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4 Things You Should Know
TicketCity Reviews 2020

1. What is TicketCity and is TicketCity Legit?

It’s a good idea to check TicketCity reviews below to know if TicketCity is a legit and reliable ticket source.

With that said, TicketCity is a legitimate online ticket provider for sports and bucket list event tickets, and they are NOT a scam.

They have been a reliable and safe source for tickets since 1990 and were the first to sell online; launching the first e-commerce ticketing site in 1996. has a reputation for being an extremely reliable source of tickets and a great connection to bucket list events like the Masters, Super Bowl, and Kentucky Derby.

TicketCity is a legit and safe ticket company today.

2. What’s Good about TicketCity?

The best thing about our TicketCity review is their selection, prices, and offer FedEx Priority and Saturday Overnight (up to a $30 savings).

TicketCity’s out the door prices are among the lowest of any ticket site. TicketCity can source offline tickets for special requests through their 24 years of relationships in the industry; they are event ticket insiders. The TicketCity review shows that their website is straightforward to use.

It offers guest checkout, instant download tickets, 3D seat view maps, is mobile friendly and accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

They also offer phone and live chat support seven days a week.

Every ticket sold by is guaranteed to be valid and authentic and delivered on time; refunds are provided for canceled events.

Our TicketCity review shows that their website is very easy to use.

3. Any Cons (service fees, shipping, etc.) about TicketCity?

The only negative aspect of our TicketCity review is the mobile version of their site lacks dynamic maps and some advanced filters that help with seat selection, but we’re told a mobile app and updated mobile site are in the works.

TicketCity’s service fees can run north of 20%, but given that shipping is always included, the total price is usually comparable to other ticket sites.

Given that TicketCity provides customers access to the best tickets at the best prices, their service charge is very reasonable compared to others. The mobile version of their site lacks dynamic maps and some advanced filters that help with seat selection.

TicketCity’s service fees can run north of 20%, but a discount may help some.

4. Review Summary: Is TicketCity Good, Reliable, and a Safe Site?

Overall, our review shows they are a good online ticket provider for sporting and bucket list events.

They offer customer service and support seven days a week, to assist customers in any way, shape or form possible to ensure a pleasant buying experience. values their customers and goes above and beyond to make sure that they have access to a huge inventory of tickets to sports games and events, also does its’ best to provide customers with the safest and most secure platform for purchasing tickets today.

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Q Is TicketCity Reliable?

When looking for an online reseller of tickets, it is probably most important to find a reseller that is reliable. It is no great accomplishment to purchase “cheap” discounted tickets if the seller doesn’t actually provide the tickets to you – as requested- and in a timely manner. TicketCity is a reliable ticket reseller in that they will make good on their promise to you . . . the tickets you purchase through a confirmed order will be delivered to you on time and in a satisfactory manner. If you have any problems with your order, TicketCity has a 100% guarantee policy that will ensure you are happy with your transaction.

TicketCity is most definitely a “real” company – not a “scam” or “fake” reseller. This is a lGetegitimate concern for many ticket buyers as you will find lots of great ticket deals listed on the internet today. The difference between a “fly-by-night” ticket seller and TicketCity, is that TicketCity has been an established business since 1990. With a huge client base of very satisfied customers, you can rest assured that tickets you purchase on TicketCity will be legitimate and 100% guaranteed through a secure, confirmed order process.

Q Is TicketCity a Legitimate and Reputable Site?

In a world of fast-paced sporting events, it’s easy to find ticket resellers trying to outdo one another on ticket prices. The demand for reduced rates on tickets has led to an increase in fake sites and ticket “scammers”. It’s important to find a legitimate source when you are looking for discounted tickets. A company like TicketCity, which has been around for over twenty years, is what you need when you are looking for reduced-price tickets to your next sporting event.

The most basic component of a reputable company is whether or not they make good on their promise to you, the consumer. A company is legit and reputable if it provides the product as advertised to you in the manner in which it was stated. In this case, TicketCity is most assuredly a legit and reputable company. Since 1990, they have been selling affordable tickets to sporting events and have amassed a considerable list of returning customers. That can only happen if a business operates in a legitimate manner. Reviews on TicketCity continue to be positive.

Q Is TicketCity Safe to Buy Tickets From?

TicketCity has been in business for more than twenty years. So, if you are questioning whether it is safe to buy from them, remember that they are not a “new” business just hitting the scene. TicketCity has an established reputation and has been a reliable source for tickets for many years. Since starting their business in 1990, TicketCity has sold tickets to over 500,000 clients. When you do business with TicketCity, you become one of a long list of satisfied clients, most of whom have been repeat customers for years.

Q Is TicketCity a Scam?

Event tickets can be quite pricey so it’s only natural that one starts looking for the “best deal” when deciding to attend an event. The internet today has a multitude of ticket resellers. The issue that many people run in to is that many of these resale sites are simply scams. Purchase your tickets today . . . never receive them . . . the site is gone tomorrow. The difference here is that is a real site comprised of a staff of committed individuals that have been selling tickets online since 1990. Purchase your tickets today and TicketCity will be there tomorrow to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Q Is TicketCity Trustworthy?

What makes an online ticket seller “trustworthy”? In most cases, one would consider a ticket seller trusted if you are able to purchase your tickets at a great price, receive the exact tickets you requested in a timely manner and be able to contact that reseller at any time after the sale in order to have your questions answered. If this is your definition of a “trustworthy” site, then TicketCity is most definitely that. They have been doing what they love for over twenty years. That says a lot about this company!

Q What is TicketCity's Guarantee?

It’s important to note that every confirmed TicketCity order is 100% guaranteed. This means that every time you place a ticket order and receive a confirmation of purchase, TicketCity guarantees that the tickets are valid and authentic and that you will receive an on-time delivery. TicketCity also includes event cancellation refunds in their guarantee. And, of course, with every order comes the guarantee of a safe, secure transaction and the benefit of their great customer service (seven days a week!).

The service they provide is backed by a highly competent customer service team made up of sport-loving individuals. TicketCity continues to thrive as a ticket reseller because of its great customer service and commitment to its customers.

Q Why are the Face Value of our Tickets More, and Any Hidden Fees?

You will probably notice that the price you paid for your tickets through TicketCity is higher than the face value printed on the ticket. This is very common. In most cases, all ticket prices are sold for higher than face value. The organization responsible for printing the tickets notes clearly that “ticket prices are subject to change” to allow for such practices. It’s important to note that TicketCity will assess a service charge and Texas state sales tax (if applicable) on all tickets sold, however, TicketCity prices still remain very competitive in the sporting event market and continue to be lower than most other sporting event resellers.

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1 Reviews

Had no issues with them at the venue, and the concert was a blast!

5/ 5

I had a 5 star experience with my order. had the perfect 4 seats together. They arrived on time via mail. Had no issues with them at the venue, and the concert was a blast!

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1 Reviews

I guess I have my ticket at least, since venue had none left

3/ 5

I had to pay way over the value that was on the ticket stub. I didn’t realize that though at first. I wish I would of looked around first. I guess I have my ticket at least, since venue had none left.

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1 Reviews

The price for premium tickets and service fees were to high

3/ 5

Finding tickets available wasn’t to hard using TicketCity, but finding a good price was. All the good tickets sold out fast through the venue, so we had no choice but to choose the resale market. I give it 3 stars because the price for premium tickets and service fees were to high.

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1 Reviews

Not the cheapest tickets, but they are good seats

4/ 5

The tickets I ordered for an upcoming baseball game were not the cheapest tickets, but they are good seats and they were not available at the venue or box office, so didn’t have much choice.

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1 Reviews

I like the free shipping!

4/ 5

Our experience with TicketCity was good, except they didn’t have the exact tickets we were looking for. I like the free shipping!

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1 Reviews

Finding tickets to getting them in the mail went better then I expected

5/ 5

The whole experience of finding tickets to getting them in the mail went better then I expected. Thank you to TicketCity and you guys for the review.

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