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Is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Safe and Legit or a Scam in 2022?

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TicketMaster Exchange Review

5 Things to Know Before Buying

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1. Is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Legit?

TicketExchangeByTicketMaster.com is a legit and reliable ticket source that’s TicketMaster’s official fan-to-fan marketplaces.

Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster is a safe online ticket marketplace with the largest inventory of tickets online.

ticketexchangebyticketmaster is legit safe

They list nearly six times as many tickets as eBay and is the website of choice for companies in North America that sell tickets online to list their tickets.

Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster, also called, TicketMaster Exchange, has a good selection of tickets compared to other sites for sports games and events, concerts, and theatre performances.

Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster reviews show they are a trusted brand for premium event seating and tickets, due to their commitment to providing the utmost security and exceptional customer service.

All tickets are guaranteed 100% authentic and verified by TicketMaster.


2. What’s Good about TicketExchangeByTicketMaster?

The best thing about Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster reviews is that they stand behind the tickets that they offer their customers and they provide the highest level of customer service possible.

Once an order is confirmed, Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster guarantees that you will receive the tickets that you selected.

If an order confirmation is sent and for some reason, the tickets selected become unavailable, Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster will substitute a comparable or better ticket for the same price.

If they are unable to do this, they will issue a full refund. TicketExchangeByTicketMaster.com is committed to providing customers with the best buying experience imaginable.

ticketmaster reviews ticket exchange resale buy sell

Their sales staff is not paid on commission, but rather their business is built on their mission to ensure that customers are satisfied with their purchases. Ticket Exchange TicketMaster values and appreciates its customers.

3. Any Cons (service fees, shipping, etc.)?

The only negative aspect of Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster reviews is that the prices paid by customers be can be higher than the face value price.

Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster provides customers with the service of locating premium tickets through resellers, which is why the tickets are listed at market value. The market value price for a ticket is unstable and unpredictable and is usually determined by a variety of factors.


The price varies depending on seat location, supply, and demand, or date and place of the event.

For access to a huge selection of premium tickets that are hard to find elsewhere, paying the extra money is well worth it.

4. Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Review Summary

Overall, Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster reviews is a great online ticket marketplace that has good tickets to virtually every major sporting event, concert and Broadway show.

If you can’t find the tickets you want, you can only call TicketMaster Ticket Exchange, and they will be happy to assist you in locating great seats to an event.

TicketExchangeByTicketMaster.com is serious about providing customers with a great selling and buying experience.

ticketexchangebyticketmaster review customer service

Every aspect of a transaction is handled with care.

Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster has 100% safe and secure buying experience and the tickets you buy are always printed in your name.

Our Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster review shows that all transactions that take place on their website are conducted through a secure browser protected by SSL software, which is the industry standard and the best software available for secure online commerce.

ticket exchange by ticketmaster reviews 2020


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Q Is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Legit?

Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster is a legit ticket resale fan-to-fan marketplace where you can purchase tickets to all your favorite performing artists, sports events or theater shows in your area, or you if you can’t make the show and don’t want to eat the ticket price, then you will be able to sell your ticket here as well. You can also sign up for the newsletter which will keep you informed on all the new artists and shows added.

It seems that when a site is created that more time and energy is put into the creation of the site to make it look pretty and attractive than actually put into running the actual business or providing exceptional service. To be successful business online, having an attractive website is great but you must also focus on providing quality service to your customers which in turn builds a solid reputation and will create repeat customers and referrals to your service. With this in mind, when you use the services Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster provides you will without a doubt answer yes to the question; is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster a Reputable Site?

Q Is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Reliable?

There’s so much risk when it comes to making online purchases, which makes it hard to know if you can trust a site that you are unfamiliar with, especially when major purchases are involved. That’s why when purchasing tickets to your favourite events online you most likely will come across a site called Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster and you will probably be wondering; is TicketExchangeByTicketMaster.com a reliable and safe site?

Here’s the answer to which you seek, if you consider a site that has been around for 15 years, is secured and verified by Norton security and provides a secure connection and provides quality service and is backed by a guarantee to fulfil your purchase or your money back trustworthy? Then the answer is most definitely yes, Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster is a reliable site you can trust.

Q Is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Safe to Buy Tickets From?

When surfing the web you have to be careful of sites that are not secure and could potentially harm your computer. There are many sites out there that claim to be a safe source for purchasing event tickets but not all are operating with a secure server.

One way to tell is; when you click at the top left of your browser, you should see that it is verified and will usually show you a lock icon and say that site is verified. So when you visit Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster you will see that it says exactly that of the browser and you will also see that the page is approved by the BBB as well as protected by Nortan and Truste certified when you look at the bottom of the page.

Q Is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster a Scam?

One of the biggest fears whether making a purchase online or offline is; becoming a victim of a scam. So what is a scam exactly? A scam is the promise of a service where a purchase is made but no service is provided and it has ruined many bank accounts and people’s lives. To protect yourself from this, you need to learn how to spot a scam and arm yourself against these faulty transactions.

Many services can be provided online and ordering tickets to local events through ticket resale sites such as Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster is one of those services, but of course you will be asking that cautious question; Is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster a Scam?

The answer is no! Tickets now delivers on their services and has been around for over 15 years and is BBB certified so that eliminates the chances of it being a scam.

Q What is Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Guarantee?

One thing that all successful businesses have in common is; they are usually backed by a guarantee that they will deliver great service. If that service is not met they will compensate by providing another service of equal value or offer the promised service for free. Making sure that the customer always leaves satisfied and will return again.

The Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster guarantee is no different, when a customer visits and sees that tickets are available only to find that for some reason they are not, then Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster will upgrade that user’s tickets to equal or greater value at no cost. If they cannot find those tickets the user’s credit card will not be charged and the order will be canceled.

Also, when dealing with TicketsNow customer service you are given not one contact number but three as well as four email addresses. Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster also has a solid customer guarantee which promises great service or you will be fully compensated if you are not pleased with their services.

11 Reviews for Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Reviews

tyarza95 1 Reviews
DO NOT USE THIS PORTAL! SCAM! SOLD MY TIX FOR 2k Each for F1 and they have no customer support!

DO NOT USE THIS company! SCAM! SOLD MY TIX FOR 2k Each for F1 and they have no customer support!

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sara70 1 Reviews

What a horrible experience. I oredered tickets through Ticketmaster resale as i trusted the Ticketmaster brand. But when i didn’t receive my tickets in the mail, i tried to reach out to customer service 8 days before the event. But the customer support line for “ticketmaster resale” had a voicemail stating “phone support is not available at this time. please email customer service at….” but then when i emailed, i could not get a response either! I called the regular ticketmaster support line and they told me they are a different company than “ticketmaster resale” and could not help me. Really??? then why do you lend your brand and logo to a company who will rip people off??!! I NEVER got my tickets so had to go onto Vivid Seats to buy new tickets and got my tickets sent to me FEDEX overnight (go Vivid Seais! Five starts from me). THEN, i got a confirmationv via email for WILL CALL from yet a third party company than “ticketmaster resale” for my original tickets but the email came on the day of the concert FIVE hours after the concert started. Shake my head. So, basically, i never got my tickkets but they charged my credit card and say they had my tickets at Will Call, albiet 5 hours after the concert started. Shake my head. DO NOT BUY TICKETS THROUGH TICKETMASTER RESALE. YOU WILL GET RIPPED OFF!!!!!

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wahi.neetika100 1 Reviews
They are a scam! Don’t sell your tickets on this platform!

Ticket master exchange is a scam – I sold tickets worth 250 USD in the platform and never for my money. I literally wrote to them every single day begging them to give me more information on my check but I got no responses with any definitive information. They don’t have a customer service number to call. At this point I have given up on ever seeing that money again.

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Martin 1 Reviews
Went into our show and had great time!

I went through a lot of Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster reviews to make sure they were legit, since I had not purchased form them before. Had never bought tickets from the resale market before. After ordering though I immediately received a confirmation saying tickets would arrive in 4 days. They arrived in 3 days, which was a surprise. Went into our show a week later, and had great time!

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Amelia S. 1 Reviews
First time using TicketExchange By TicketMaster! Had no issues!

I wasn’t sure about using this site Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster being in the resale market, but everything seemed to work out just fine. Ticket arrived about a week after ordering. Went into the venue and enjoyed the concert!

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Esther 1 Reviews
Good selection of tickets!

I was surprised to see the selection of tickets still available just 3 days before the event. It sold out from Ticketmaster within I think the first day. Glad TicketExchangeByTicketMaster had some good ones left.

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livecat6999 1 Reviews
Customer Service was AWESOME!

First, let’s be clear, I DID NOT PURCHASE through this site. I was the victim of identity theft through my lost credit card… CreditOne Bank was the Credit Card company, and they allowed a charge of over $1K to be charged to my card with Wrong info listed, fake email addy, wrong phone number, etc. After 7 1/2 months of fighting with CreditOne, I finally found the customer service line for Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster, and AMAZINGLY, they picked up, transferred me immediately to their Fraud division, who promptly apologized that this had happened and processed the credit…. The amount of Stress and Anxiety that I have been dealing with because of CreditOne’s LACK of customer service is HUGE!! First, they claimed that this charge was NOT FRAUD because they received a receipt from Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster with my name on it… Case Closed. My Recourse? They said to “appeal” the decision, I would need to go to the Police file a report, then they reopen their “investigation”. ? After numerous follow ups with their Fraud Division (WHO DO NOT PICK UP PHONES!!) and multiple “Managers”, I was told several times that a reversal in decision had come, and a credit would appear within 7-10 business days…. This story is SOOOOO long, I’m going to stop here. Let me end by saying once again, THANK YOU and KUDOS to Ticket Exchange By TicketMaster Customer Service and Fraud Teams for IMMEDIATELY righting a wrong that My Credit Card company wasn’t willing to.

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Aniyah 1 Reviews
We found 2 tickets in the 100 level that were reasonable

We ordered tickets for an NHL game in our home town. Had been to many games, but never purchased from TicketExchangeByTicketMaster.com before. This game we attended was sold out from the venue, and a friend referred this ticket exchange that’s owend by ticketmaster. We found 2 tickets in the 100 level that were reasonable.

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Crystal 1 Reviews
The tickets were expensive with the service fee

The tickets were expensive with the service fee. I didn’t realize it would be so much. My wife wanted floor seats, so we got them, but paid a pretty penny. I do, however, like the ticketexchangebyticketmaster.com. This resale site seems to be more secure and reliable then others I’ve used since they can verify tickets which originally come from TicketMaster, who I believe is the primary source working with venues.

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George 1 Reviews
Good experience overall, but prices for the concert I wanted was steep.

I ordered tickets to a concert in Portland 4 days before the show, and I was able to just print them out and worked good to get in. Good experience overall, but prices for the concert I wanted was steep.

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Brian 1 Reviews
Researched it and resolved it within a short amount of time

Ryan in customer service did an outstanding job of resolving an unexpected experience when I was ordering my tickets on-line. I called in frustrated, he listened, took my information, researched it and resolved it within a short amount of time rather than days! Great job! My teenagers and I appreciate it!

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