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Horrible experience March 2022

Ticket Club does not seem legit. Listed my email as part of checkout, attempted to purchase three times, kept giving me ridiculous error messages about my credit card number being incorrect, then I was locked out by max number of attempts. They provided a telephone number to call and an order number for reference. 1) they were closed and it’s 9:30am on a week day, no live chat feature online, 2) the automated message said call back during normal business hours, but they did not say what their hours were (not listed online either), 3) the order reference number they provided is invalid when entered as an order reference number using their automated system, tried again using just my telephone number, didn’t work that way either. If they are going to issue an order reference number that won’t work as an order number when calling customer service, call it an error code and have an option for that when asking us to call instead. 4) they sent me an email confirming my account. If my email address is provided by me only once I get to the checkout page where I opt into premier account upgrade and list promo codes along with my credit card info, how and WHY would you confirm my email address if you are rejecting my transaction for any other reason? Sending me an email confirming an account profile while rejecting my transaction translates into suspicious activity to any customer, let alone a potentially new customer. Sent them an email to remove my account info, putting my credit card company on alert, and blocking them. Went to vivid seats instead and had tickets purchased and confirmed within 5 minutes after that. Same credit card used and I happily paid the $75 difference in tickets (for venue and web company service fees) so I can go on with my day. Give yourself peace of mind and do the same. Ticket Club fails in service. I’m not interested.

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