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Is TicketMaster Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2022?

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TicketMaster Review

5 Things to Know Before Buying

Review Updated 1/2/2022

1. Is TicketMaster Legit & Safe to Buy From?

From our experience, TicketMaster.com has been a legit and safe online ticket provider for over 30 years with a global presence in 32 countries currently, allowing customers all over the world to enjoy live entertainment since 1982.

As you’ll see below, TicketMaster does have some complaints on BBB.org, but it’s a small percent compared to the 500 million primary tickets that are sold each year via TicketMaster.com.

are ticketmaster resale tickets safe and legit

Other resale sites today allow sellers to market their tickets before they actually even have them on hand.

Every ticket on TicketMaster (and resale) is 100% verified, so there’s no counterfeit.

With TicketMaster and its resale tickets, every ticket is processed and controlled by TicketMaster.


If a TicketMaster customer cannot attend an event anymore it can be resold back on the site, introducing TicketExchangebyTicketMaster.com.

When a new customer buys that ticket it’s usually processed and delivered via your phone, guaranteeing the tickets to always be in your name.

is ticketmaster safe to buy from

TicketMaster sells official tickets, which come straight from the artists, teams, and venues. 

is ticketmaster trustworthy resale tickets review

When you buy tickets from fans and other sellers, you don’t get someone’s old ticket.

You will get your name on the tickets, so they cannot be counterfeited.

As you can see below, every ticket, even resale tickets are all accounted for that you’re 100% guaranteed real tickets.

is ticketmaster legit

TicketMaster.com is all about customer service and ensuring customer satisfaction, which is why they have implemented several initiatives to make sure that customers don’t get stuck with tickets they don’t want or can’t use.

TicketMaster.com has some of the best practices in the business when it comes to having a legit and safe platform with 100% real tickets.

is ticketmaster reliable site and legit to buy tickets from

When looking at other sites like StubHub vs TicketMaster, you’ll see more overall positive TicketMaster reviews in 2022.

Some people might even question StubHub’s ticket practices and ask themselves, is StubHub legit?

Well, yes, if you don’t mind paying up to twice as much with fees at up to 40% through StubHub, or TicketMaster’s fee is up to 23%.

Also, when looking at TickPick reviews and SeatGeek reviews there seem to be more positive reviews too compared to StubHub.

TicketMaster sells 100% official tickets partnering with the artists, teams, and venues.

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2. What’s Good about TicketMaster?

Most ticket websites do not allow you to exchange or upgrade after you’ve ordered.

Ticket exchanges and upgrades are allowed via TicketMaster’s web platform.

TicketMaster.com will also exchange your tickets if you find better ones, but there are a few rules as shown below.

exchanges upgrades cancel ticketmaster order faqIf an event is canceled, TicketMaster issues a full refund, and if an event is rescheduled and you can’t make it, you can also request a refund.

Keep in mind, if you can request a refund from TicketMaster and get approved the refund can take 7-10 business days to get back.

ticketmaster review 2020 how to request refunds

As with all ticket websites online today there is an “All Sales Are Final” policy for TicketMaster purchase (as shown above).

Another plus about TicketMaster is they have different payment options including:

FlexPay gives you the ability to buy now and pay over time.

It’s like virtual credit with no card, but there will an APR (below you’ll see 9.99% APR) for an order placed at $312, which would be $52 minimum payments for 6 months.

ticketmaster reviews 2020 flexpay pay over time

TicketMaster allows exchanges, upgrades and FlexPay (pay later).

TicketMaster also offers ticket insurance to protect your purchase from anything that happens where you cannot attend your event.



3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.)?

One negative aspect of Ticketmaster reviews we found was is you will pay a service fee at the checkout, which can be up 23% added to the subtotal.

All ticket companies will have service fees or service charges, and if a site does not show any extra fees, just know that the fees are hidden in the ticket price.

ticketmaster service fees verified resale tickets

TicketMaster charges a service fee up to 23% while some other top ticket sites will be up to 40% extra fees added on.

You can see to above, that most orders are not refundable on TicketMaster.com, which is how all ticket sites work these days.

Other customer’s complaints were about paying more than face value than the price on the ticket stub.

TicketMaster has an A+ rating on BBB.org, but as you can see there are some negative reviews though with TicketMaster on the Better Business Burea website.

ticketmaster reviews bbb rating

TicketMaster.com has a fan help page and support team you can contact anytime.


4. TicketMaster Review Summary

Overall, TicketMaster has been a good, trustworthy and reliable online ticket platform since 1982 and has a global presence in 32 countries.

TicketMaster idea was originally founded in 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona and it originally licensed computer programs and sold software systems.

Then in 1982, it became a computerized ticketing website as we know it today, TicketMaster.com.

They maintain exclusive ticket-sales contracts with major venues, which means TicketMaster.com is the place to check for to buy tickets to pretty much any sports game or event, concert, live show, theatre performance, musical, play, or family event that you can think of.

is ticketmaster safe marketplace

They are always aiming to provide customers with the best possible experience through their services.

One last mention is TicketMaster has ticket deals, including savings up to 50% off (see below).

ticketmaster discount ticket deals


5. Any good alternative site?

Our top ticket site today we like vs TicketMaster is…


> good for sports, concerts, and broadway shows

Why TickPick?

We have tested TickPick.com and got positive feedback overall from other TickPick reviews in 2022.

> no hidden fees and easy ordering process compared to other sites

> best price guarantee and up-front pricing (no service fees)

> grades every ticket from sellers based on price and seat quality

> options to pay w/ PayPal or zip (4 interest-free payments)

> ticket search w/360-degree seat view

vivid seats vs tickpick review no hidden fees


Share your TicketMaster review below.

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Q Is TicketMaster Reliable?

TicketMaster is a reliable ticket source where you can enjoy access to all of the most anticipated events. Since they’ve been in business for more than 30 years now, the company has had a chance to develop strong relationships with the largest venues and the most popular performers. The result of these ties is a website where you can count on finding seats to shows, concerts and games that aren’t available on any other site. It’s also often the only place where you can reliably expect to pay face value for your seats.

Q Is TicketMaster a Legitimate and Reputable Site?

TicketMaster is a legitimate company that holds the exclusive rights to sell the tickets for many of the biggest concert tours, Broadway shows and major sporting events that happen across the world. The company is known and respected among promoters and venues for providing a well-maintained and secure marketplace where they can sell their tickets to fans. The fans, meanwhile, feel better about purchasing their tickets from a site where they can choose which seats they’ll be sitting in and know with absolute certainty that their tickets are valid. If you’re worried about legitimacy, this is one site where you can definitely relax.

Four decades in the industry means that TicketMaster is a reputable website among fans, concert promoters and booking agents. They’ve mastered all of the ins-and-outs of selling tickets and are able to provide their customers with a seamless experience at every turn, from the moment that they enter the site to search for tickets to their payment and delivery methods. Buyers have been using TicketMaster since the days when it was necessary to stand in line for seats and the fact that they’ve stuck with this company for so long should speak volumes about their reputation.

Q Is TicketMaster Safe to Buy Tickets From?

For anyone who is concerned about whether or not TicketMaster is a safe website, they need look no further than all of the ways that the company protects its buyers, from their Fan Guarantee to the advanced level of technology that they use in order to protect their privacy. When you shop the TicketMaster site, rest assured that any information that you give them will be totally sheltered. Furthermore, there’s no chance that you’ll get to the venue and find out that you were sold fake tickets, since TicketMaster is more often than not the only company that’s authorized to sell them.

Q Is TicketMaster Trustworthy?

Those who buy tickets on a frequent basis have come to recognize that TicketMaster is a trusted site, where they can shop confidently and know that they will receive precisely what they paid for. Whether you’re buying your tickets in the U.S., the U.K., or one of the many other TicketMaster global outlets, you’ll receive the same high standards of service and security. Your tickets will arrive promptly and they’ll be completely valid. In addition, your privacy will always be respected, meaning that TicketMaster will never make your email address or any other personal information available to another vendor.

Q What is TicketMaster's Service Fees and Charges?

The TicketMaster service charge fees can fluctuate from show to show, based on the agreement that the company has with the venue or promoter, so it’s tough to say what they will be outright. There’s generally a service fee per ticket and a processing fee per order that may not be refundable if you decide to cancel. Depending on your preferred method of delivery, there will generally be a small fee attached for that as well. If you’re shopping through TicketExchange by TicketMaster, any fees will normally already be factored into the price of your ticket.

Q What is TicketMaster's Guarantee?

The TicketMaster Guarantee ensures that you’ll receive the right ticket before the date of the event and that it will be 100% authentic and valid for entry to the venue. It also states that if you purchase tickets through the TicketMaster resale site, the tickets will be verified and re-printed just for you. If you’ve opted for the mailed delivery option and they haven’t arrived at least 2 days prior to the event, you can contact TicketMaster and they’ll arrange for you to be able to pick up your tickets at the will-call window for no additional charge.

14 Reviews for TicketMaster Reviews – Is TicketMaster Legit?

garbage website, garbage company

all fraud, no help in anyway. called the company explained the seats i was trying to purchase.. every single one was all fraud. luckily i didnt get charged for them. will never use this site again

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smsowinski73 1 Reviews

Be careful when you think you are purchasing tickets through Ticketmaster. They use a third party called tickets.com and that third party will not refund your tickets if the event is cancelled or rescheduled due to a Covid outbreak by the performer. This just happened to me and I am out $415 for tickets I cannot get a refund for. No fault of mine – members of the orchestra contracted Covid.

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ed.oneal28 1 Reviews
Don’t plan to have any customer service after you purchase. I will not be using them ever in the future.

Tried for three months to resolve a ticketing issue. Finally got someone to answer my email after multiple try’s. The person said they would have a manager contact me. It never happened. After my > $2k purchase, that will be the last dollar I spend with Ticketmaster. I’d rather try to buy tickets some other way or frankly miss the events. They are the worst customer service experience I have ever had.

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DO NOT trust or use Allianz Global Insurance or Ticketmaster. I’ve used this company several times before and have had bad experiences at least half of the time. The most recent being the last straw. I purchased tickets to see a band in Texas along with the “protected” insurance. The concert was rescheduled so due to that and other circumstances I wouldn’t be able to go so I contacted both Allianz and Ticketmaster. I had to send them my information 5+ times and every time they said it wasnt enough info ( it definitely was more than sufficient). After I voiced some annoyance at this issue, I was promptly blocked. I even tried emailing them from my husband’s account. This has all been way too stressful and unnecessary. I will NEVER use them again. If you value your hard earned money and don’t appreciate being lied to or run arounds then I suggest you take your business elsewhere.

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jharris017 1 Reviews
Fraudulent Business Practices

I purchased $400 worth of tickets on 06/05/21 for an event scheduled 04/16/22. It was not until after Ticketmaster collected the money for my MOBILE tickets, which do not require printing, mailing, etc., that I got a notice that my mobile tickets would not be available in my account for more than 10 months – just a few days prior to the actual event. This is clearly intended so that any resales basically have to go through their own reselling site, so that they get to collect yet more fees for tickets. I purchased tickets, and do not have them. I was not provided warning that I would not actually be given tickets for 10 months, and that if I wanted to resell them it would have to be through their own site, prior to purchase. I would not have purchased them, had I known. This is a mobile ticket, after all…there is no other reason they should not be made immediately available. Ticketmaster has a very, very, very long history of continual immoral, unscrupulous, and illegal business practices, screwing both the performer and the customer at every turn, which is why both performers and customers hate having to deal with them. And this is yet another in that long line of Ticketmaster frauds and scams.

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hellcat6882 1 Reviews
Online ticket purchase

I went on line with ticketmaster to by tickets to go see The Black Crows in Nashville, filled out info, paid for them with my credit card and then……It said they are mobile tickets only … and instructed me to download Google Pay on my “Smart phone” then Google Pay wanted a fingerprint or Facial Recondition…What??? NO??? All this for two tickets…No way!!! Plus you can only do one ticket per smartphone and My husband has a flip phone so he couldn’t do anything to get his ticket even if he wanted to. Then…I read were all tickets are mobile tickets but it also stated that you can not bring you phone into the concert with you??? OK, So how is that gonna work.?!? After several Months of emails and phone calls trying to just undo the order., get a refund or credit… concert has came and went…We did not go…Still no reply from TICKETMASTER.

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ssthubert7385 1 Reviews
My first time using Ticketmaster and it was a horrible experience

About 4 days before the event I was to attend I tested positive for COVID-19. So even though I wasn’t showing any symptoms I decided to not attend. I tried selling my tickets to no avail and when I asked for a refund I was told that the event is going on as scheduled and I was unable to get a refund even though this event was over 3 weeks ago. I couldn’t one person to help me or get anyone on the phone. So like I said horrible experience. Because I work real hard for my money and to just lose it really sucks

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jhjrlane21 1 Reviews

If you are sure about your show and it is a go, this is the place. Otherwise, if there is a cancellation or if you want to change dates, forget about it! Ticketmaster doesn’t have any customer service at all. You just send emails to get denied or they hold onto your money for 6 months!

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johnjarman159 1 Reviews
Tunular Bells in concert

Ticketmaster is a company I will try my damnedest never to touch again. Nope, not ever., useless crooked fucks. The email address they give ‘bouces’ as invalid ‘Click here for help” – open an email with an https web address (https://ticketmaqster.co.uk/help) as the email address. Well, what do you know? That’s not a valid format for an email address Want to speak to a real human being? Nope, no telephone numbers given

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adrianharding78 1 Reviews
SCAM covid rescheduled tickets

RIPOFF< i originally purchased tickets to a concert at Sandstone point Hotel called (92.7 mix Fm) with various artists,because of Covid the concert was resheduled and i was sent ticket for the resheduled date for may 22 2021. The day before the concert i was checking the venue times and called the venue,They informed me that the concert was not on and had been brought forward to dec 14th 2020 and has already played,It was renamed (sunset soumds) and the artists had changed ,As i still had my ticket i asked for a refund and was refused,How many people do they ripoff doing this,they could have called it the same name!! i should have just got a refund straight away and rebought ticket instead of keeping my postponed ones..How many people have they ripped of doing this!!!

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mrc_howard92 1 Reviews
Impossible to get in touch to complain

I’ve been trying for days to find a way of getting a refund for tickets for the jersey boys. This concert has been rescheduled twice now to a point where I cannot attend. How do I get a refund or even a response from ticket master.

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blakebarber9554 1 Reviews
Berry berry poor!

I bought tickets off Ticketmaster to go to a event, well I guess someone owned them and was just selling them on ticketmaster and well the event got canceled and now I asked for a refund. But since they didn’t come straight from ticketmaster (even though I bought them off there site) I don’t get the money the original guy that bought them does! Now I asked for that guys email and all that stuff and they don’t know I guess no help what so ever I always used Ticketmaster and talked good about them well for now on I’ll go to vivi seats or stub hub I guess money wasted!

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Traci 1 Reviews
With TicketMaster you know you’re getting legit tickets

What I like about TicketMaster is you know you’re getting legit tickets that will work. I’ve read several bad reviews on competitor ticket resale sites that for some reason have issues with tickets not being valid. I’m not taking that risk anymore with other ticket sites.

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Mary 1 Reviews
Getting tickets at face value

I always prefer to buy from TicketMaster.com if there’s good seats still available, since your getting tickets at face value. Although you will pay an extra service charge, I feel it’s similar to others. Actually, comparing tickets on TicketMaster vs StubHub I can see StubHub has much higher fees.

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