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5 Things You Should Know
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BigStub Review Updated 2/5/2021

1. Is BigStub Tickets Legit? is a legit nationwide ticket exchange network allowing licensed brokers, and other trusted individual sellers to resell their tickets to events, but there are some negative BigStub reviews to be aware of.

BigStub has been in business since 2007, and currently has an A+ rating on

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With that said, BigStub reviews from customers on BBB is a 3 of 5-stars overall rating, and on our site, BigStub currently has a 1.6 of 5-stars.


bigstub reviews bbb rating

With access to over 10 million tickets for nearly 100,000 events, is recognized as one of the leading exchanges of premium and sold out tickets to events in the United States, Canada and worldwide.


_______________________________________________ offers tickets to concerts for every genre of music, theatre performances, musicals, plays, Las Vegas shows, and sports games and events.

The tickets sold through their website are accessed in various ways, but is not affiliated with any box office, team or venue.


2. What’s Good about BigStub?

One thing found with some BigStub review is they have a good selection of tickets available to popular events. 

BigStub’s 100% guarantee is your tickets will arrive before your event and be authentic for entry.



Many sellers belong to particular fan clubs, which grant them access to presales that the general public is not privy to.

Some sellers have special deals with a sports team, band managers, or event promoters.

BigStub review has more tickets to more events than most online ticket providers out there.

You are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for when browsing their inventory.


BigStub review has more tickets to more events than most online ticket providers out there.

You are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for when browsing their inventory.


3. Any Cons (fees, delivery, etc.)?

As with most resale ticket sites, BigStub charges about 30% service fee added to the subtotal at the checkout (shown below).

Today, it seems that the average service fee for other sites similar is also about 30%, so this is common.



A few other negative aspects found with some BigStub reviews were that they do not own, price or ship the tickets listed for sale on their website.

That is the responsibility of the individual sellers who list tickets on What this means is that tickets available on are being re-sold and repriced by each seller, based on current market value and market conditions.



Therefore, tickets sold through are often sold above market value.

The markup on the tickets is a way for sellers to cover the expenses that they incur when trying to acquire tickets that are difficult to get. Since the sellers pay face value and additional fees, it only makes sense that when re-selling tickets through, there will be a markup on the tickets.



4. BigStub Review Summary

Most BigStub reviews at this time are mixed with negative and positive reviews.

Overall though, we believe is a good online ticket provider, but…

It’s recommended to compare your tickets with other good ticket alternative sites below that could be a better value.

They have the latest fraud protection technology in place on their system to ensure customers have a safe and secure buying experience. is PCI Compliant and is tested daily for computer security.


_______________________________________________ says they offer a 100% money-back guarantee in cases where orders are accepted but not delivered; orders are taken but shipped too late for tickets to the event or if you were denied entry to an event because of the tickets.

BigStub review cares about their customers’ satisfaction and makes every effort to ensure that they are providing the best possible tickets and services.



5. Any Good Alternatives Sites?

Our top 3 ticket sites recommend are:



    good for concerts, broadway shows, and sports tickets

Why ScoreBig?

     > we tested them and got positive feedback from other ScoreBig reviews.

     > 100% safe checkout process

     > get 10% off ScoreBig w/ coupon (code: welcome10) on your first order

     > extra event ticket protection (get 100% reimbursed and 24/7 assistance) 

     > options to pay w/ debit/credit card, PayPal, and PayPal credit (monthly payments)

scorebig reviews legit event tickets



    good for all events w/ premier membership

Why TicketClub?

     > no service fees w/ $49 premier membership (save up to 30% off fees)

     > member only ticket prices (w/ membership)

     students can get free TicketClub membership (usually $49.99)

     > 100% safe checkout process

     > extra event ticket protection (get 100% reimbursed and 24/7 assistance)

ticketclub reviews legit tickets with no fees


Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

    best for sports tickets

Why Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster?

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

     > safe and secure ordering process that’s simple

     > 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

     > tickets delivered within minutes after ordering via e-ticket email delivery

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


We did compare BigStub vs StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and is StubHub legit and reliable site?

StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries, while BigStub has events in just the United States.

Also, BigStubs service fee is about 30%, and StubHub’s service fee is similar at 26-32%.


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9 Reviews for BigStub Reviews

Sold tickets to a section that was closed

Sold me tickets to an event. The section the tickets were in was closed and not allowed for seating.

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docantevil10 1 Reviews
Do NOT trust this service

Paid premium price for show tickets. Show cancelled in May and as of late September zero refund. Unable to reach them by phone at all but have sent multiple emails. They just keep assuring me a refund is coming. They make plenty of profit and can more than afford to send everyone a timely refund. Do not use this service.

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lizzieeifler35 1 Reviews
Cancelled event in middle of Pandemic

I had tickets to Charlie Daniels on May 1 in DC that was obviously cancelled. I received an email saying if I wanted a refund I would have to send back the tickets. I never got the tickets. When I called to get refund I was told that it was too late for refund and could only have voucher. So much for customer service. Will never buy from them again and anticipate that using this voucher will be every bit as unsatisfactory as the “refund” process.

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TLQ67 1 Reviews
Nearly total scam! buyer beware. Fools only enter.

I am normally careful online, shopping at brands I trust, like big store names or amazon. I really wanted to see a play that has been sold out, and thought okay, I will pay the big money. I paid big nearly $600.00 (!) for two tickets in the fifth row. I thought it was a lot to pay, but knew we would have great seats. The website would not tell the exact seats, saying it was a privacy concern. BS. Immediately upon buying the tickets, they sent out the tickets, so they could have done that from the beginning. I opened the email to discover the seats were all the way at the extreme edge of the theater and they had a big red stamp saying “obstructed view.” I immediately called and they said that is the way they work, and they NEVER refund money for tickets. I asked them if I could upgrade and pay more, but get guaranteed decent seats, and the guy just repeated, “sir, we don’t EVER refund or exchange.” So, I was scammed and for a lot of money.

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rantish363657 1 Reviews
No tickets and no refund

I purchased tickets and did not get them.called 4 times over 13 days nitemare finaly the show was next day no tickets and would not give me refund..scam if i ever seen one

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ak0700646 1 Reviews

SCAM. Never received the tickets I ordered for a concert I was supposed to attend last night. Called their firm, according to the auto program my order # did not exist. Spoke to a Greg in Customer Support who promised I would receive them between 3-5 yesterday afternoon. Never received them. Am filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and will also be filing with Small Claims Court. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS FIRM!

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ryanrussikoff56 1 Reviews
Invalid tickets – fraudulent and misleading company

This site is misleading and fraudulent This site is misleading and fraudulent. I purchased Janet Jackson tickets from them that did not work at the venue. I missed most of the concert and had to buy another ticket. I confirmed with them several times leading up to event as I was concerned there would be an issue with this tickets. They assured me it would be ok despite the fact that it had a different name on the ticket. They also ignored me from customer service as well. I would not recommend nor ever use them again.

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Brianne 1 Reviews
We were unable to enter the event with the tickets we purchased

I bought tickets from Bigstub and the entire experience was a complete nightmare. The event was on Sunday and they do not offer customer service on a Sunday. We were unable to enter the event with the tickets we purchased, after driving 3 hours to get there. The next day I called to complain and the customer service representative was extremely rude and aggressive. We wasted $200 and 3 hours and I am incredibly disappointed.

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Mike 1 Reviews
I received the wrong tickets

I ordered tickets to a Golden State Warriors game three weeks before the game was to take place. I received the wrong tickets so I contacted BigStub. Then told me to contact some other company. I emailed that company. No response. I called that company and they said the would look into it and get me the correct tickets and get back to me. After a week of waiting I called back and said they would probably give me a 200% refund. I said I did not want a refund. My family was expecting to go to the game and I just wanted tickets. He said he would check into this and get back to me. Again, no contact. Finally, on the day before the event I called BigStub yet again. I was told that they were refunding my money and I would not get the tickets. I said that I just wanted the tickets and was told that I could speak to a supervisor. The person I was speaking to, Liset, said that there were two supervisors and she did not know which one would be taking the call. She transferred me and after about 5 minutes a person picked up who said there was no supervisor and he could not help me.

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