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Is PrimeSport Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2020?

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PrimeSport Reviews 2020

PrimeSport Review Updated 4/15/20

1. Is PrimeSport Legit?

PrimeSport is a legit and reliable top global Sports Travel and Event Management company.

They offer tickets, corporate and fan travel packages, and events for corporations, professional sports teams, and fans.

PrimeSport also offers VIP hospitality packages to make your experience one to remember.

They have tickets for College Football, College Basketball, Golf, Horse Racing, MLB, Motorsports, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, NHL, and Tennis. Some of the significant events that they sell tickets for include: Super Bowl, NCAA Basketball Tournament, MLB All-Star Game, Indianapolis 500, The Masters, U.S Open Golf, Kentucky Derby, Monster Energy Supercross and Monster Energy Cup.

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PrimeSport also has official partnerships with professional and college sports organizations.

PrimeSport offers tickets for a huge variety of sports and events.


2. What’s Good about PrimeSport?

After my PrimeSport review, I found what is great about them is that they have tickets for nearly every sport and every major event you could think of, all in one place and you can purchase any tickets or fan travel packages at the click of a button or with one quick phone call. is a convenient website that is easy to navigate, and you can find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

When you’re buying tickets, there is always a seating plan where you can view seats by prices and find out how many tickets are left for each section and if there are sections where tickets are completely sold out.

One of the best things after my PrimeSport review is that you can sign up to be notified by email when tickets go on sale for upcoming events.

Another huge advantage of ordering tickets or fan packages from PrimeSport is that they have official partnerships with professional and college sports organizations, so you can rest assured that the tickets you are getting are legitimate.

PrimeSport also offers their tickets and packages at a fair price, as opposed to other websites which tend to inflate their prices.

primesport reviews 2020 secure safe transaction

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They have official partnerships with professional and college sports organizations.


3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.) about PrimeSport?

The only negative PrimeSport review is that once you have placed your order with them cannot be changed or cancelled, which is understandable from the company’s standpoint.

Also, PrimeSport offers tickets for more sports and events that are even listed on the main page (which is also an advantage).

If you use the search tool, you can find tickets for sports that are not mentioned on the main page, which was a pleasant surprise to me.

PrimeSport also currently has a 15% fee added at checkout as shown below.

prime sport reviews is legit fees

The only negative PrimeSport review is that once you have placed your order with them it cannot be changed or canceled.


4. PrimeSport Review Summary

Overall, my PrimeSport review is that they are a good, honest and reliable website that doesn’t sell illegitimate tickets and it is the only site I use when I need tickets to a sports game, a sporting event, a concert or a music festival.

It’s a great website that offers prices that are lower than what is provided by competitors and always has great seats available. It’s the place to go for tickets that are hard to obtain and can’t be found anywhere else.

The PrimeSport review shows that the staff to assist customers seven days a week and they always ensure that you’re able to get what you need. reviews 2020
5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

Here’s our top 2 ticket sites we like and use.


1. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

    > best for sports tickets

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

     > safe and secure ordering process that’s simple

     > 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

     > tickets delivered within minutes after ordering via e-ticket email delivery


2. ScoreBig

    good for concerts, broadway shows, and sports tickets

Why ScoreBig?

We have tested and got positive feedback overall from other ScoreBig reviews.

     > 100% safe checkout process

     > extra event ticket protection (get 100% reimbursed and 24/7 assistance) 

     > options to pay w/ debit/credit card, PayPal, and PayPal credit (monthly payments)

     > get 10% off ScoreBig w/ coupon code (welcome10) on your first order

scorebig reviews legit event tickets


We did compare PrimeSport vs StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and is StubHub legit and reliable tickets?

StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries, while PrimeSports has events in just the United States.

Also, PrimeSports service fee is 15% and StubHub’s service fee is about 30%.


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9 Reviews for PrimeSport Reviews

gshutt57 1 Reviews
Save the Hassle…Book Somewhere Else

My wife and I selected a PrimeSport package for the 2021 Rose Parade and Rose Bowl Game back in February 2020. We went though a local travel company after researching the trip we wanted. We paid a 15% deposit toward the total costs with the remaining amount due by October 15, 2020. We were looking forward to this specific trip as it was high on our bucket list. Unfortunately, Covid-19 affected the US in ways unimagined at the time of our booking the tours. We purchased insurance, as well, to cover reimbursement, should we not be able to go on the trip due to many possible reasons listed in the policy. In late July/early August, the Rose Parade was cancelled. PrimeSport’s website specifically stated that if the event were cancelled, refunds would be given. I personally called PrimeSport and was told that if we cancelled we would not get our deposit back. I reiterated that the event is cancelled and their website states refunds in that case. I was told that since the Rose Bowl Game was not cancelled and it was part of our package the refund policy does not apply. I told them that our main reason was the Rose Parade and added the Rose Bowl Game as a last resort as we would be there in Pasadena. They refused to give a refund. I contacted the travel company in September, they called PrimeSport and were told the same thing about the refund. They asked that the travel company wait until October to see if the Rose Bowl Game would not be played. In that case they would refund the deposit. I asked the travel company to call PrimeSport in October and travel agent was told a refund would be issued 30 days from that date. I know from experience in the business world it does not take 30 days to refund back to a credit card. Here are the issues, they have had my deposit since February, reaping the benefit of interest if invested, failed to live up to their own policy for cancelled events, and handing out BS every time I or the travel company called. I will never book another event with Prime Sport and would not recommend Prime Sport to anyone due to their business practices. Save yourself the hassle and book elsewhere. BTW, our refund was issued 30 days later, as stated.

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mrohssler55 1 Reviews
Mark R

Terrible customer service and policy’s signed up for Kansas trip in spring Track did not allow fans Wanted refund Was refused refund only option was to sign up for fall trip which I did than they cancelled fall trip after holding my money all summer and than they took 30 days to issue me a refund Very dishonest business practices Beware Never book a trip with this Company

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mrlucky_8563541 1 Reviews

This room is what we got for a Bristol Race Package from Primesports. At 2025.00 per ticket I expected much much better. I mean 2 twin beds and a rollaway that they scrounged up at the last minute. Three people crammed in a room. Utter bullshit. Last time I am doing this. Wanna get screwed? Get a package from Primesports.

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jcobine75 1 Reviews

Abusive establishment. We bought our tickets on the way home from the Chiefs championship game thinking we would get a better seat selection being early (the travel package didn’t let us choose our seats). They put us on the very top row, in the field end-zone corner, on the 49ers side. Being that we are Chiefs fans and ordered early and paid way more for the package, we are very disappointed and will never use this company again. We made our concerns clear to many levels of MGMT but it seemed to be “out of everyone’s hands”. The same thing happened to us with the Mexico Chiefs game but, Travis, one of the group managers assured us it was a mistake. We really like Travis and believed him but it turned out that it’s just the way they do business. He said sorry many times and was genuinely disappointed in the company he works for. Up until yesterday, many tickets were still available on the #primesport sure that were much better and less expensive than what we paid. The honey badger may not care but a business based on a fan experience should!!

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rico331052 1 Reviews
Way overpriced

Paid 2000.00 for Ryder cup tickets thinking they would be hard to come across. Find out I can get them anywhere for 800.00. Prime sport would not do the right thing to give me fair market value, instead they totally gauged me. Understand no cancel policy but they can better the price as it is significantly higher. I will never again use prime sport and will make be known on many sites as I don’t want to see others getting ripped off. Be patient and shop.

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Elisabeth 1 Reviews
I got some good seats

First time buyer, and I had no issues finding the tickets. Except, finding the right price I wanted to pay was hard. I got some good seats though, so I’m happy about that.

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Shawn 1 Reviews
There were good seats still on this site

I could not find any good seats left for the WWE show from the venue or from TicketMaster. Somehow came accross and ordered 4 tickets together, which I was surprised these were still available just 3 days before this big event.

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Matt 1 Reviews
We already received our tickets in the mail

We already received our tickets in the mail, which came pretty quick after ordering. I like this site primesport with the selection of tickets to choose from and their prices seemed pretty fair compared to others.

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Riley 1 Reviews
Easy to find the tickets I wanted and ordering them wasn’t to hard

Besides the service fee, which I didn’t like, all esle was good I guess. Easy to find the tickets I wanted and ordering them wasn’t to hard.

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