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SeatGeek Reviews 2020

1. Is SeatGeek Legit and are Tickets Reliable?

SeatGeek.com, launched in 2009, has an A+ rating on BBB.org (as of Feb. 2020), and is a legit and reliable ticket platform that has sold millions of tickets over the last 10 years and still going.

is seatgeek legit?

Is SeatGeek Legit? SeatGeek guarantees.

SeatGeek uses smart Score Deal technology to show you the best tickets available for sporting events, concerts, and theater shows around the country.

More websites today offer an exclusive platform where ticket brokers can sell their tickets and customers can buy tickets for various events like concerts, sports games, theatrical plays and even Broadway shows.

SeatGeek is among those reliable websites where transactions between ticket brokers and customers can occur in a secure database.

But SeatGeek offers more than just a place to buy tickets.


Many SeatGeek.com reviews have applauded the new interface this company has introduced to the world of ticket sales on the internet. It makes searching for tickets much easier since other secondary ticket brokers are also listed on the site. This provides a huge opportunity field where customers can look for the best seats and the best deals for legit tickets.

With over 10 years of experience, SeatGeek has proven its efficiency and reliability in getting legit tickets.

ticket reviews 2019 compare legit seatgeek

2. What’s Good about SeatGeek?

SeatGeek offers more to sellers and customers than your average ticket resale website since it not only provides legit and authentic tickets, but it also gives people a forecast regarding the pricing of premium tickets for these events.

seatgeek reviews bbb.org accredited legit rating

SeatGeek review BBB.org rating A+

This means that SeatGeek’s Deal Score can tell when a certain ticket is an amazing, great, good, okay, or moderate-priced deal.

SeatGeek, since its opening in 2009, has received four awards, including a Webby Awards nominee for web services and applications.

This Deal Score savings feature is what has made SeatGeek a favourite among buyers and sellers as seen in SeatGeek reviews.

seatgeek reviews deal score is legit reliable

With this Deal Score system, SeatGeek analyses and rates each ticket deal according to location of seats, prices, and historical data.

seatgeek reviews 2020 legitimate tickets score deal

It’s a good idea to check SeatGeek reviews below from customers as well to know if SeatGeek is a legit and reliable ticket source.

Many SeatGeek reviews have expressed the usefulness of this system called Deal Score because it helps consumers decide when to buy tickets for an event.

Aside from that SeatGeek searches from other secondary ticket brokers to look for the best deals when it comes to the premium tickets which the customers are looking for. Some people think that the statistics are just used as a scheme to increase ticket sales during downtimes, but this is not the purpose.



It will still be the customer’s decision as to when to buy the tickets and SeatGeek reviews will be able to help customers make a dependable decision with better info.

Another great thing found in this review was that SeatGeek offers promo codes (currently $10 off your order) that are worth checking out to save you a little money.


seatgeek promo code 2020 review

Many SeatGeek reviews have expressed the usefulness of this system called Deal Score.

3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.) about SeatGeek?

Although this process used by SeatGeek is getting more popular todaythis process used by SeatGeek is getting more popular today, not all people are convinced about its effectiveness according to some SeatGeek reviews.

One thing to keep in mind, all sales are final on SeatGeek.com, which means no refunds or cancelling your order once it’s placed.

seatgeek.com reviews cancel refund order policy

This policy is common among most ticket resale sites on the web. You can, however, get a refund if your event gets cancelled and not rescheduled.

Another common thing among ticket resale sites that’s not popular is hidden fees or extra services charges at the checkout.

With SeatGeek their services fees for NBA are about 32% of subtotal.

seatgeek.com fees review ticket charge

One good idea is you can see the service fees when searching for your tickets on SeatGeek.com, so you don’t have to get to the checkout and get a surprise.

review seatgeek fees tickets vs otherOne of the downsides of SeatGeek was that some people got too confused with all the statistics that they saw on the screen. Not all people are very patient and what they want to do is to purchase tickets as soon as possible before they run out.

SeatGeek.com is a reliable company, but some of its processes can be too much for those who are not very well versed with the internet. These thoughts were gathered from different SeatGeek reviews to make sure they are a legit ticket company.

As shown below, you can see SeatGeeks delivery methods that you’ll find available when ordering tickets on SeatGeek.

SeetGeek offers e-tickets and mobile tickets, which your tickets will be emailed to you within 48 hours of the event.

The other option by SeatGeek is shipped tickets, which can vary, but usually will arrive within 3 days of the event.

seatgeek reputable ticket delivery shipping

All sales are final, which is a common policy in the ticket industry.

4. Review SeatGeek Summary: Is SeatGeek a Good Ticket Site?

More than 90% of the SeatGeek reviews that we found gave this company five stars based on their personal experience with a reliable company.

As you can see below too SeatGeek has an A+ rating on BBB.org and has been an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 2016.

That says a lot because the website was launched in the year 2009.

Most users are easily able to look for the best deals and prices on the tickets that they are looking for.

If you want to check to determine if now is the best time to purchase tickets for an event that you wish to attend, you can visit SeatGeek.com to check their statistics.

seatgeek reviews bbb.org accredited legit rating

5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

There’s one ticket site below we’ve tested and recommend checking first.

This fan-to-fan ticket exchange is verified by TicketMaster and is…

The only resale site to guarantee 100% verified tickets in your name.

seatgeek vs ticketmaster ticket exchange review site


Share your SeatGeek review below.

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seatgeek reviews 2020 legit seatgeek promo code
Q Is SeatGeek a Legit Ticket Site in 2020?

SeatGeek is a legit and reputable ticket website that's been around since 2009 and has an A+ rating on the BBB.org as of February 2020.

SeatGeek serves as a search engine for some of the top ticket exchanges, quickly sorting through the many websites where sellers post their tickets for sale, organizing the results and delivering them back to you in seconds. Since they only deal with reputable brokers who offer a guarantee of at least 100% of your money back in the event that something goes wrong, you can feel good about buying through the site.

If you do choose to sign up for an account in order to keep up with your favorite team or performer, you’ll find that SeatGeek is a legitimate and reliable ticket resell company on the web today.

They’ll keep an eye out for upcoming concerts, games, and shows in your area based on your preferences and then send you an email alert to let you know when they’re coming to town. This is an invaluable service for when you really want to have the best selection of seats available since you’ll be one of the first to know about upcoming events.

Q Is SeatGeek Reliable?

It’s not uncommon to read about bad experiences some buyers had from ticket sites, which one might then question, “Is SeatGeek a reliable website?”

SeatGeek has been providing a reliable and safe experience since 2009. Now, you may see some complaints out there online when searching "SeatGeek reviews," or "is SeatGeek reliable?" but it's a common theme among many ticket resale sites. With that said, they do an A+ rating and accredited business with the BBB.org.

The website itself is easy-to-use. SeatGeek being the first search engine for major event tickets takes all of the legwork out of looking for hard-to-find premium tickets and even manages to make it fun with their Deal Score system analyzing the tickets to find you the best value. SeatGeek also has 3-D interactive maps of most venues that allow you to see where you’ll be sitting and to know ahead of time if there will be any obstructions to your view of the action.

SeatGeek has a 100% money back guarantee if all tickets will arrive in time before the event, be authentic, and valid for entry at the venue or gate.

Tips for travelers: if you are traveling out-of-state to your event it's highly recommended, if possible (delivery methods can vary by seller, event, and venue), look for e-Tickets, Instant Download, Mobile e-Ticket Delivery, or Will Call. This way, you don't have to wait for tickets to be shipped to you since some orders might not arrive via shipment till 2-3 days before the event.

Q Is SeatGeek Safe to Buy Tickets From?

SeatGeek is a safe website for finding and purchasing premium or lower priced seats.Since it's opening in 2009, SeatGeek has had a good reputation for safety and security.

Not only is SeatGeek not a scam, it’s about as far from one as you can get. This company is actually doing everything in its power to protect consumers from bad deals and to make locating legitimate and safe ticket sites easier to find. That’s why when those who have used this search engine and seen the benefits of letting it find their tickets for them are posed with the question “Is SeatGeek safe?” they can respond with a full money-back guarantee that your tickets will be sent on time and will have no issues getting into your event.

Q Is SeatGeek Trustworthy?

If you’re asking yourself “Is SeatGeek is a trusted site?” it’s probably only because you’re wondering why any company would describe deals on its own site as “Awful.” Since SeatGeek isn’t a ticket broker, its better able to work on your behalf and use an exclusive algorithm to determine which price is an “Amazing” deal based on the location of the seats and the going price for similar tickets. So yes, when it comes right down to it, SeatGeek is a real ticket search engine that is trustworthy.

You might feel better knowing that if SeatGeek receives a lot of negative reports on a specific seller or ticket website, they may very well drop that broker from their listings after awhile.

Q What is SeatGeek's Guarantee?

The SeatGeek guarantee is, in reality, an amalgamation of the money back guarantees that are made by the several dozen ticket brokers that the website reports on. SeatGeek never wants to see one of its users' taken advantage of by an unethical site, so they simply leave out any broker that doesn’t meet the strict buyer protection guidelines that it lays out. This means that if you find tickets through a broker that is on their website, you have a guarantee of no less than 100% of your money being refunded if something beyond your control should go wrong.

7 Reviews for SeatGeek Reviews


1 Reviews

Tickets are legit, since I’ve used them twice now

4/ 5

SeatGeek is a good site to compare many different ticket companies. Tickets are legit, since I’ve used them twice now, but I wish tickets were cheaper though. Some of these events are way overpriced I think.

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1 Reviews

Had no issues getting into the venue

5/ 5

My experience with SeatGeek was good. I was able to get a fair price on 4 tickets on by the stage, which I wanted and ordered them just 3 days before the concert. Tickets were legit, as we had no issues getting into the venue.

Was this review ...?


1 Reviews

Tickets not as described, but still went to the show

1/ 5

I purchased tickets for a Disney on ice show for my 10 year old daughter on seatgeek. On seatgeek it said it was the first row and the tickets were $50 each plus a $20 fee for each ticket so $70 for each ticket altogether. Come to find out it wasn’t first row seats and they were very shitty seats way in the back. I then looked up the actual price of the seats i got and they were selling for $20 with no fee on ticket master. I tried to reach out to seatgeek and they just kept telling me that they don’t do returns. Seatgeek makes there money by overcharging for tickets that they do not own and don’t give refunds no matter what. The customer service was not helpful at all and didn’t even try to help me.

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1 Reviews

SeatGeek gave me a full refund

1/ 5

Worst ever experience. Got my tickets 2 days before an out of state Garth Brooks concert and 4th row turned into skybox..way in the air.. through emails and phone calls it seemed to be a mapping issue.. seat geek gave me a full refund and said oops sorry… So one day before a concert with 6 people we was left to find our 2nd ticket to see a concert we drove 8 hours out of state to see and we sat no where near 4th row.. never again will I trust them ..

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1 Reviews

I feel SeatGeek has high ticket fees

1/ 5

I purchased tickets for $140 each to what was advertised as “Goo Goo Dolls in Concert”. After purchasing I received the tickets via email which is then where I discovered that it was a Christmas Concert being held by a radio station. When I looked into the website of the radio station I then found that tickets 3 rows CLOSER than my seats were listed as $33 with fees! I emailed seat geek explaining the situation and how they had falsely advertised the concert and have marked up the tickets outrageously and just received a generic email stating they do not do refunds.

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1 Reviews

SeatGeek.com came through for us

5/ 5

I got my friends and I tickets to see Billie Elish concert-show, which was sold out from the venue box office. SeatGeek.com came through for us in providing us with what I could see was the best deal after comparing other sites.

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1 Reviews

The double price for performance.

1/ 5

I ordered two NYC ballet tickets from SeatGeek for $ 431.30, no information about the fee and the real price. I used website “New York City Ballet Tickets / SeatGeek “. Next day I had got two tickets for $ 109 each. I called to NYC ballet office and I found out the tickets was bought by some private person in the ticket office of the NYC ballet. I tried to cancel my order but Seat Geek refused to cancel it and refund me expenses. Don’t use that “broker ” if you don’t want to pay the double price for an event. They introduce yourself as the IT firm. Really it is a banal speculator using the logo NYC ballet.

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