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Is TicketLiquidator Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2020?

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Ticket Liquidator Review 2020

TicketLiquidator Review Updated 4/15/20

1. Is Ticket Liquidator a Legit Website?

TicketLiquidator is a legit and safe ticket resale website that been around since 2003, but there are complaints (see below for reliable alternative).

Since opening in 2003 TicketLiquidator has over 17 years of experience buying and selling event tickets.

TicketLiquidator does offer extra discounts ($10 off and more).

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is ticketliquidator legit website

Ticket Liquidator is an online ticket marketplace providing customers with premium seats (plus $10 off your order), better customer service and better prices than any other online ticket provider.

Ticket Liquidator connects customers with sellers to give them the opportunity to attend the most popular events across the country.

They have access to tickets to events that have been sold out from the venue and are either hard or impossible to find elsewhere. They have a nationwide network of sellers that allows them to boast one of the largest online inventories of sports, theatre and concert tickets in the industry. Ticket Liquidator reviews show that they provide customers with prices that are lower than the rates set by most companies in the secondary market.

Ticket Liquidator reviews overall mixed, but they have 17 years selling tickets.


2. What’s Good about TicketLiquidator?

The best thing about Ticket Liquidator reviews is their 100% guarantee.

If an order is accepted but not delivered by the seller or shipped too late for the tickets to arrive in time for the event, Ticket Liquidator provides 100% money-back guarantee. If you were denied entry to an event because of invalid tickets provided to you by a seller, Ticket Liquidator would provide you with 100% money back.

ticket liquidator reviews 2020 legit site

If an event is canceled with no rescheduled date, Ticket Liquidator gives customers a 100% money-back guarantee, which excludes shipping.

This worry-free guarantee ensures that customers are completely secure when they buy tickets through TicketLiquidator.com.

TickLiquidator on BBB.org currently has an A+ rating but must mention there are a few complaints that you should be aware of (see below).

Ticket Liquidator has an A+ rating on BBB.org offering 100% guarantee.


3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.)?

One thing that’s common with ticket resale sites is there are no refunds or exchanges after placing your order on TicketLiquidator.com.

ticketliquidator reviews can I cancel return refunds

Another thing we found with Ticket Liquidator reviews was there were complaints of high-service fees (39% fee currently added to subtotal of your order). This was recently seen when purchasing 2 tickets to an NBA game in Portland, Oregon.

ticket liquidator fees service charges

Sellers who are listing tickets through the website are re-pricing them based on their perception of the popularity of a given event.

This means that the prices of event tickets on Ticket Liquidator will be independent of the face value of the tickets and will usually be priced above face value.

The markup on ticket prices covers the expenses incurred by sellers throughout the process of obtaining premium event tickets.

Sellers usually pay face value as well as additional fees. Some dealers buy from other sellers, which means they pay a markup fee as well.

Only allows refunds if your event is canceled and not rescheduled.


4. Ticket Liquidator Review Summary

Overall, Ticket Liquidator reviews is a great online ticket provider that cares about ensuring customer satisfaction.

They go out of their way to protect customers by using a rating system to rank sellers, who sell tickets through Ticket Liquidator.

They use this system to ensure that customers are treated properly by sellers and have a positive buying experience.

is ticket liquidator legitimate safe

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We can see in this Ticket Liquidator review that they do offer access to a huge inventory of tickets to the best and most popular events around the US.

When you compare Ticket Liquidator vs StubHub, it’s noticable that StubHub is legit with overall positive reviews, and StubHub has a much larger selection of tickets offering VIP packages too, but keep in mind StubHub’s service fees are a bit high (up to 44% fee can be added to subtotal at checkout).


5. Any Good Alternatives?

Here’s our top 2 ticket sites we like and use.


1. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

    > best for sports tickets

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

     > safe and secure ordering process that’s simple

     > 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

     > tickets delivered within minutes after ordering via e-ticket email delivery


2. ScoreBig

    good for concerts, broadway shows, and sports tickets

Why ScoreBig?

We have tested ScoreBig.com and got positive feedback overall from other ScoreBig reviews.

     > 100% safe checkout process

     > extra event ticket protection (get 100% reimbursed and 24/7 assistance) 

     > options to pay w/ debit/credit card, PayPal, and PayPal credit (monthly payments)

     > get 10% off ScoreBig w/ coupon code (welcome10) on your first order

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Q What is TicketLiquidator Guarantee?

Ticket Liquidator has a “worry-free” guarantee. This means that you will receive 100% percent of your money back if you have issues with your purchase. Reasons you may receive a refund include: fraudulent tickets, tickets received too late due to shipping issues, and denial of entry to the event due to cancellation.

Ticket Liquidator also has is a toll-free number where you can reach someone during the business hours of Monday through Friday from 7am-1am (Eastern Time). You can also have a live chat with customer service online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

There is also a customer support email address readily available. If none of these methods suit you, you can easily find Ticket Liquidator on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.

Q Is TicketLiquidator Legit?

Ticket Liquidator is a legit ticket resale website that's easy-to-use to find premium tickets.

Ticket Liquidator has been in business for 17 years because they have garnered a reputation for being a fair-priced, secure and legit site to purchase tickets from. Ticket Liquidator is able to offer its customers direct access to sporting, concert, and theatre events that otherwise might not be available from the venue.

One of the features that makes them a good supplier of online tickets is the pre-event and post-event emails that will be sent to you once you have made your purchase. Your pre-event email will include a weather forecast for the area where the event is to take place, driving directions, and local points of interest –such as the list of the best eating establishments in the area. Your post-event email will include a feedback and opinion section.

Q Is TicketLiquidator Safe to Buy Tickets From?

Ticket Liquidator is a popular ticket resale website due to its number of site visits. With the mass of competition of online ticket resellers, these feats are quite an accomplishment!

Because this site knows how important safe and secure transactions are when conducting business online in today’s market, they have put in to place a multitude of safety measures that ensure their transactions are guaranteed to be legitimate. Some of these safety measures include certified secure checkout, fraud protection technology, and a full 100% money-back guarantee.

Ticket Liquidator also, has an extensive and personalized customer service team that works daily to make your experience a good one. Business practices such as this have made them a reputable online reseller. The company puts a large amount of customer safety and protection guarantees in place to ensure that all of their sales are reputable.

Q Is TicketLiquidator Reliable?

Ticket Liquidator started in 2003, and would not still be in business if it were not a reliable and trustworthy website. You will probably see some negative reviews out there, but Ticket Liquidator has a proven track record in keeping their customer happy and they have a winning reputation.

Furthermore, TicketLiquidator has a 100% money-back guarantee in place to back up their promise.

Q What is TicketLiquidator's Service Fee?

Ticket Liquidator pricing varies depending on the event but it’s safe to say that in most cases Ticket Liquidator is comparable to other ticket resellers out there today.

The total price of the ticket will include the ticket price itself, a service fee and a delivery fee.

The service fee is over 20% percent of the ticket price, which seems to be on the higher end. The delivery fee will vary depending on the location of the shipment.

6 Reviews for Ticket Liquidator Reviews

Maylee 1 Reviews
The tickets arrived within a few days

I bought four tickets for my friends to a concert next month. The tickets arrived within a few days. I felt confident buying from ticket liquidator after reading this review. The only complaint I have is the tickets were a little more than our budget.

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mlivinitup2949 1 Reviews
I did not realize Ticket Liquidator was not the actual center.

I attempted to go to the local U.S Cellular Center to purchase tickets for a Christmas gifts. I did not realize Ticket Liquidator was not the actual center. Spend $213 and 5 minutes later realized that tickets could be purchased for only 27.50 each for the same ticket – I called within 5 minutes of my order to cancel and was refused. I have 6 children and 1 income with no state assistance. This is wrong that it is legal!!!!!!

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Glenn 1 Reviews
The order went through and received our tickets within 2 days.

I could not find any good seats available from the box office, so went with TicketLiquidator.com who had a lot left a week before the game. The order went through and received our tickets within 2 days.

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Aelxa 1 Reviews
A week before the show though it got canceled

TicketLiquidator had a good selection of tickets for our show and got 6 tickets together. A week before the show though it got canceled, and was not rescheduled. We did receive a refund though from TicketLiquidator, so that was good.

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Kaat 1 Reviews
I’d say 4 ouf of 5 star for being overpriced

Overall, it was a good experience using Ticket Liquidator. I’d say 4 ouf of 5 star for being overpriced I believe. That’s my opinion though.

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Spencer 1 Reviews
We were able to get four tickets towards the stage and we got a fair price

We are traveling from the UK to Las Vegas for a vacation and we wanted to get tickets to a concert there. We were able to get four tickets towards the stage and we got a fair price considering they had no more good seats left from the box office.

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