Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2017: Is it Legit & Reliable?


TicketLiquidator Reviews 2017: Is TicketLiquidator Legit and Safe Site?

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TicketLiquidator Review 2017

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Our TicketLiquidator Review 2017 – Is Ticket Liquidator Legit &  Safe Today?

Ticket Liquidator.com is an online ticket marketplace providing customers with more premium tickets, better customer service and better prices than any other online ticket provider. Ticket Liquidator.com connects customers with sellers in order to give them the opportunity to attend the most popular events across the country. They have access to tickets to events that have been sold out and are either hard or impossible to find elsewhere. They have a nationwide network of sellers that allows them to boast one of the largest online inventories of sports, theatre and concert tickets in the industry. Ticket Liquidator review shows that they provide customers with prices that are lower than the prices set by most companies in the secondary market.

They offer premium tickets for different types of popular sporting events, concerts, and theater shows.

TicketLiquidator Reviews 2017 – What I Like

The best thing about Ticket Liquidator review is their 200% guarantee. If an order is accepted but not delivered by the seller or shipped too late for the tickets to arrive in time for the event, Ticket Liquidator.com provides a 200% money-back guarantee. If you were denied entry to an event because of invalid tickets provided to you by a seller, Ticket Liquidator.com will provide you with 200% money back. If an event is cancelled with no rescheduled date, Ticket Liquidator.com provides customers with a 100% money-back guarantee, which excludes shipping. This worry free guarantee ensures that customers are completely secure when they buy tickets through TicketLiquidator.com.

 This 200% worry free guarantee ensures that customers are completely safe.

Ticket Liquidator Reviews 2017 – What I Didn’t Like

The only negative aspect of Ticket Liquidator review is that sellers who are listing tickets though the website are re-pricing them based on their own perception of the popularity of a given event. This means that the prices of event tickets on Ticket Liquidator.com will be independent of the face value of the tickets and will usually be priced above face value. The mark-up on ticket prices covers the expenses incurred by sellers throughout the process of obtaining premium event tickets. Sellers usually pay face value as well as additional fees. Some sellers buy from other sellers, which means they pay a mark-up fee as well.

Prices will be independent of the face value of the tickets and will usually be priced above face value. 

TicketLiquidator Reviews 2017 – Overall Thoughts: Is TicketLiquidator Safe & Reliable?

Overall, Ticket Liquidator review is a great online ticket provider that really cares about ensuring customer satisfaction. They go out of their way to protect customers by using a rating system to rank sellers who sell tickets through Ticket Liquidator.com. They use this system to ensure that customers are treated properly by sellers and have a positive buying experience. Ticket Liquidator review offers customers access to a huge inventory of tickets to the best and most popular events, and they attempt to keep prices as low as possible.

Overall, Ticket Liquidator review shows that they are a great online ticket provider that really cares about ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Conclusion Rating
Ticket Liquidator Guarantee
5 stars
Is TicketLiquidator Reliable?
5 stars
Is TicketLiquidator Legit?
5 stars
Ticket Liquidator Ticket Prices
4 stars
Ticket Liquidator Last Minute Ticket Availability
5 stars
Ticket Liquidator Phone Support
4 stars
Ticket Liquidator Email Support
5 stars
Is TicketLiquidator Safe?
5 stars
Is TicketLiquidator a Scam?
5 stars

29 Comments/Reviews



  • Elva says:
    5 stars

    Used ticket liquidator today to get 3 tickets to see Kevin Hart. Can’t wait to see his show. He’s so funny! Thanks for the review by the way.

  • Kevin says:
    4 stars

    Overall, it was a good experience using Ticket Liquidator. I’d say 4 ouf of 5 star for being overpriced I believe. That’s my opinion though.

  • Adrian Porter says:
    5 stars

    I have used ticket liquidator in the past to buy tickets for the Oklahoma Thunder games. Each time it’s gone well and I would recommend them to anyone in need of any premium event tickets.

  • Claire Taylor says:
    3 stars

    My tickets arrived today from ticketliquidator.com. I can see they are much cheaper on the ticket then what I paid.

  • Glenn Tadina says:
    5 stars

    I could not find any good seats available from the box office, so went with TicketLiquidator.com who had a lot left a week before the game. The order went through and received our tickets within 2 days.

  • Hector says:
    4 stars

    Everything went well with our order. My only complaint was having to pay $75 over face value. A few others sites I checked were just as much though.

  • Sondra K. says:
    5 stars

    Thank you Ticket Liquidator for the seats. Overall, the experience was good and I would buy again.

  • Patricia Warner says:
    4 stars

    First time using TicketLiquidator and I had no problems. The tickets were above face value, but at least I got tickets, since the venue had no more good seats left.

  • Sharon says:
    3 stars

    My only complaint was the ticket prices were $100 over face value, which we did not realize until we got them in the mail. At least we got our tickets to Coachella even.

  • David says:
    5 stars

    Thanks for the write up on this TicketLiquidator review. I hadn’t used them before, so wasn’t sure about them.

  • Marilyn Mill says:
    4 stars

    A few of my friends and I got ourselves good seats to see Luke Bryan. The tickets were above face value, but they all were on the resale market.

  • Margie says:
    4 stars

    I got my tickets in the mail within a few days of ordering. Our tickets were a purchased above face value, which is my only complaint. Besides that all else with the ordering process was good.

  • Lindsay W. says:
    5 stars

    Good discount above! Thank you for the ticket savings and for the legit TicketLiquidator review.

  • Linda Marshal says:

    Have used TicketLiquidator and bought tickets to a show that was sold out. Didn’t know about that site until I found it on this site, Legitticketreviews.com. I was checking a review on another ticket site and came across TicketLiquidator LOL….very cool!

  • Patricia Hay says:
    5 stars

    Ordered tickets today from TicketLiquidator to see one of my favorite artist OneRepublic. Our seats are on the floor too!

  • Stacey H. says:
    5 stars

    The concert was sold out from the venue, but I’m glad that I found ticket liquidator who came through for us in getting us good seats for a reasonable price.

  • Peter says:
    5 stars

    We are traveling from the UK to Las Vegas for a vacation and we wanted to get tickets to a concert there. We were able to get four tickets towards the stage and we got a fair price considering they had no more good seats left from the box office.

  • Natalie Altman says:
    4 stars

    Purchased tickets from outside the US, and I had not issues. I just didn’t like paying well over face value.

  • Julie Gerald says:
    5 stars

    Ordering from TicketLiquidator.com was easy finding the tickets we wanted and the checkout page was simple. Our tickets should be arriving in a couple days now.

  • Dale says:
    5 stars

    Had a good experience buying tickets from them, even buying from outside the US.

  • Frances Reed says:
    5 stars

    We had a good experience with ticketliquidator. I can’t wait for the James Taylor concert in Phoenix. We were able to purchase tickets from the UK and had no issues. Thanks for the discount code and review.

  • Mary Coleman says:
    4 stars

    I bought four tickets for my friends to a concert next month. The tickets should arrive within a few days. I felt confident buying from ticket liquidator after reading this review. The only complaint I have is the tickets were a little more than our budget.

  • Leah Jackson says:
    3 stars

    The only complaint I have was that our tickets were $60 each over face value. I guess since they weren’t available from the box office, this is the price you must pay to get good seats still.

  • John C. says:
    4 stars

    TicketLiquidator was a little more then we wanted to spend, so that’s why the 4 star. We did save some money though with a promo code that LegitTicketReviews provided, so that was nice.

  • Christopher P. says:
    5 stars

    This TicketLiquidator review helped in buying our tickets. We had never purchased tickets from TicketLiquidator before, so weren’t sure what to expect, but all seemed to go well. Our tickets were a little expensive, but we got some excellent seats.

  • Clara Green says:
    4 stars

    I would buy again from TicketLiquidator. I would give my review 4 stars. They had a huge selection of tickets to choose from for our event. We went with floor seats, which was a high price to pay.

  • Sandra Miller says:
    5 stars

    Our experience buying tickets from TicketLiquidator was smooth. Found the seats we wanted for the concert. Purchased them just 3 days before the show too. We were able to print them out at home, and used it just like a ticket stub at the venue to get in. Thank you for the review.

  • Alex Parker says:
    4 stars

    TicketLiquidator had a good selection of tickets for our show. Got 2 tickets on the floor. A week before the show though it got canceled, and was not rescheduled. We did receive a refund though from TicketLiquidator, so that was good.

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