TicketNetwork Reviews 2017: Legit, Good & Safe?


TicketNetwork Reviews 2017: Is TicketNetwork Safe, Legit & Reliable?

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TicketNetwork Review 2017

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Our TicketNetwork Reviews 2017 – Is TicketNetwork Legit?

TicketNetwork.com is the retail website of TicketNetwork Inc., a Connecticut-based ticket software company founded in 2002. TicketNetwork Inc. paved the way for the creation of a massive online ticket marketplace in the form of TicketNetwork.com. The website was launched in 2007 and has helped thousands of customers gain access to the network of independent sellers that list tickets on TicketNetwork.com The sellers range from people with unwanted tickets to professional ticket brokers and collectively, they offer over 7.5 million live event tickets on TicketNetwork.com on a daily basis. TicketNetwork.com sells premium tickets to concerts, sports games and events and theatre performances, including tickets to events that are sold out elsewhere. TicketNetwork review found out that they are recognized as being the largest ticket exchange on the web.

TicketNetwork Inc. paved the way for the creation of a massive online ticket marketplace.

TicketNetwork Reviews 2017 – What I Like

The best thing about TicketNetwork review is that it is a secure online exchange that provides customers with protection in the form of a 200% money back guarantee to customers. TicketNetwork.com offers the guarantee in case where an order is accepted but tickets are not delivered by the seller, the order is accepted but the tickets are shipped too late to arrive on time for the event or if you were denied entry to an event because of invalid tickets provided by the seller. TicketNetwork review shows that they also offer a 100% money back guarantee if an event is cancelled with no rescheduled date.

Secure and safe online exchange that provides customers with protection in the form of a 200% money back guarantee.

TicketNetwork Reviews 2017 – What I Didn’t Like

The only negative aspect of TicketNetwork review is that single tickets are not usually available, as they are harder to sell. Sellers do not want to be stuck with tickets, so they buy and sell them in large quantities. Sellers typically prefer to list tickets on TicketNetwork.com in pairs in order to increase the chance that the tickets will be sold. This is mainly due to the fact that entertainment events are social events that people do not attend alone. In cases where people are looking for single tickets, it’s unlikely that TicketNetowork.com will be able to provide that.

In cases where people are looking for single tickets, it’s unlikely that they will be able to provide that.

TicketNetwork Reviews 2017 – Overall Thoughts: Is TicketNetwork Safe & Reliable?

Overall, TicketNetwork review is a great online ticket marketplace. They have been nationally awarded and are recognized as the biggest ticket marketplace on the internet. TicketNetwork.com has the best selection of quality tickets to the best events and they even offer last minute availability. They have a dedicated team of professionals, including live agents on call, who work hard to ensure that customers have the most up-to-date information about upcoming live events and real-time access to tickets. TicketNetwork review reveals that they provide the highest level of customer service, cutting edge security, a 200% money back guarantee and competitive prices.

Overall, TicketNetwork.com is a great online ticket marketplace.

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Conclusion Rating
TicketNetwork Guarantee
5 stars
Is TicketNetwork Reliable?
5 stars
Is TicketNetwork Legit?
5 stars
TicketNetwork Ticket Prices
4 stars
TicketNetwork Last Minute Ticket Availability
5 stars
TicketNetwork Phone Support
4 stars
TicketNetwork Email Support
5 stars
Is TicketNetwork Safe?
5 stars
Is TicketNetwork a Good Site?
5 stars

44 Comments/Reviews

  • Kristy says:

    Never heard back about an error that they mentioned I couldn’t purchase a ticket. I was on hold for over an hour without a response. I provided a driver license and now have heard from them.

  • Lars says:
    5 stars

    The tickets came in the mail just 4 days after ordering. No complaints about ticketnetwork from me.

  • Patrica Lendo says:
    3 stars

    The price for my tickets I got for my friends was expensive. The added fee was crazy! I wasn’t expecting that. The box office had nothing, so we didn’t have much options.

  • Adam Chapman says:
    5 stars

    I’m a huge nascar fan and I’m going to see the sprint cup series and can’t wait.

  • Linda says:
    5 stars

    Ordered from Ticiket Network today to see Grizzlies play the Blazers in the playoffs this weekend. Tickets weren’t cheap, but at least I was able to get lower level.

  • B. says:
    5 stars

    I called customer service. Something happened with my credit card order. The rep was extremely helpful. I managed to get different tickets (better seats), more expensive, but my mother will be pleased and, at the end of the day, that’s most important.

  • James Taafe says:
    4 stars

    Everything went good with our order. I just didn’t like having to pay $65 over face value per ticket.

  • Alice Lewis says:
    4 stars

    The price for my tickets was much more then I wanted to pay. Couldn’t find any other good seats available though, so I am glad I could still get a good seat.

  • Gene says:
    5 stars

    Ordered tickets today for Madonna concert. I’ve used this site before, so I know they’re good.

  • Kris M. says:
    5 stars

    The experience was good from finding the right tickets to getting them in the mail. No problems here.

  • Jerald says:
    4 stars

    Ordered my tickets today to see Taylor Swift, which were not cheap. I was glad to still get tickets thought, since they had none at the box office.

  • Richard Talbott says:
    5 stars

    I really like TicketNetwork’s 125% guarantee. I’ve used them once before and it went well.

  • josh says:
    1 stars

    If all you want is a ticket then you are fine BUT Don’t believe that you will get the actual ticket you order AND Don’t expect that they will be at all helpful after the sale is made.

    First, I am very thorough when ordering tickets. I don’t usually like balcony tickets but I found some through SeatGeek that were “Balcony 3, Row J.” They redirected me to TicketNetwork. The only reason that I went with Balcony is because Balcony 3 was right in the middle. I ordered 2 tickets all the while making sure they were Balcony 3. When I receive my tickets they are Balcony 1 (ALL THE WAY ON THE SIDE!!!!!!). Pissed I call to straighten this out, should be doable still a month and a half until the show. NOPE these (expletives) sit back and do nothing by saying the receipt says “BALC Row J” and this is what I received. I can’t help that your print out only takes the first 4 letters. No Help! No explanation! No Exchange!
    All a customer really wants is know that a company cares about it’s customer base. All yall needed to do was send the correct tickets or attempt to correct your mistake. Instead you play games. I will take this ticket and send my business elsewhere.

    • Mike says:

      I’m sorry to hear this happened. I’ve seen problems before where a customer receives the wrong ticket, but it is rare. For a lot of resale sites they have an option on the checkout that’s usually selected where if your tickets are not available they’ll upgrade you to comparable or better seats. It can be tough to know what’s comparable though. Almost all resale sites are just the go-between from the seller or ticket holder to the customer. You do have the option to put your tickets up for sale, and I would probably use StubHub to do that.

  • Rebecca says:
    5 stars

    Went to see Taylor Swift recently and it was a lot of fun. That was my first time buying from ticketnetwork and it worked out fine.

  • Ann Carlson says:
    5 stars

    Good site with fair prices compared to most ticket companies.

  • Rick G. says:

    TicketNetwork had many seats still available just a week before the show. Ordered 4 tickets together in the club level. They should be good seats!

  • Stephanie Sayer says:
    4 stars

    The price was more then I wanted to spend, but we did get floor seats to a concert that was sold out from the venue.

  • Debra says:
    5 stars

    Our tickets to the Knicks game was a little late, but still in time before the game. Besides that, all else with the order was good.

  • Matt Tomlison says:
    5 stars

    Just got the Fleetwood Mac tickets today in the mail. All went good with the order.

  • Charles Wilson says:
    4 stars

    Did receive our tickets on time in the mail. The ticket prices were just over face value.

  • Kevin R. says:
    5 stars

    My family is taking a trip to the US in a week and we got ourselves tickets from TicketNetwork for disney on ice frozen show.

  • Bethany says:
    5 stars

    We’er taking a trip to Arizona next month and got reasonable priced tickets to see 5 Seconds of Summer concert. Thanks for the TicketNetwork review and discount savings.

  • Aurther Mosher says:
    4 stars

    Purchased my ticekts from outside the US and had not problems with my order, except having to pay way over face value.

    • Jenn says:

      I know this comment was from over a year ago but I was just wondering if maybe you could help me out. How soon did your tickets arrive? I also ordered from outside the US (Canada) and their suggested ship date is only a week before the concert date and it’s going to take me a few days to get to the city (San Francisco) where the show takes place as I’m driving cross-country. I’m just nervous that I’m not going to receive the tickets in time.

  • Alesha Alt says:
    5 stars

    I purchased last minute tickets to a concert for my friends and I. We picked them up at the venue and went into the show without any problems.

  • Samuel Allison says:
    5 stars

    I am pleased with their service, which was easy to use and I found good seats.

  • Thomas says:
    5 stars

    I got my tickets in the mail already and purchased from outside the US. All in all it was a good experience with them.

  • Johansen Olsen says:
    4 stars

    I’m taking a trip this summer with my friends from Norway to California and we wanted to get tickets to a concert there. We used ticketnetwork.com, which seem to have the tickets we wanted for a fair price.

  • Suzanne Lawrence says:
    5 stars

    I got tickets to a Oklahoma City Thunder game this week and all went well. I found the seats I wanted for a fair price and the tickets arrived on time.

  • Shelly H. says:
    5 stars

    This was my first time buying from ticketnetwork.com, so I was a little scared at first. This review though helped give me confidence to buy from them knowing that they are a legit company and that tickets I ordered will get to me on time. Thanks for the positive experience.

  • Gary Crowther says:
    3 stars

    All seemed to go well with our order. The price for our tickets were expensive though. I’d probably buy again though if we needed good seats to another concert. They seem to be a legit company and our tickets arrived just a few days after ordering.

  • Deana Pratt says:
    4 stars

    My only complaint was the price of our tickets was way above face value, but what can you expect when going to a George Strait concert that probably sold out within minutes or days of it going on sale at the box office. I just waited too long to get our tickets.

  • Ken says:
    5 stars

    I am glad that I found this site before buying, because we were able to save $15 with the discount you guys provided. Thanks for the review and savings on our tickets. I’ll be back again next time I’m in the of more.

  • Kathleen says:
    5 stars

    A friend had recommended them. I have never purchased tickets before online, except through the venue. They were easy to order from, and I had no issues.

  • Marie M. says:
    3 stars

    That ticket prices on the ticketnetwork were a little expensive. We ended up getting tickets anyway, but next time I’ll compare other sites first. Ticketnetwork does seem to be a legit company though.

  • Mark Kaufmann says:
    5 stars

    TicketNetwork seems legit to me. They had the perfect tickets that we wanted. Got our tickets already shipped. I can’t wait for the George Strait concert. I’m so excited.

  • Leslie Warren says:
    3 stars

    Besides our tickets being a little more then we wanted to pay for tickets, everything else went well. Thanks for the TicketNetwork review!

  • Ella C. says:
    4 stars

    Our seats were in the 200 level at the Moda Center in Portland for a Blazers game. This was Club level, which included food and drinks. I just wish we didn’t have to pay $200 per ticket.

  • Logan Walker says:
    5 stars

    Thanks for the TicketNetwork review and for the promo codes. It’s great knowing your getting legit tickets, and being able to save a little money.

  • John says:
    3 stars

    The review was helpful, but the ticket prices at TicketNetwork for the seats we purchased were a bit over our budget. These resale markets are not cheap. When no more premium tickets are available from the venue though you don’t really have a choice. We’ll still enjoy the show.

  • Debbie Myers says:

    Don’t buy from them!! I purchased Keith Urban tickets for sept 12, 2013. Keith urban did not show up due to travel/ weather issues. He rescheduled for another night but offered full refund. We were not able to attend (guests traveled from South Carolina). ticket network quit answering there phones and would not respond to emails.

  • Ken Thompson says:
    5 stars

    I found TicketNetwork to be very easy to find and buy tickets. The order processing was fast too. I received an email confirmation right away, and was told the tickets would arrive in 3 days. Just waiting on tickets now to arrive in mail. Can’t wait for the show this weekend.

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