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Is ClickitTicket Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2020?

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ClickitTicket Reviews 2020

1. What is ClickitTicket and is ClickitTicket Legit?

ClickitTicket is a secondary ticket broker website where customers can purchase different tickets for various events. Various reviews can be read to determine the validity and reliability of this company when it comes to their service.

With any ticket reselling business, it is always important to uphold the trust of the customers by giving them their tickets on time and at the right price, and this is exactly the goal of Clickitticket. Many customers often question secondary ticket brokers online because they are afraid of the company being a scam or scheme of some sort. Well, the best way to investigate this matter is for potential customers to read Click it Ticket reviews and check how experiences of other customers went.

The tickets that are sold on the website come in a wide variety of events, which means the company can cater to different types of customers dependable. 

The tickets are all legit, but since they are secondary brokers, they do not own the tickets per se. What the company does is that they look for primary brokers and get tickets from those brokers. This is the reason why ClickitTicket and other secondary ticket broker companies do not sell their tickets at face value.

They put a markup price on top of the face value to earn money, and the increased price fluctuates depending on the supply and demand of the tickets. Because they are resellers prices can quickly change without giving notice to customers as stated in other ClickitTicket reviews.

The company is able to cater to different types of customers in a dependable way.

2. What’s Good about ClickitTicket?

According to ClickitTicket reviews, a lot of people like the company’s extensive collection of tickets, and their 100% guarantee that your tickets are valid for entry and what you ordered or better.

You can immediately see different genres of popular events the moment you scan through the homepage. This is very advantageous to the company since they do not only cater to those concert fans but also to sports fans and even people who like to watch Broadway and theatrical shows.

Another very nice feature that customers applaud, based on ClickitTicket reviews, is its modern take on the seating charts. Before a customer can purchase the ticket, they can see a chart where they will be located. And there are some charts wherein customers can see an extensive and more detailed view of where they will be seated right on their computer screens.

A lot of people really like the company’s extensive collection of event tickets.

3. What’s Not so Good about ClickitTicket?

One of the common things that some ClickitTicket reviews mentioned was that they offer no refunds if you make a mistake on your order. The only time you can get your money back after ordering if is your event gets canceled and not rescheduled.

Also, some customers didn’t like the layout of the site. At first glimpse of the homepage, you are greeted by a paragraph of what the company is about and when you scroll down you are faced with links to different events. Some said that there were not a lot of photos that made the page exciting and interactive. A complaint was that the homepage was too heavy on words and took the time to scroll through all of them. But this didn’t cause any significant problems with the delivery of service to these customers.

The homepage was too heavy on words and took the time to scroll through all of them.

4. Overall: Is ClickitTicket Good, Reliable, and a Safe Site?

The majority of ClickitTicket reviews were positive rather than negative.

Although this company is not perfect, buying tickets from them is accurate and reliable.

The website also uses dependable high-tech security encryption just to make sure that all the data that one enters – especially your credit card information – is safe and protected from identity theft.

5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

There’s one ticket site below we’ve tested and recommend as the go-to.

This fan-to-fan ticket exchange is verified by TicketMaster and is:

The only resale site to guarantee 100% verified tickets in your name.

clickitticket vs ticketmaster reviews 2020


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2 Reviews for ClickitTicket Reviews

anavinton60 1 Reviews
ClickitTicket Rocks!

I purchased tickets from Clickittickets by calling and picking out my seats with a service rep. It was easy and they figured out the best seats for my price, ones I wouldn’t have known about otherwise! So I ended up getting way better seats than I expected, within the price range I wanted. So I am thrilled and they rock!

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Nessum 1 Reviews
Tickets are legit, site is easy to use

I have used ClickitTicket a couple of times in the past and there are a two things I really like about them. First, the site is fast and pretty easy to use, I’ve never had a problem buying from them, and I did it recently on my phone, and it was easy. The second reason I like them is because when I have called their customer service, they were very nice and helpful. I’ll usually check out there site and a few others to compare prices and buy from the cheapest. ClickitTicket has had the cheapest price for the same section of seats a number of times, not always, but a lot of times. I’ll use them again when MLB rolls around.

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