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VividSeats Reviews 2020

1. What is VividSeats and is VividSeats Legit?

VividSeats.com started in 2001 and has been in business for over 18 years, and still going.

This ticket giant VividSeats, claims to the leading independent ticket marketplace in North America selling thousands of tickets each year to major sporting events, concerts, and theater shows.

Vivid Seats seems to be a legit ticket website with 100% guarantee, although you will find some complaints usually about prices, or not being able to cancel after ordering. 

vivid seats legit buyer guaranteed reliable tickets

VividSets.com has access to the best tools in the industry to help customers learn about events, find tickets, and plan and organize their entire live event experiences. VividSeats is continuously investing in its site’s efficiency to allow customers to go from start to finish in a faster and easier manner than any other online ticket provider’s website.

VividSeats prides themselves on providing customers with a combination of discount prices and exceptional service.

It’s a good idea to check VividSeats reviews from customers below to know if VividSeats.com is a legit and reliable ticket source.

They pride themselves on providing customers with a combination of discount prices and exceptional service.


2. What’s Good about VividSeats?

VividSeats is an online ticket resale provider, giving customers access to otherwise sold-out shows a good selection of premium tickets to sports games and events, concerts and theatre performances around the country.

The best thing about VividSeats reviews is that they understand the importance of being trustworthy and reliable.

VividSeats is designed to be a safe and secure online platform for purchasing tickets to live events.

They back all orders with a 100% guarantee that aims to give customers peace of mind about the purchases that they’re making. They ensure that customers will receive full-service customer care. VividSeats also ensures that all transactions will be safe and secure.

is vivid seats legit site ticket savings review

They do not share customers’ credit card information with brokers or ticket sellers. Instead, Vividseat.com procures tickets for customers and makes the payments to the sellers. VividSeats reviews guarantee that tickets will be delivered before an event and that they will be valid, authentic and exactly what you ordered.

Customers are also assured to receive a full refund in cases where events are cancelled with no rescheduled date. If the new date is not desirable to a customer, VividSeats will help them sell unwanted tickets.

VividSeats is also, partnered with several big-name brands today in the sports world, as well as the music and entertainment industry.

As you can see below, VividSeats has joined with ESPN and Rolling Stone, just to name a couple.

vivid seats reviews 2020 reliable trusted partners espn

They guarantee that tickets will be delivered on time and that they will be valid, authentic and exactly what you ordered.


3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.) about VividSeats?

One thing noticed recently (Feb. 2020), is VividSeats on BBB.org A+ rating has been updated and dropped as you can below from complaints they were receiving.

vividseats reviews bbb.org rating complaints

Another negative aspect of VividSeats reviews is that they are unable to guarantee exact seat locations.

Most of the tickets for sale are sent directly by sellers and are never in possession of the team at VividSeats. For instance, if a customer purchases two tickets from a set of eight, VividSeats cannot guarantee which two tickets out of the eight the seller will send to the customer.

Sellers choose not to disclose actual seat numbers because they’re linked to the seller’s identity. VividSeats reviews reveal that they guarantee that tickets purchased will be for side-by-side seats unless otherwise specified.

Before purchasing they are unable to guarantee exact seat locations, but they do guarantee that tickets will be together unless otherwise specified.

4. Review Summary: Is Vivid Seats Reliable, Safe, and Good Ticket Source?

Overall, VividSeats reviews is a well-known online ticket provider. They have good customer service and customer care. Their service includes the screening process that is applied to all the sellers on their website, which ensures that not just anyone can sell a ticket on VividSeats.com.

is vivid seats real reviews vividseats prices

All orders are backed by a 100% guarantee, which is in place to protect customers and ensure that they have a pleasant and worry-free experience when purchasing tickets from VividSeats.

When you buy tickets through VividSeats, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service from the most dedicated professionals and that your tickets will be very reasonably priced.

Make sure you’re getting the best value on your tickets today by checking VividSeats.com today.

5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Site?

There’s one ticket site below we’ve tested and recommend as the go-to.

This fan-to-fan ticket exchange is verified by TicketMaster and is:

The only resale site to guarantee 100% verified tickets in your name.

viagogo or ticketmaster exchange which is better


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15 Reviews for VividSeats Reviews


1 Reviews

RIP off

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3.25/ 5

Paid $3,221 for 3 tickets worth $750 Scam.

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1 Reviews

Tickets not delivered

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1.5/ 5

Bought tickets from Vivid, the confirmed my purchase and said I would get an email from ticketmaster to accept the transfer. No email arrived. Called Vivid 30 minutes before the show, they spent 45 minutes trying to get me an email, nothing. Theatre closed the doors and I never received tickets. I asked for a refund, they said they would investigate. Next day they called to say they have proof tickets were delivered and they will not refund. We paid $311.92 for tickets we didn’t receive. I’ve file BBB complaint and disputed charge with my credit card company. Buyer Beware!!!

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1 Reviews

Horrible experience!!

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0.5/ 5

Tickets did NOT work. Husband drove to the event in a snowstorm only to be told at 3 different gates that the tickets were invalid and the venue doesn’t support vivid seats! Customer service was horrible!! They said they needed to “investigate” for 5-7 days. I am livid as this was a Christmas present and I’m out $276 while they “investigate!

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1 Reviews

watch the fees

2/ 5

Purchased two tickets last week to a football game, and found the next day what the fees are. Shame on me for not looking while shopping, but VividSeats does not clearly provide disclosures during the buying process that tell you exactly what you are paying. I understood the ticket price, but not the full cost. I am sure it was buried in the disclosures that I agreed to somewhere, but I didn’t see it. I do not expect free, I know you are a for-profit business, I just find the lack of clear disclosure unacceptable, and will not be back to VividSeats anytime soon. Also, VividSeats promised two dates for the tickets to be sent, both passed without shipment and without explanation. After calling them today they did expedite things for overnight delivery, but it took a phone call to get that. Going through their chat service and emailing them produced no results.

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1 Reviews

Stick with Stubhub or Ticketmaster

1/ 5

I purchased theater tickets the day of the performance and never received them! I had to call customer service 4 separate times over the course of the 4 hours leading up to the play and was continually told that my tickets should arrive within the next 30 minutes – 1 hour. Finally, 1 hour before the start time I was told that I should have just received my tickets as it showed up as sent on the company’s end. Well I never received anything! To make matters worse it has been 2 weeks and now the company is refusing to issue me a refund. Horrible horrible customer service and a downright scam. Do yourself a favor and steer clear.

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1 Reviews

Selling tickets with wrong dates on on purpose – scam

1/ 5

On Dec. 22, 2019, I was purchasing a ballet ticket for the event to take place in January 2020. I chose the exact date and paid a pretty hefty price. A few moments later I received an email confirmation stating that I “successfully” purchased a ticket for July 2020! I would never plan that far in advance. Looks like their scam scheme is to sell fake tickets with a far off date so that the refund would not be possible. I contacted their customer service right away – they flat out refused to refund me. I tried to send several emails – they kept sending robotic refusals in response. Now trying to get this resolved by paypal. I will never use this company and do not recommend anyone to use them either. Terrible people.

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1 Reviews

Vivid Seats – fake tickets?

1/ 5

Maybe I am just the (un)lucky buyer. I bought 8 seats to the NHL Winter Classic 2020. Vivid will NOT provide me an e-ticket via their app. They have only sent me a link to download the PDFs. Well, I can’t validate these are legit, and I’d rather not find out the day of the event at the Cotton Bowl. I promised 4 of them for sale BEFORE buying off Vivid, but no other reseller will recognize or list them. AND VIVID REFUSES TO SELL THEM FOR ME EITHER! So , I can’t sell them, I can’t validate them, but I’m out over $1,000! Vivid chat says “they’re fine.” Seatgeek and Stubhub says “not.”

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1 Reviews

Sold me duplicate tickets, stay away.

1/ 5

Stay away from this awful third party company. The customer services is by far the worse I have ever experienced. I bought 2 tickets for the Steelers vs Charges game, Steelers side 7 rows up on the 50 yard line. My daughter and I are huge Steelers fans and since they only make it out to California every 4 years or so, we decided to splurge and spend $1700.00 on 2 tickets. We get there 3 hours early so we could walk around and have dinner and a few drinks before the game starts. Upon check in we find out the tickets would not scan, we were sent to the ticket office at the stadium to resolve our issue. After a hour of research we found out the tickets were doubled sold and they were invalid. Call Vivid and they said we should expect a refund but they had to research the problem and get back to us. After 5 days they called to let us know that we were not getting a refund because we had accepted the tickets. Of course we accepted the tickets, we paid for them so we opened the app. to accept them. They flat out said NO refund. We even had the stadium ticket office confirm that they sold the tickets after another agency sold them. Think you Chase for refunding our money after contacting Vivid. I will continue to tell my friends to not book with VividSeats, they should be investigated for fraud.

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1 Reviews

Buyer (and searcher) beware! Avoid at all costs

1/ 5

I’m out $192.50 for tickets I didn’t actually buy. I put them in my cart to see how much they would cost. Too much, so I closed the cart. I had my information stored, and they completed the sale without my authorization. When I challenged this, they basically said “Go f…yourself.” No refund for any reason, even if you didn’t authorize the purchase. I contested the charge, but it’s my word against theirs and guess who wins. I looked at tickets for a different concert and they were being sold by Vivid Seats. When I tried to see if seats were available (absolutely no attempt was made to buy them), they had put them in my cart for purchase). I closed all tabs of my browser to prevent them from completing another sale without my permission. I have successfully used Ticketmaster, MLB, StubHub, and several other companies over the years with no issues. Run, do not walk, when you see Vivid Seats is the ticket agent.

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1 Reviews

Really poor experience…will not be using again

1/ 5

Vivid allowed us to pick a couple of good seats for Hamilton months before arrival in NY. When we arrived we had been relegated to last row nosebleeds, we could have bought better tickets on the day of the show for less. Vivid seats did nothing for us in retrospect of the situation…will never use again. So far Ticketmaster has been top drawer…will advise on future experiences

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1 Reviews

Pissed customer

1/ 5

I was sold duplicate tickets when I got to the game they said someone else had already came in. They let me in because it wasn’t a sold out game. I drove 12 hours and spent money on traveling, if it would have been a big game I would have been even more pissed to be turned away.

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1 Reviews

Sold me duplicate tickets then gave BAD customer service

1/ 5

I purchased two tickets for a friend to the OU-TCU football game in Fort Worth for 10.20.18. When they arrived, they couldn’t get in because they were holding duplicate tickets with another person stand in line next to them. (BTW, this is the second time Vivid Seats has done this to me. The first time was at a MLB playoff game) My friend couldn’t get in, so I called Vivid Seats Customer Service. I was on hold for over 40 minutes in two calls and then had to call back a third time. MY EVENT WAS HAPPENING AT THAT MOMENT, BUT I HAD BEEN SOLD DUPLICATE SEATS!!!! WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE “BEING PRIORITIZED WHO HAVE EVENTS THAT DAY?!?” While I was on hold, no one EVER came back to me and told me they were still trying to reach a department. The “customer service agents” (and I use that phrase lightly) were Omar, Chris, and Cecelia, in that order. After failing to get an answer after 20 minutes of being on hold the first time, I called backed and asked to speak with a manager on my next two calls. The first time Chris told me he was transferring me to one, but no one ever answered. The second time Cecelia said it was impossible and refused my request outright. AWFUL JOB!!! Bottom line: I was transferred two times to a specific department that NEVER ANSWERED. When I asked for a direct line to that department, I was told there is no direct line they can give out. What a scam!!! Vivid Seats is great if you enjoy the excitement of never knowing if your tickets are going to work or not. I’ve never had this issue with other ticket brokers, so I’m cancelling my account with Vivid. What a joke! Almost an hour of hold time and still no resolution or person on the other end of transferred line! Remember: The tickets were for today!!! No response TODAY…when I needed it!!!

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1 Reviews

buyers beware

1/ 5

Well for starters I typically do not leave reviews as I understand everyone has their own opinions and others may not agree. However after my experience with this company I feel the need to warn others before they put themselves through the trouble I went through. For starters I do plenty of shopping around before I buy any tickets for the event we attend once a year, this year Vivid seats happened to have the Broncos tickets for about 60$ cheaper than any other ticket provider (even with their processing fees), so on August 24, 2018 I purchased 2 tickets to the Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks in Denver for Sunday September 9, 2018 game, paid in full that day, money came out immediately. I was sent an email almost right after with the confirmation and it stated that the tickets would be electronically delivered by September 7, 2018 (Friday before the game). Great, no stress they will be here before we travel to the event city, also on the email it stated the tickets will be shipped by the seller Thursday September 6, 2018. So when Friday morning (9/7) rolls around I still have no email stating my tickets were shipped (transferred), so at 9:13 am on 9/7/2018 I called their customer service line (incorrect number provided on their site, I came to BBB to get the correct phone number) spoke to CSR George, who was very polite, he explained the NFL was monitoring the electronic tickets so duplicates cannot be created and as soon as my tickets were verified as authentic they could be transferred and he assured me that this would happen by the end of business the same day (9/7/2018), I accepted his explanation and waited. Still nothing by evening so at 3:53 PM (MST) so this would be end of Business in Illinois where this company is located, I called again, waited for about 10 minutes on hold and got a CSR whom I could not understand at all, foreign accent and couldn’t catch her name or really understand what she said, after asking excuse me and what a few times, she said that they are open until 12 pacific time and to call back in the morning if my tickets had not been transferred. Okay so now we’re 2 days from the date my tickets were scheduled to be sent and one day in for unclear reasons why I still do not have my already paid for tickets, please keep in mind that we were traveling to this event city on Saturday 9/8/2018, at 7:47 AM I called customer service again, got CSR Morgan, again very polite, she said she was contacting the seller of said tickets as she put me on hold, she came back with no answers and said I will offer you a store credit for 50$ for the inconvenience you are going through (thanks, but I will not be using this company again), hung up with no explanation or expected time when to expect my tickets. Beginning to panic I log on to my laptop and begin start a live chat with Vivid Seats (8:02 am after waiting for a few minutes to be attended to it said I was connect to James via live chat, he asked how I was doing and as I was typing he ended the chat), 8:11 I logged into live chat again, connected to Ashley this time, while at first she was polite, she stated a team was handling my case, I explained that I would be traveling to the event city and away from a desktop computer (as they claim you have to accept the tickets from a desktop computer)she was rude and said “well go to the library, a fed ex store or a staples to use the computer,” excuse me, I am traveling to a city I am unfamiliar with and purchased tickets through this company which assured me I would have them by the Friday before I left for Denver. I left the live chat before I would turn rude myself. We left for Denver and hoped it was for not. At 2:15 after checking into our hotel (307$ for the weekend of this event) I called customer service again as I had yet to receive my tickets still. Adam is the CSR I got this time, again very polite. stated there was a delay for NFL tickets due to the increase of fraudulent tickets they will not release tickets until 6 hours prior to the games kick off (sounded actually possible at this point), he said call back at 5 hours prior if I still had not received my tickets. I thanked him as his explanation sounded realistic as this is the first year that the NFL is using Mobile tickets at this venue they are just being safe. (Please keep in mind this is the afternoon before the game about 24 hours at this point). Sunday morning 9/9/2018 (day of the game, 5 hours before kickoff) 8:48 am I called customer service yet again, because as you guessed it still not tickets. I got CSR Peter, again polite, he looked at my account and said it appears they called the seller of the tickets 4 minutes ago to demand they be transferred immediately, well that puts their call to the seller at 8:44 am according to them. He said call back in one hour if I still haven’t received them as the seller was transferring them now (his words) and that there were several calls reported about this seller for that section. Okay so I waited another hour, I called customer service again and got CSR Jeff whom I couldn’t understand due to his accent, he transferred me to a different department as he said there was an issue and this different department is the only one that could handle it, I sat on hold for over 30 minutes(30 mins. and 56 sec) before I had to hang up to use a different phone, I called back and sat on hold for 19 minutes before it was answered by the first person, Archer (I believe again could hardly understand due to thick accent) he said there is a ticket alert on my account and they cannot get a hold of the seller (whoa wait a minute a few CSR from before said they did get a hold of the seller and they were transferring them) and that he would have to send me to a different department to deal with the situation as it was the only department that could handle this situation as the NFL and the venue was holding all mobile tickets to prevent duplicates (heard that before but we are now less than 3 hours before the game and we have to leave for the stadium, now will be leaving my laptop and can’t accept tickets if they come in) I am in full panic mode now, this representative said just stay on the line and do not hang up and I can accept them from the email on my phone and I should be okay to leave for the game (wait what, a few CSR earlier said I had to use a desktop computer and had to go to library etc… to accept my tickets and now I can do it all from my phone) so now I am furious as I keep getting several different stories and no answer where my tickets are and I have to leave to go to a game I have no tickets for, I now sit on hold, I am on hold for 42 minutes at this point and I get a hold of the Venue itself (used hotel phone)to see if there is a delay in sending/receiving mobile tickets) they stated no all systems are up and running correctly. Within 2 minutes of my call to the team venue I got an email from Vivid that my tickets were transferred and to accept them and down load the app for the venue to display the tickets. (Good thing i didn’t leave the hotel just yet as you have to have internet to download the app needed to display the tickets), So we great finally got the tickets at just about 2 and a half hours before the game. We could not enjoy the tailgating or outside events for this game as by the time we got to the stadium and parked and got to our gate it was time to enter and find seats. While I did get my tickets (very last minute) I should not have had to go to the stress of this because of Vivid seats, most of the customer service reps were very polite and offered reasonable explanations, however they were all different and none the truth according to the venue they were blaming. This could have been on the seller as well but when a company represents the seller and then blames everything else this is poor business practice. I should have been given different seats the minute the seller did not transfer the tickets by the date provided (9/7/2018) so that myself as a customer did not have to waste my time calling customer service over and over and over to get nothing but different stories. Please future customers or potential customers of Vivid seats, go somewhere else. There was only about a 60$ difference in the price on more reputable sites (Stub Hub, Ticket master and Ticket City I have used and NEVER had any issue with). This company needs better understanding of people traveling and assurance policies, this trip was a nightmare and only because of this company, and I was offered a 50$ store credit, because that is supposed to undo the stress that they caused with lies and deception. Please use other companies.

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1 Reviews

false advertising of seat location

1/ 5

FALSE ADVERTISING – I purchased tickets for a show. Everything looked great on the screen I was viewing. But when I clicked”accept terms and purchase”- my tickets were purchased but now showed up as an OBSTRUCTED VIEW ( this was not on the original screen that I viewed). I contacted the Vivid Seats costumer service immediately ( within seconds) and was told that there was “nothing that they could do ” as I had accepted their terms as final. They refused to refund me the money. Even Expedia has a 24 hour return policy. So much for costomer service.

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1 Reviews

Vivid Seats is Awful

1/ 5

Vivid Seats is simply the most awful ticket reseller in an awful, over-priced industry ( used Craigslist if you can). Very high service fees not disclosed UNTIL the very last screen. Customer service basically exists to tell you what errors you made and why they will do nothing for you you. The 100% Buyer Guarantee is 100% bogus. Stay away from this company.

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