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RIP off and unwilling to refund money

I brought tickets to the moto gp for 2020 in the beginning of the year for 915.00 and a parking pass for 135.00 ..the event was postponed and I was told if it was cancelled they would refund my money ...well they cancelled the event for 2020 and they refunded the parking pass which admits that the event is cancelled and they refused to refund the tickets saying that the event was postponed when the event was clearly cancelled by the event coordinators they are trying to hold out till next year so they dont have to pay the money back saying that it has been post phoned again which is complete b .s. they dont just keep getting to say the event is postponed till it works for them I cant attend next year I want my money back....all these ticket companies are the same liying ,cheating , and unscrupulous are you going to refund the parking pass because the event is cancelled but not the tickets

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