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Is CoastToCoastTickets Legit & Reliable in 2020?

5 Things You Should Know
CoastToCoastTickets Reviews 2020

1. What is CoastToCoastTickets and is CoastToCoastTickets Legit? is an online ticket broker that offers a wide variety of event tickets to customers around the country. To know if the company is legit customers can read many CoastToCoastTickets reviews.

On the site, customers will be able to find tickets for sports events and art, music and theater shows. Customers are also given the guarantee that all transactions made on the site are secure and safe. When consumers go to they can scan through a good number of event options around the country. They can order through the internet, or if they feel that inputting personal information be too risky regarding a scheme, scam or fraud, then they can call the company’s hotline, and they can place an order over the telephone.

The prices of tickets that they sell will greatly depend on the actual face value, the price from the sellers and the supply and demand of the tickets as well. CoastToCoastTickets reviews will help potential customers see if the prices on this website are reasonable or not. 

Some customers who wrote CoastToCoastTickets reviews not have known, but this company is a secondary ticket broker and not the primary seller. Some people had complaints about the prices of the tickets but this is how brokers work, and that is the price that customers pay for buying premium tickets on the secondary market.

Online ticket brokers like CoastToCoastTickets are dependable sources of tickets especially if the tickets for the event that you want are hard to find or if the concert is already sold out. This is another reason why some ticket prices seem to be a little higher.

Nevertheless, many CoastToCoastTickets reviews thought and expressed many positives about the company.


The customers can call the company’s hotline and can place an order over the telephone.

2. What’s Good about CoastToCoastTickets?

One of the things that most CoastToCoastTickets reviews mention that customers like is the customer service.

But before you dial them on the phone, their FAQs section is quite informative, and it can answer most of your questions right away. Next, you can also call or email them, and any of their representatives will be glad to answer your inquiries regarding events and tickets.

CoastToCoastTickets reviews say that the agents are friendly and courteous. Another sure thing about this company is its extensive selection of events. They cover sports to a concert, and they also have Broadway musicals in their ticket lineup. Sellers who plan on selling their tickets on this website also like the fact that the selling fee is only at ten percent.

The agents are friendly and nice.

3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.) about CoastToCoastTickets?

As mentioned earlier, not all customers liked the pricing of the tickets that the company was selling based on the CoastToCoastTickets reviews.

Aside from the price fluctuations which were understandable, one reason why their prices were not as low as other online brokers were their service fee. When a customer buys tickets, they also charge a service fee on top of the ticket value, and this still excludes the shipping costs and the taxes.

The service fee for this company is 18 percent which is quite high.

Aside from that some CoastToCoastTickets reviews also mentioned that their homepage is not eye-catching. Although the interface is very straightforward, customers said that they could do better.

The service fee for this company is at 18 percent which is actually quite high.

4. Review Summary: Is CoastToCoastTickets Good, Reliable, and a Safe Site?

If we base a final verdict on CoastToCoastTickets reviews, then this company is a safe place to purchase tickets online.

But we are not saying that this is the best place for one to find tickets since some other sites offer tickets at a lower price.

But the company guarantees that customers get the tickets that they have paid for dependably and reliably.

A ticket purchase would prove this to be true on the reader’s part.

There were only a few delivery problems that have been mentioned, but most people got their tickets on time.

5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

There’s one ticket site below we’ve tested and recommend as the go-to.

This fan-to-fan ticket exchange is verified by TicketMaster and is:

The only resale site to guarantee 100% verified tickets in your name.

coast to coast tickets reviews 2020 vs ticket exchange by tickemaster


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