain events

 SeatGeek says they search dozens of the top ticket sites.

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2. What’s good about SeatGeek?

     > searches dozens of the top sites for the best value on tickets

     > price match guarantee (spot a better deal and they’ll cover the difference)

     > deal score system (analyzes and rates all tickets from sellers)

     > 10 years in business (started 2009)

     > top-rated Inc. 5000 company

Currently, SeatGeek has an A+ rating with the BBB (as of March 2021) with 3.5 out of 5-star rating from 199 reviews.

seatgeek reviews accredited legit rating


SeatGeek uses smart Deal Score technology to show you the best tickets available by rating each ticket from their sellers for sporting events, concerts, and theater shows around the country.

With SeatGeek’s ticket exchange they offer an exclusive platform to sell tickets.

SeatGeek seems to be overall a reliable and secure ticket exchange website with a guarantee.

is seatgeek legit?

SeatGeek offers more than just a place to buy tickets they say, SeatGeek claims they have the largest inventory on the web.



SeatGeek, since its opening in 2009, has received four awards, including a Webby Awards nominee for web services and applications.

Here’s out this Deal Score savings feature on SeatGeek works, and has received positive feedback from buyers and sellers as seen in SeatGeek reviews.

seatgeek reviews deal score is legit reliable

With this Deal Score system, SeatGeek analyses and rates each ticket deal according to the location of seats, prices, and historical data.


seatgeek reviews 2020 legitimate tickets score deal

Many SeatGeek reviews have expressed the usefulness of this system called Deal Score because it helps consumers decide when to buy tickets for an event.

It’s a good idea to check SeatGeek reviews below from customers as well to know if SeatGeek is still a good, legit and reliable ticket source in 2021.





It will still be the customer’s decision as to when to buy the tickets and SeatGeek reviews will be able to help customers make a dependable decision with better info.

We found you can get $10 off SeatGeek with code: SEATGEEK10.

SeatGeek has been around since 2009 and searches dozens of the top ticket sites and presents all the tickets in one place.

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Vivid Seats vs SeatGeek


Note: SeatGeek’s service fee is about 32% on top of the subtotal.

You can select to show “Price with fees,” so you know what you’ll be paying upfront.

seatgeek fees to buy service charges

SeatGeek ticket fees price options to choose from.


We did find though that more than 90% of the SeatGeek reviews gave this company 4-5 stars based on their personal experience with SeatGeek being reliable.

Overall, most SeatGeek reviews are legit with a mix of complaints and postive experiences from customers.


3. How’s the delivery of the tickets?

At this time, it looks like SeatGeek can only offer tickets to those from the:

     > United States

     > Canada

     > Mexico

SeatGeek offers these delivery options:

     > e-tickets tickets are uploaded to your SeatGeek account within 48 hours of the event

     > mobile transfers and flash seats are emailed within 48 hours of your event

     > shipped tickets, which can vary, but usually will arrive within 3 days of the event

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4. What are the service fees?

Another common thing among ticket resale sites that’s not popular is hidden fees or extra services charges at the checkout.

With SeatGeek their services fees for NBA are about 32% of subtotal. fees review ticket charge


One good idea is you can see the service fees when searching for your tickets on, so you don’t have to get to the checkout and get a surprise.

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5. Can I change or cancel my order?

Although this process used by SeatGeek is getting more popular today, not all people are convinced about its effectiveness according to some SeatGeek reviews.

One thing to keep in mind, all sales are final, and no changes can be made after ordering on SeatGeek. reviews cancel refund order policy

This policy is common among most ticket resale sites on the web.

You can, however, get a refund if your event gets canceled and not rescheduled.

seatgeek reviews legit promo code savings_______________________________________________

If you want to check to determine if now is the best time to purchase tickets for an event that you wish to attend, you can visit to check their statistics.

We also, found you can get $10 off SeatGeek with code: SEATGEEK10.


6. Any good alternative sites?


Our top 3 ticket sites we like and use.



    good for concerts, broadway shows, and sports tickets

Why ScoreBig?

     > we tested them and got positive feedback from other ScoreBig reviews.

     > 100% safe checkout process

     > get 10% off ScoreBig w/ coupon (code: welcome10) on your first order

     > extra event ticket protection (get 100% reimbursed and 24/7 assistance) 

     > options to pay w/ debit/credit card, PayPal, and PayPal credit (monthly payments)

scorebig reviews legit event tickets



    good for all events w/ premier membership (no service fees)

Why TicketClub?

     > no service fees w/ $49 premier membership (save up to 30% off fees)

     > member only ticket prices (w/ membership)

     students can get free TicketClub membership (usually $49.99)

     > 100% safe checkout process

     > extra event ticket protection (get 100% reimbursed and 24/7 assistance)

ticketclub reviews legit tickets with no fees


Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

    best for sports tickets

Why Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster?

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

     > safe and secure ordering process that’s simple

     > 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

     > tickets delivered within minutes after ordering via e-ticket email delivery

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


We did compare SeatGeek vs StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and is StubHub legit and reliable?

StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries.

Also, SeatGeek’s service fee is about 32% and StubHub’s service fee is about 26.8%.


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16 Reviews for SeatGeek Reviews

Rip off.

First Seatgeek refused to give me a refund a year ago when my game was canceled. But they offered credit towards another event 110% of what I spent. So I decided to go to another game the next year. They charged me $77 dollars fee per ticket and I found out the people sitting in the row in front of me paid $60 dollars less per ticket. I WILL NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN !

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The worst experience ever.

published review 4/12/21 I really hope reviews like this will stop people from using this website. I’ve never had such a bad experience of purchasing tickets in my life. I bought 2 tickets for a hockey game, got the confirmation email that I was supposed to receive ticket from the third party and that I shouldn’t be worried if I don’t get it right away, because most likely I’ll receive it on the date of the event. Which is already weird and makes no sense, but I went with it and waited till the day of the game. 4 hours before the game Ive got really worried, started reaching out to them, emailed twice, since didn’t get a reply and it’s already another day, not sure why they tell to specify that event is today so they can treat that email as a priority. First time I called I was on hold for 27 minutes, the guy on the phone was apologizing and saying he is going to make a request for my tickets again and I will receive them in an hour, if not he will make sure I’ll receive them before the game starts. At that point I already promised myself never go with anything but Ticketmaster, saving $20-$30 dollars on a ticket is not worth all the stress they put you through. Anyway 20 mins before the game, still no tickets, I’m calling them, on hold for 25 minutes, the game is already on, I’m staying at the venue fighting for the tickets that I paid money for on the phone, the guy tells me “I don’t know what happened”, I’ll get you replacement tickets, asks me to hold on, another 7 minutes of waiting to hear “sorry there are no tickets, we can refund you 120% of what you paid”. Are you joking me? I drove to another state to get to the game, they had no problem with charging me for those tickets, but they can make sure I’ll get them? This is absurd! 120% refund will never make anyone happy, when you ruined the whole day like this. Also that refund won’t cover all the expenses when you are coming from another state. Coming to the game you paid money for and not being able to attend it. I’ve honestly never been in a situation like this, such an ignorance, terrible customer service. Since yesterday I had no time to listen about how they will refund me 120% because I had to figure out the way to get to the game that was already over 10 mins in, I had to call them next day, was on hold for exactly 27 mins third time in a row which means the are not busy, it’s their system to make you wait 27 mins to get to talk to someone. Clearly they couldn’t do anything except to offer 120% refund, which of course will not make anyone happy after they ruined your day like that. Don’t recommend it to anyone! Avoid SeatGeek! The worst.

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loneargos100 1 Reviews
Don’t use SEATGEEK buy from the venue

SEATGEEK sold me seats to a baseball game at 105$ each ticket. They told me my tickets were confirmed. A week before the game they told me my event was cancelled and offered a refund, but when I logged into thier website I saw the event wasn’t cancelled and my tickets that were confirmed had been relisted at 263$ each. When I contacted SEATGEEK about it I was told I could rebuy them at the new price but they would refund my first tickets. My tickets were sold to me, taken back and resold at a higher price. Don’t use seatgeek

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timkurpiewski31 1 Reviews
Fraudulent Sale

I bought tickets to a Sting concert in Las Vegas for Jan 29th online. Immediately after I purchased I got notice that show was cancelled due to Covid. Those tickets should not have been sold if they already knew the show was rescheduled. Now I have to wait until it is rescheduled and travel back to LV to see. They should not be selling tickets to an already cancelled show. Tim

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Don't trust their guarantee, they lie

This company does not honor its written guarantee. Event was canceled last week of June and we received email stating full refund to be processed back to the card on file in 2-3 weeks. It is now Aug 27th and we are being told 30-45 more days for a refund of nearly $2,000. I have sent 5 emails and received the same boiler plate language every time to ‘be patient’. Don’t trust them, they will not honor their written guarantee and they will hold your money!

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expiditor201465 1 Reviews
Four months no refund

My event that was scheduled March 30th, 2020, was cancelled due to COVID 19. The website clearly states that in this case, you would receive a 100% refund. Its July 21, 2020, and no refund. I reached out to them repeatedly and I feel I’ve got nothing but the runaround. Especially in these uncertain times, you would think this company would conduct themselves differently.

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flynnkeilty7 1 Reviews
Money for cancelled event was not refunded

My out of town event was cancelled due to the Corona virus. I wanted a refund for my cancelled event, instead I received a credit that expires in a year. I don’t live in a major sports market and I don’t believe I’ll be going to any events for the foreseeable future. Here is the timeline: 6/12 – I received an email that my event was cancelled. 6/22 – I opened a support case to get a refund instead of a credit. 6/25 – I received an email reply that stated that since I didn’t respond within 7 days that I could not get a refund. 6/25 – I called and spoke with a rep who repeated the 7 day limit on refunds. I asked about the reason for 7 days and she mentioned that’s what the seller wanted. She was going to check with her team and get back to me, the call ended. 6/25 – I called back and spoke with another rep and had a similar conversation. I asked why there was a 7 day limit, she said that a survey was sent to customers and that’s what the customers wanted. She was going to check with her team and call me back. 7/7 – I have not heard anything further.

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I lost $620, no refund for Roger Waters, Lost my job, Covid-19, no income and postponed til?2021?

I requested a refund due to Covid 19, plus I lost my job, and the event, Roger Waters, is not planed for another year or more and had been postoned, you people don’t realize that this is not a normal situation of circumstances and your normal policy is no refunds, all sales are final, you should do the right thing considering these unprecedented times and give refunds to people who request them. I am out $620.60 that I can not afford right now, and to hold on and wait for a concert that is going to maybe happen in a year and a half, when I am trying to pay my mortgage and bills with no income. MARK MY WORDS , I will never use your business again and I will tell everyone forever what you did to me during the Covid 19 outbreak, and I meet a lot of people in my business that I have owned for 30 years. P.S. I am posting this on every review site out there for as long as it takes! Michael O

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Do not buy tickets from SeatGeek

I bought 3 tickets to the CMA country festival in 6/2020. The festival is canceled but SeatGeek says it is postponed. They say it is postponed to June 2021. They are playing word games. This is canceled and this festival will not be repeated. The June 2021 festival was already scheduled. Do not purchase tickets from this site.

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cain600083 1 Reviews

I purchased 2 tickets for my wife and I to see Kenny Chesney on 4/18 in Arlington, Tx. Roughly three weeks ago, Kenny publicly stated he was cancelling all of his events for 2020. I have asked for a refund from Seatgeek, and they have repeatedly stated that his concert is merely postponed. That, for that reason, they don’t need to, or aren’t willing to refund. Its Coronavirus for heavens sake. People are dying in the streets, but Seatgeek wants to hold onto your money instead of doing the right thing, and automatically refunding. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SEATGEEK.COM

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mantalk2793 1 Reviews
Not costumer friendly.

Ticket prices are deceiving. Dissatisfied with the outcome of tickets received. Had to eat the lose and sit wherever in GA. They love their sellers, though.

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Ray 1 Reviews
Tickets are legit, since I’ve used them twice now

SeatGeek is a good site to compare many different ticket companies. Tickets are legit, since I’ve used them twice now, but I wish tickets were cheaper though. Some of these events are way overpriced I think.

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Jacklyn 1 Reviews
Had no issues getting into the venue

My experience with SeatGeek was good. I was able to get a fair price on 4 tickets on by the stage, which I wanted and ordered them just 3 days before the concert. Tickets were legit, as we had no issues getting into the venue.

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kubeckjessica9 1 Reviews
I feel SeatGeek has high ticket fees

I purchased tickets for $140 each to what was advertised as “Goo Goo Dolls in Concert”. After purchasing I received the tickets via email which is then where I discovered that it was a Christmas Concert being held by a radio station. When I looked into the website of the radio station I then found that tickets 3 rows CLOSER than my seats were listed as $33 with fees! I emailed seat geek explaining the situation and how they had falsely advertised the concert and have marked up the tickets outrageously and just received a generic email stating they do not do refunds.

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Kate 1 Reviews came through for us

I got my friends and I tickets to see Billie Elish concert-show, which was sold out from the venue box office. came through for us in providing us with what I could see was the best deal after comparing other sites.

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yglukhovsk28 1 Reviews
The double price for performance.

I ordered two NYC ballet tickets from SeatGeek for $ 431.30, no information about the fee and the real price. I used website “New York City Ballet Tickets / SeatGeek “. Next day I had got two tickets for $ 109 each. I called to NYC ballet office and I found out the tickets was bought by some private person in the ticket office of the NYC ballet. I tried to cancel my order but Seat Geek refused to cancel it and refund me expenses. Don’t use that “broker ” if you don’t want to pay the double price for an event. They introduce yourself as the IT firm. Really it is a banal speculator using the logo NYC ballet.

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