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Is TicketNetwork Legit & Safe Site in 2021?

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TicketNetwork Review 2021

5 Things to Know Before Buying

Review Updated 9/27/2021

1. Is TicketNetwork a Legit Ticket Site?

TicketNetwork.com is a legit online ticket exchange website that’s owned by TicketNetwork Inc., a Connecticut-based ticket software company founded in 2002.

TicketNetwork Inc. paved the way for the creation of a massive online ticket marketplace in the form of TicketNetwork.com. legit ticketnetwork reviews site

With over 18 years of experience, it seems to be a leading online exchange that has over $5.5 billion in ticket inventory.

They have helped thousands of customers gain access to the network of professional ticket-selling companies that list tickets on TicketNetwork.com with more than 100,000 sporting events, concerts, and theater shows worldwide.

is ticketnetwork legit site

TicketNetwork.com sells premium tickets to concerts, sports games and events and theatre performances, including tickets to events that are sold out elsewhere. TicketNetwork reviews found out that they are recognized as being one of the largest ticket exchange on the web.

is ticketnetwork safe to buy tickets

TicketNetwork Inc. paved the way for the creation of a massive online ticket marketplace.


2. What’s Good about TicketNetwork?

The best thing about TicketNetwork is that it is a secure online exchange that provides customers with protection in the form of a 100% money-back guarantee to customers on being authentic tickets and valid for entry to your event.

Another positive is TicketNetwork offers $25 off savings by joining their Mobile Club as you can see below.

ticket network review 2020 savings mobile club

TicketNetwork.com offers the guarantee in the case where an order is accepted, but the seller does not deliver tickets, the order is received, but the tickets are shipped too late to arrive on time for the event or if you were denied entry to an event because of invalid tickets provided by the seller.

TicketNetwork reviews show that they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee if an event is canceled with no rescheduled date.

Payment options accepted are most credit cards, PayPal, and PayPal credit.

payments ticketnetwork paypal credit card

Secure and safe online exchange that provides customers with protection.

ticketnetwork reviews legit deals banner


3. Any Cons (service fees, shipping, etc.)?

A common thing among ticket sites is that all sales are final after ordering, which goes the same for TicketNetwork.

The only time you can get a refund is if your event gets canceled and not rescheduled.

can I cancel my ticketnetwork order refunds

Another common complaint seen among TicketNetwork reviews is their ticket prices and service fees.

The service fee for TicketNetwork (not shown until checkout) can be up to 33% of subtotal added to your order.

ticketnetwork service fee charges event tickets

One negative aspect of TicketNetwork reviews is that single tickets are not usually available, as they are harder to sell. Sellers do not want to be stuck with tickets, so they buy and sell them in bulk.

Sellers typically prefer to list tickets on TicketNetwork.com in pairs to increase the chance that the tickets will be sold. This is mainly because entertainment events are social events that people do not attend alone. In cases where people are looking for single tickets, it’s unlikely that TicketNetowork.com will be able to provide that.

TicketNetwork actually operates several ticket websites, including Ticket Liquidator.

You’ll see complaints usually about high-priced tickets and service fees.


4. TicketNetwork Review Summary

Overall, TicketNetwork is a good online ticket resale marketplace with over 13 years experience.

As shown below, TicketNetwork on BBB.org has a A+ rating even with a 1 out of 5 stars and with over 160 complaints the last 3 years. 

ticketnetwork reviews bbb rating

They have been nationally awarded and are recognized as the biggest ticket marketplace on the internet.

TicketNetwork.com has a good selection of quality tickets to events that can be sold-out form the venue or primary ticket holder already.

TicketNetwork has a dedicated team of professionals, including live agents on call, who work hard to ensure that customers have the most up-to-date information about upcoming live events and real-time access to tickets.

TicketNetwork reviews reveal that they provide the highest level of customer service, cutting edge security, a 100% money-back guarantee and competitive prices.


5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

Here are our top 3 ticket sites to compare for the best deal.

1. TickPick

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway shows

Why TickPick?

We have tested TickPick.com and TickPick is legit that has positive feedback overall from other TickPick reviews.

> no hidden fees and easy ordering process compared to other sites

> best price guarantee and up-front pricing (no service fees)

> grades every ticket from sellers based on price and seat quality

> options to pay w/ PayPal or zip (4 interest-free payments)

> ticket search w/360-degree seat view

stubhub vs tickpick reviews savings


2. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

> best for sports tickets

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

We have tested Ticket Masters Resale and got overall positive feedback from most Ticket Master reviews.

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

> safe and secure ordering process

> 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

> tickets delivered within minutes w/ e-ticket email deliveries

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


3. Vivid Seats

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway tickets

Why VividSeats?
We have tested VividSeats.com and was good for us, although there are mixed VividSeats reviews., but recently rebranded with better support.

> 100% guarantee with safe ordering

> largest independent secondary ticket marketplace to live events

> the official ticket provider of ESPN

> good prices compared to most ticket sites

> voted best in-house customer support team

> extra event protection add-on at checkout (100% reimbursed if an accident)

viagogo vs vivid seats ticket review sites legit


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Q Is TicketNetwork Reliable?

It is extremely difficult to remain in business in the ticket market for over 10 years if you are not a reliable and reputable website. TicketNetwork has proven itself reliable over the years through continued growth, and an increased number of buyers and sellers presently versus 2007.

The website’s 100% guarantee and commitment to a positive experience have allowed them to establish themselves as a model of reliability over the years.

Q Is TicketNetwork Legit and a Reputable Site?

Established in 2002 with a go-live date in 2007 TicketNetwork was created to connect ticket sellers with ticket buyers. Simply put, TicketNework created an interactive marketplace for anyone wanting to buy or sell tickets to virtually any sporting event, concert, Broadway production, or live show.

The price is determined by the seller and the website offers a 100% money back guarantee for any customer whose experience failed to meet expectations. The company based out of Connecticut is not only legitimate but offers a more differentiated product line than its competitors.

Scam is undoubtedly a four-letter word all too common in today’s ticket marketplace of buying and selling. Whether its eBay, Amazon, or Craigslist, everyone has a responsibility to put their own security measures in place to make sure every transaction is reliable. One thing TicketNetwork does is they validate all of its sellers to make sure they are legit and trustworthy.

Q Is TicketNetwork Safe to Buy Tickets From?

Yes! With over 10 years experience in the ticket industry, TicketNetwork is a safe site to buy your tickets from today. As a buyer, when shopping on the TicketNetwork website you will be quickly introduced to a home page that allows to search for the event you are interested in attending. Because TicketNetwork is not selling the tickets themselves, you are easily directed to a list of sellers for the venue of your choice. There are no pop-ups, and you are not overwhelmed with ads.

TicketNetwork can be counted on by the consumer regardless of the popularity of the event which has continued to draw new customers and repeat business for years.

The overall perception by consumers is that TicketNetwork.com will do whatever necessary for their customer as evidenced by several testimonials left on the site. Testimonials that even referenced how TicketNetwork performed when faced with logistical challenges. The overall reliability of the site which offers customer service 7 days per week has been a driving force in establishing how reputable the company is as well.

Q What is TicketNetwork's Guarantee?

TicketNetwork makes a pledge to its customers stating that they 100% guarantee a buyer’s satisfaction in the purchasing process. This is based on two events that must happen. The tickets must arrive before the event AND your tickets must be the ones you ordered or better than the ones you paid for. If both of these don’t happen, the guarantee becomes actionable.

Also, if the event gets canceled and not re-scheduled then you will receive your money back.

TicketNetwork Customer Service is available 7 days per week until 1AM. They can be contacted via phone or email and have a stone cold reputation for taking care of the customer at all costs.

The website is full of testimonials that specifically reference Customer Service’s ability to overcome obstacles in the transaction process. The TicketNetwork team is clearly dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience.

16 Reviews for TicketNetwork Reviews

meconsult.rr39 1 Reviews
I feel Like a fool…..

I thought I was on the Ordway Website ordering tickets to a play over one month in advance. I saw the price was high, over $500.00 a ticket. My wife wanted to go so badly I continued on to order tickets. After I hit the Order button, I was able to see a $390.00 Service fee was charged to my account also for a total of $1658.00 for two seats I can still get today for $222.00 at the Ordway site (I thought I was on in the first place). I immediately attempted to get a refund. No-Go on that. Keep in mind this event was over one month away and I would have been refunded ticket prices and not the service fee ($390.00). I spent hours on hold to get to the customer service department. Stephanie was a real Jerk to deal with. She told me our conversation was being recorded. I requested a transcript from Stephanie but she promptly refused to comply. I did file a dispute with my credit card company for the $390.00 Service Fee. This is not the end but just the beginning of a long process using all the legal tools I have.

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 0
mimifinch260 1 Reviews
TicketNetwork is a sham

We booked two tickets ($400) for Wicked in June. When it was canceled I was told multiple stories about receiving a refund. After 3 months and 4 phone calls, and many hours later, I got the truth. They will not refund my money, even though THEY canceled the show. They will only talk to you about rebooking, which is not possible since we live in the deep south. DO NOT do business with these people!

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 0
p.perry2 1 Reviews

can’t contact ANYONE on the phone. they send emails, telling how they are experiencing calls and emails.. NO RESPONSE.. They suck!

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 0
sagerondale89 1 Reviews
12 hour from time that email was sent……REALLY?!

9 months after the original date of Billie Eilish concert an email was finally sent to ticket holders stating that they had 12 hours from the time that the email was sent to request a full refund otherwise they would receive a voucher for 120% of the original ticket price that expires ONE year from the date of issue (12/8/2021). The idea that everyone is able to respond to an email within 12 hours of the sender sending it is BEYOND OUTRAGEOUS and ILLEGAL! I see a lawsuit in their future….another one! Where is the humanity! Billie Eillish and other artist better stand up and do what is right! Fight for the fans that have done everything they can to support you! #consumeraffairs #billieeillish #iwantmymoneyback

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 0
coleyj768 1 Reviews
Shady business practices

I purchased RATM tickets before Covid, then received a message that the event would be rescheduled. Now that it has, I cannot attend the new date. I emailed asking to cancel, and they are not giving refunds!!! Not at all, and no matter what. It’s super shady. They’re keeping everyones money, and they know most people are having a hard time right now.

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 0
Gary 1 Reviews
They seem to be a legit company and our tickets arrived just a few days after ordering.

All seemed to go well with our order. The price for our tickets were expensive though. I’d probably buy again though if we needed good seats to another concert. They seem to be a legit company and our tickets arrived just a few days after ordering.

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 3 Love 0
scurl5551 1 Reviews
Buying from Ticket Network is the worst purchasing decision I have ever made.

Do not use this company – they will take your money for months and not give you your tickets. They do not have the tickets available that they list on their website. I bought 12 tickets to a show from Ticket Network over a month ago and immediately received 8 of my 12 tickets as you would expect from any ticket reseller. The problem is that they did not deliver the other 4 tickets and their customer service reps have been rude, arrogant and just awful to deal with. They continuously lie to me and have refused my request to speak with a manager. They claim that the tickets have not yet been released from the venue which I know is not true as they have delivered 8 of the tickets from the block. Despite this going on for over a month paying 4 times the retail price, they still have not delivered the 4 final tickets. They are telling me I will find out if they have the tickets the day before the event and have basically taken all of the joy out of buying tickets and the event we have planned for our family outing. How do we choose which 4 will not get tickets as it looks like they will not come through? I have already lost hours contacting them and left my phone number for a manager to call me, which has not happened. My guess is that they are going to try and find them from another scalper at the last minute and there is a risk they may not be able to get the tickets. If they had the tickets, I would have sent them already and I know they have been released from the venue. They even tried to reassure me with a money-back guarantee. If I wanted the money and not the tickets, I wouldn’t have bought them – I want to take my family to this show. Obviously something is serious wrong with these final four tickets and the company is behaving suspiciously as 8 of the 12 tickets were delivered and they are being cagey about the final 4 tickets. I regret I did not check this site and these terrible reviews on this company before I made the purchase. I have booked tickets online from all over the world from various suppliers and have never received such dishonest treatment by a supplier. Further, I have never not had the tickets delivered after I paid for them. Buying from Ticket Network is the worst purchasing decision I have ever made.

Was this review ...? Interesting 4 LOL 0 Love 0
vi.wilson19775 1 Reviews
Run around and ripoff

12/16/19 – My mom bought tickets in August for a show in December. She was told she would receive a call “close to time of the show” with instructions about how to get her tickets. The call never came so my mother called them. Boy did she ever get the run-around and still hasn’t gotten her tickets – $170 for two tickets. If she ever receives the tickets in time for the show I’ll write another review. But so far I would stick to the better ticket companies – Ticketmaster, StubHub, etc.

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markpresto16 1 Reviews
Beware getting tickets from TicketNetwork

We ordered tickets for Trans Siberian Orchestra and paid $292.73 for two mezzanine 11th row seats. Within minutes we tried to cancel the tickets. They refused. A horrible policy. Tickets were available by going to the Wells Fargo site at $195 (all in for 2 tickets) for 3rd row floor seats. So they rip you off right from the beginning by charging much more for much worse seats. Be careful what website you link to when looking for tickets.

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purple000012284 1 Reviews
Never received tickets

I ordered tickets a month in advance with a guaranteed delievery date of 72 hrs prior to the event. I called 72 hrs ahead to ticketnetwork and was assured I’d have them by the end of the day, which didnt happen. I called the next day and was assured again and told they would be expedited and emailed by the end of the day, which didnt happen. I called the morning of the event and was again assueed i would have them by the event time. Ticketwork contacted me 7 hrs prior to the event to inform me my tickets weren’t available. They have 100% guarantee so I was able to get a refund, even though it has been 3 days now and I still dont have a credit on my card and didnt go to the event. Overall, I’m very disappointed as is the rest of my family who was looking forward to the event. Not to mention all the time spent calling to get statues of the tickets that never came. I will not be using them in the future for tickets.

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 0 Love 0
Mrjones33144 1 Reviews

I paid $180.00 for two PARKING PASSES. I attempted to buy two last minute TICKETS to killswitch engage in Philadelphia. I surmise that at the last moment before clicking “confirm my order” that the fine print indicated that the tickets were actually parking passes instead of GA tickets to the show. Customer service did nothing. I was “credited” $90.00 as a “courtesy…. I missed the show, and essentially paid $210.00 for parking if I include the $30.00 I paid for the actual parking pass when I arrived at the show. FUCK YOU ticketnetwork.com #dieslow

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mongolloyd329 1 Reviews
These people are crooks: stay away

Don’t trust them! They don’t actually hold the tickets and if you don’t get your tickets they will run you around and try to avoid giving you a refund. Their “fees” are insane. Definitely do NOT USE THEM!

Was this review ...? Interesting 3 LOL 0 Love 1
tcphillips91877 1 Reviews
This company sucks

This company sucks. Purchased two tickets to a Christian concert. Found out 5 min later I was overcharge 4-fold. Called to cancel right away, before tickets were delivered, before even received confirmation email, and was told No. On top of scalping me 4x the ticket price, there was a $25 fee for each ticket AND a $8 email fee to email me the tickets. Which i didnt notice right away because I was purchasing on my phone and it didnt show up til the end. This place sucks and scalping tickets should be illegal!!

Was this review ...? Interesting 4 LOL 1 Love 1
Patrick 1 Reviews
The added fee was a lot

The price for our tickets I got for my friends were expensive. The added fee was a lot! I wasn’t expecting that. The box office had nothing left, so we didn’t have much options.

Was this review ...? Interesting 1 LOL 1 Love 0
Eric 1 Reviews
This was club level, which included food and drinks

Our seats were in the 200 level at the Moda Center in Portland for a Blazers game. This was club level, which included food and drinks. I just wish we didn’t have to pay $185 per ticket.

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 0
Emma 1 Reviews
Ticket were emailed to us soon after ordering

My family and I got ourselves tickets for a disney on ice show. Ticket were emailed to us soon after ordering, which was the best option for us, since we are traveling and don’t have to wait for the tickets to be shipped.

Was this review ...? Interesting 0 LOL 0 Love 0