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Money for cancelled event was not refunded

My out of town event was cancelled due to the Corona virus. I wanted a refund for my cancelled event, instead I received a credit that expires in a year. I don't live in a major sports market and I don't believe I'll be going to any events for the foreseeable future. Here is the timeline: 6/12 - I received an email that my event was cancelled. 6/22 - I opened a support case to get a refund instead of a credit. 6/25 - I received an email reply that stated that since I didn't respond within 7 days that I could not get a refund. 6/25 - I called and spoke with a rep who repeated the 7 day limit on refunds. I asked about the reason for 7 days and she mentioned that's what the seller wanted. She was going to check with her team and get back to me, the call ended. 6/25 - I called back and spoke with another rep and had a similar conversation. I asked why there was a 7 day limit, she said that a survey was sent to customers and that's what the customers wanted. She was going to check with her team and call me back. 7/7 - I have not heard anything further.

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