StubHub Reviews 2017 - Is StubHub Legit & Reliable?


StubHub Reviews 2017 | Is StubHub Legitimate, Reliable & Safe?

My Experience: I’ve tried several ticket companies in the past and discovered
that SeatGeek (largest inventory on the web) allows you to compare most tickets available for any event to find you the best price.

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What You Need to Know About StubHub

Our StubHub Review 2017 – Is StubHub Legit?

A lot of people today are now looking for a reliable website where they can purchase tickets for whatever event it september be. One of the websites that offer ticket sales is This website is actually a place where customers can scan for tickets not just for major sports events in your area but also for an upcoming concert and other live entertainment happenings. These consolidated StubHub reviews will eventually guide customers in determining if this online platform will be the best way for them to get tickets. An interesting fact that a lot of people are not really aware of is the fact that is actually owned by another very popular online marketplace which is eBay. The website eBay has really been successful in its undertakings and StubHub aims to imitate the success that eBay has gotten assuring customers that they will do the best that they can to give good service. It is very important to read StubHub reviews to know if the website is not a scam. Also, you can check our Legit TicketCity Review for 2017 to see other savings.

This website is actually a place where customers can scan for tickets  for major sports events in your area, upcoming concert and other live entertainment happenings.

StubHub Reviews 2017 – What is it?

A lot of people immediately seek the help of StubHub reviews to check if this online marketing website is reliable or not. Well, this website is basically where consumers can buy tickets for different events around the country, september it be sports or entertainment. But what separates from the other websites selling tickets too is the ability of the consumers to sell tickets as well. Yes, people who have some extra tickets for a certain event can actually sell those tickets to other customers. If consumers will notice, other StubHub reviews are actually submitted not only by the customers but by the sellers as well. If the tickets are available, then anyone will be able to purchase them. Online ticket purchasing is becoming the trend today because it is convenient, even though the website charges an additional 10 percent for the tickets.

StubHub Reviews 2017 – What I Like

Many StubHub reviews show that the primary reason why customers like Stubhub is the wide array of ticket choices. This website offers fans the ability to grab seats of their favorite games. The sports events tickets that are being sold on the website are also very broad and it even includes all of the major leagues in the country. actually has made partnerships with different professional teams including all of those in the MLB, MLS and CFL. Another great feature of is its flexibility when it comes to how customers will be able to receive their tickets. They offer shipping of the stubs for a fee. Customers can also have the tickets ready at the stadium where the event will be held or they can also print their tickets by themselves at home. This very advantageous feature is very prevalent among most StubHub reviews out today. You might be able to get a saving with StubHub fan code 2017.

Another great feature is its flexibility when it comes to how customers will be able to receive their tickets.

StubHub Reviews 2017- What I Didn’t Like

As expected, not all StubHub reviews are positive. There are really times when customers will have an unpleasant experience with a certain transaction which september hamper their confidence with the brand. When a few customers reportedly bought tickets from the website, the tickets arrived and they went to the concert venue. Upon arrival they found out that the concert was sold out and their tickets were invalid which led them to the notion that this website is a scam. But then again, these cases are isolated. Another downfall of is its website navigation. Many customers complain that getting through different pages is quite confusing. And to add to that, the shipping pricing for the tickets are not fixed. This means that the shipping costs for the tickets you bought last week will not be the same to the tickets which you plan on purchasing tomorrow. Some customers can really be turned off by these fluctuating shipping fees and these complaints can be read in many StubHub reviews too.

Many customers complain that getting through different pages is quite confusing.

StubHub Reviews 2017 – Overall Thoughts

After going through many StubHub reviews, the final verdict is actually on the positive note. If you want convenience and an ability to choose from different events, then you can definitely benefit if you use There is even a phone support if you have any questions and you want to talk to a real StubHub representative. Buying legit tickets will always be easy and if you have some extra, you can sell them too. If you are interested to check out which upcoming events in your area might interest you, you can visit their website today.

Buying legit tickets will always be easy and if you have some extra, you can sell them too.

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Conclusion Rating
StubHub Guarantee
5 stars
Is StubHub Reliable?
5 stars
Is StubHub Legitimate?
5 stars
Ticket Prices
4 stars
StubHub Last Minute Ticket Availability
5 stars
StubHub Phone Support
4 stars
StubHub Email Support
4 stars
Is StubHub Safe?
4 stars

23 Comments/Reviews

  • Susan M. says:
    4 stars

    Good service from StubHub overall. The ticket prices were $65 above face value though.

  • Maria Robinson says:
    3 stars

    I’ve used StubHub before and they’ve been OK. I did happened to find a much better price for the ticket I wanted by just comparing a few of the top sites above. Thank you!

  • Daniel says:
    3 stars

    I used a few sites in the past, since I usually have been able to find cheaper tickets then StubHub.

  • Billie Groves says:

    I like They usually have a good selection to choose from for the concerts I go each year. Thanks for the review too.

  • Carol Lewin says:
    5 stars

    The tickets I ordered went through and received them in the mail within 4 days, so no complaints from me.

  • Dorota says:
    1 stars

    Ordered tickets for a concert for my hubby 30th bday. Planned a road trip and booked hotels mainly concentrating on the concert. I did not received my tickets…. Called the day after and was informed that my ordered was cancelled. Stubhub did not call me or emailed me about any issues. Terrible service!!! Do yourself a favor- do not order through StubHub!!!!!

  • Lorraine Graves says:
    4 stars

    Our tickets came on time, but they were expensive to get.

  • Joshua Wilson says:
    4 stars

    I had no issues ordering from stubhub just a few days before the concert. We were able to pay our tickets at the box office and went right in to our the show.

  • Eliam M. says:
    3 stars

    I purchased tickets for my friends that I to a show in Arizona, which is where we are taking a trip to from Germany. My only complaints were that the price was much higher than face value and the tickets arrived later than expected.

  • Jerry says:
    5 stars

    Using the offer from above we were able to compare the tickets we wanted to several different sites to find the best deal. We ended up saving about $50 by checking out the offer you gave us.

  • Rach says:
    4 stars

    Ordered tickets to a Toronto Raptors game in Canada. I’ll was good with my order, except that the tickets arrived a couple days later than expected. It was still well on time before the event date though.

  • Darrel Rickman says:
    3 stars

    The ticket ordering process was okay. I did not like how you had to register and create an account before seeing the total price on our tickets. We are now waiting to receive our tickets in the mail, and I hope they arrived on time.

  • Teresa read says:
    3 stars

    This was our first time buying tickets from StubHub, and buying from the UK was expensive with the shipping fee. I did not like the service fee, which is hidden, but it did seem comparable to others we compared.

  • Allen Rust says:
    2 stars

    Our experience wasn’t to good. After ordering they said the tickets were not available anymore, so they gave us comparable tickets, which were not as good at all. Not happy!

  • Daryl says:
    3 stars

    Our experience with StubHub was OK. There wasn’t many tickets to choose from for the concert, and what was left was expensive.

  • Anna M. says:

    This helped us in buying our tickets. Thanks for the StubHub review. Everything seemed to be legit, except the ticket prices for our show. They were a little pricey.

  • Kylie Brown says:
    1 stars

    My order got canceled on StubHub. I didn’t hear from anyone for a few days after I ordered either. I finally received an email saying tickets were no available, and that StubHub had no other tickets to offer. This is not fun.

  • Holly Nelson says:
    5 stars

    Ordered tickets from StubHub 4 days ago, and just received the tickets yesterday. The tickets look legit, and we are ready for the game this weekend. Thanks StubHub for the tickets.

  • Tyler Morgan says:
    3 stars

    I purchased tickets from StubHub, and when we received them in the mail we couldn’t believe the face value on them. We paid way above face value. Got good seats though considering they were sold out from the venue.

  • Josh says:
    3 stars

    The concert we wanted to go to was sold out from TicketMaster, so we looked on StubHub, which had a lot of tickets. The prices on the tickets we wanted for the 100 level were way to expensive. We ended of getting 2 good tickets, but I wish I would of looked around first on other sites that I found here. Thanks for the StubHub review, and other sites, which I’ll compare next time.

  • Rachel Grant says:
    3 stars

    The price we paid on StubHub was way over face value for our tickets. We did get good seats though, considering the show was sold out from the venue. I might try looking around next time we need tickets.

  • Charles Mitchell says:
    4 stars

    StubHub had a huge selection of tickets available, even though the primary market was sold out for the concert. We had to spend $100 over face value to get good seats. I guess this is to be expected though for the show being so popular. We had a good time overall.

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