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Is TicketClub Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2022?

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TicketClub Review

5 Things to Know Before Buying

Review Updated 1/2/2022

1. Is Ticket Club Legit?

From our experience, TicketClub.com is a legit and safe site providing access to a huge selection of 100% authentic tickets for concerts, sports games and events, and theatre performances.

There are some mixed TicketClub reviews though that we have seen online, so just be aware (see our top alternative ticket sites below).

All tickets on TicketClub.com are being sold by reputable, established ticket sellers on the secondary market.

     > get no service fees (10-20% cheaper) w/ TicketClub’s membership


The sellers get these tickets from various sources, such as venues, event promoters, performers, and teams, and provide them to customers through TicketClub.

TicktClub.com offers premier memberships for $49.99 for the first year, and then $9.99 every year after.

For this low price, TicketcClub members get access to discounted tickets saving 10-20% on each purchase by eliminating service fees, which is good for customers who purchase tickets on a consistent basis.




2. What’s Good about Ticket Club?

One great thing we had to mention in this review is that TicketClub is offering 1-year free premier membership (49 value) to students.


In order to qualify for the free student membership, you must sign up for a StudentBeans.com account and get a code from them to use on TicketClub.com.


ticketclub review 2020 student discount premier membership

Another thing about TicketClub.com review is that if something ever goes wrong with an order of yours, they will make every effort to rectify the situation and ensure that you are left satisfied.

TicketClub.com offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the tickets purchased are not delivered if the order is accepted but tickets are shipped too late for them to arrive on time for the event or if you’re denied entry to the event because of your tickets.

TicketClub.com even offers a full refund to customers if the event is canceled without being rescheduled. If the event is rescheduled, your tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date.


3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.)?

The negative aspect of TicketClub.com review is that all orders are final.

This means that there are no refunds, cancellations, or exchanges, so customers need to be very sure that they want the tickets they are purchasing and will be able to attend the event.

The sellers who list the tickets on TicketClub.com are not able to cancel orders for refunds, due to the fact that tickets are a time-sensitive item and they can’t be returned and resold like other merchandise.

However, if a seller or TicketClub.com is responsible for something going wrong with the delivery or validity of a ticket, then a full refund will be issued.

You can cancel your Ticket Club membership at any time, and it’s good for 1 year.


Also, another thing about this TicketClub review, some tickets (see bel0w for example) are only good by your mobile phone.

For more help, you can check TicketClub’s top FAQ’s.

ticketclub reviews 2020 is legit mobile delivery tickets


4. TicketClub Review Summary

Overall, TicketClub.com is a safe ticket resale site that adheres to the industry standard in security technology and offers a safe and secure website for customers to make their purchases.

ticketclub reviews legit tickets with no fees

They offer a huge selection of premier tickets with no service fees, and they go above and beyond to ensure that customers are able to purchase the tickets they want.

TicketClub.com makes every effort to properly issue tickets and they guarantee their timely arrival.

TicketClub.com backs all sales with a 100% money-back guarantee so that customers are always protected.

ticketclub reviews 2020


5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

Compare all our top 3 ticket sites below for the best deal.

1. TickPick

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway shows

Why TickPick?

We have tested TickPick.com and TickPick is legit that has positive feedback overall from other TickPick reviews.

> no hidden fees and easy ordering process compared to other sites

> best price guarantee and up-front pricing (no service fees)

> grades every ticket from sellers based on price and seat quality

> options to pay w/ PayPal or zip (4 interest-free payments)

> ticket search w/360-degree seat view

stubhub vs tickpick reviews savings


2. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

> best for sports tickets

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

We have tested Ticket Masters Resale and got overall positive feedback from most Ticket Master reviews.

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

> safe and secure ordering process

> 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

> tickets delivered within minutes w/ e-ticket email deliveries

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


3. Vivid Seats

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway tickets

Why VividSeats? We have tested VividSeats.com and was good for us, although there are mixed VividSeats reviews., but recently rebranded with better support.

> 100% guarantee with safe ordering

> largest independent secondary ticket marketplace to live events

> the official ticket provider of ESPN

> good prices compared to most ticket sites

> voted best in-house customer support team

> extra event protection add-on at checkout (100% reimbursed if an accident)

viagogo vs vivid seats ticket review sites legit


We did compare TicketClub vs StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and are StubHub reviews legit and reliable?

StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50
countries, while TicketClub has events in just the United States.

Also, with TicketClub’s memberships there is no service fee, while StubHub’s service fee is about 30%.


Share your Ticket Club review below.

Your feedback matters.

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2 Reviews for TicketClub Reviews

jonik27155 1 Reviews
Horrible experience March 2022

Ticket Club does not seem legit. Listed my email as part of checkout, attempted to purchase three times, kept giving me ridiculous error messages about my credit card number being incorrect, then I was locked out by max number of attempts. They provided a telephone number to call and an order number for reference. 1) they were closed and it’s 9:30am on a week day, no live chat feature online, 2) the automated message said call back during normal business hours, but they did not say what their hours were (not listed online either), 3) the order reference number they provided is invalid when entered as an order reference number using their automated system, tried again using just my telephone number, didn’t work that way either. If they are going to issue an order reference number that won’t work as an order number when calling customer service, call it an error code and have an option for that when asking us to call instead. 4) they sent me an email confirming my account. If my email address is provided by me only once I get to the checkout page where I opt into premier account upgrade and list promo codes along with my credit card info, how and WHY would you confirm my email address if you are rejecting my transaction for any other reason? Sending me an email confirming an account profile while rejecting my transaction translates into suspicious activity to any customer, let alone a potentially new customer. Sent them an email to remove my account info, putting my credit card company on alert, and blocking them. Went to vivid seats instead and had tickets purchased and confirmed within 5 minutes after that. Same credit card used and I happily paid the $75 difference in tickets (for venue and web company service fees) so I can go on with my day. Give yourself peace of mind and do the same. Ticket Club fails in service. I’m not interested.

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kensmitl92y574 1 Reviews
Ticketclub worked good and used tickets on my phone to get in

I liked that for the delivery method we could download our tickets on my phone. At the venue, they scanned the tickets on my phone, just like a real ticket stub, which was nice not having to print them out or pick them up from the box office. Great experience with my family!

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