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5 Things You Should Know
Good Seat Tickets Review 2020

1. What is Good Seat Tickets and is Good Seat Tickets Legit?

GoodSeatTickets.com is one of the largest ticket exchanges on the internet, providing customers with a huge selection of the best possible seats to events, even when tickets to an event have been sold out from the box office venue.

GoodSeatTickets.com offers customers good seats, great prices, and guaranteed tickets.

They have a team of dedicated professional who is always working hard to ensure that customers have access to current information about ongoing and upcoming live events. Good Seat Tickets review shows that they provide real-time access to tickets and advanced security so that customers have a safe and secure place to shop for tickets

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GoodSeatTickets.com offers customers good seats, great prices and guaranteed tickets.

2. What’s Good about Good Seat Tickets?

The best thing about GoodSeatTickets review is that they offer and stand behind the guarantee that all tickets obtainable through their website are 100% authentic.

GoodSeatTickets.com ensures that each customer purchasing tickets from their website will receive their ordered tickets or tickets that are comparable to or better than the ones originally purchased. They also guarantee that any tickets ordered will be delivered on time for the event.

Another fantastic aspect of using GoodSeatTickets.com is that they do not believe in raising prices dramatically to increase profit margins. They utilize efficient technologies and an innovative business model that allows them to sell tickets at a price that is the lowest in the industry.

All tickets obtainable through their website are 100% authentic.

3. Any Cons (service fees, shipping, etc.) about Good Seat Tickets?

The only negative aspect of GoodSeatTickets review is that orders can be rejected.

The exchange is set up in such a way that ticket listing is not updated immediately. They must be updated manually by the seller. This means that tickets may have been ordered by and sold to another customer before you had a chance to submit your order. If this happens, the order you place is rejected. This can be a let-down if it happens to you, but GoodSeatTickets.com has customer service representatives who can help you find similar seats at the same price.

The only negative aspect of GoodSeatTickets.com is that orders can be rejected.

4. Review Summary: Is Good Seat Tickets Good, Reliable, and a Safe Site?

GoodSeatTickets.com is an online ticket provider who believes in achieving customer fulfilment for every customer, on every order.

They charge fair prices for the tickets they sell. Their prices are known to be one of the lowest in the industry and GoodSeatTickets.com emphasizes growing their business without any increases in cost to their customers.

GoodSeatTickets review shows that they are committed to providing their customers peace of mind and overall enjoyable experience when buying tickets from their website. The guarantee that they offer on their tickets is great, and it shows how trustworthy and reliable GoodSeatTickets.com is.

5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

One ticket site below we’ve tested and recommend is the first fan-to-fan ticket exchange verified by TicketMaster, and is:

The only resale site to guarantee 100% verified tickets in your name.

good seat tickets reviews 2020 or ticketmaster ticket exchange legit site

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Q Is Good Seat Tickets Reliable?

“Is GoodSeatTickets.com a reliable site to buy tickets from?” is one of the most common questions asked about the company, which is likely due to the fact that their pricing and policies almost seem too good to be true. GoodSeatTickets.com started in 2009 and is indeed a reliable website that is perfectly capable of delivering on its promises.

Q Is Good Seat Tickets a Legitimate and Reputable Site?

If you’ve been on some of the other ticket broker websites out there and tried to find your way around them, you’ll probably recognize pretty quickly that GoodSeatTickets.com is a legit and reputable website that is currently an accredited business on BBB.org with an overall "B" rating. The site is clear and well-organized, which makes it much easier to scout out the best tickets. Also, after you’ve found what you were looking for, the checkout process is a quick, convenient and painless experience.

Q What is GoodSeatTickets Service Fees?

The service fee or charge for buying tickets from GoodSeatTickets.com is currently about 30% of the subtotal, which is on the higher end compared to other ticket sites today. The service fee is indicated in a breakdown of the total ticket price after you enter your credit card or PayPal information, but before you confirm the order.

9 Reviews for Good Seat Tickets Reviews


1 Reviews

Good seats tickets

2/ 5

Good seat will list a low price for ticket at an event but, when you go to check out they almost double the price with hidden fees. When I called in they confirmed this. This classifies them as porch monkey whores.. If you like to get screwed, go ahead and use them.

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1 Reviews


1/ 5

DO NOT BOOK! They charged my credit card, then sent me an email saying “There’s been an error processing your request”. Still not having heard back from them on the day of the show, we rang them. They said “We’ll send you your tickets in 1hr”. I waited 2hrs and called, they then said “Sorry, there are no tickets left for that show tonight”. They gave me a refund, but why charge me in the first place if you can’t guarantee tickets?!

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1 Reviews

Worst experience ever!

1/ 5

Do not purchasing tixs from “Good Seats”. Bought 2 tix 2 months b4 the event only to end up calling & arguing with more than 1 cust rep, & supervisor about not receiving my tixs. The same way they took my money, I expected to get my tixs. Long story short, opened a dispute against “G.S” with my bank and got my refund back. Avoid the headache, time, & disappointment of not attending an event because of this vendor.

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1 Reviews


1/ 5

So here it is—the DAY BEFORE the Jonas Brothers concert AND I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY TICKETS! I bought them on June 9th–paid almost SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS–good seat tickets took the money but I have yet to get my mobile tickets. I have emailed and called many times and have not gotten my tickets! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

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1 Reviews

ordered seats, got GA

1/ 5

We had a terrible experience.We ordered 3 seats but got 3 tix for general admission. Called customer service. Was put on hold for 40 minutes. Then told “touch luck.” Worst experience in my 440 years of buing tickets.

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1 Reviews


1/ 5

I bought 3 tickets on 7/16/2019. Nowhere on their web site does it say tickets will be e-mailed 2 days before the event. Once I found this out I called their customer service that I was traveling prior to the show and wanted to see if the tickets could be delivered earlier. They promised to do so, but never delivered them after three attempts (everyone lied). I was force to call the credit card people and dispute the transaction. I received a refund from the credit card company no thanks to Goodseattickets. I wouldn’t buy tickets from these jokers even if they were free. I don’t see how they stay in business.

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1 Reviews

Invalid Tickets

1/ 5

On April 26, 2019, I had bought 6 tickets for The Pink Martini concert in Montreal Maison Symphonique on July 6, 2019 7:00 PM. At the concert entrance, they told us that those tickets are not valid and our seats had been sold to other peoples. You can imagine our disappointment; after 8 hours of driving from New York to Montreal with friends, rent a place to stay, dress up, go to that concert, and find out we cannot get in! This was a very bad surprise and I cannot understand how this could happen.

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1 Reviews

Horrible Experience

1/ 5

I ordered 3 Concert tickets from them yesterday and I Never got a email stating saying my. Purchase was complete and I never got a order number or confirmation number and when I called them about it . They’re Customer Service Department was EXTREMELY Rude !! Then They charged my credit card 3 more times for 3 tickets I purchased from another website for The Ed Sheeran Concert In September. I have No Idea how they knew I purchased those tickets from another website ( I used “Cheap Tickets) when I purchased . The Ed Sheeran Concert . So, I’m wondering if they’re working as a 2nd or 3rd party for “ Cheap Tickets “ and that is how they were able to charge my credit card 3 times for that concert ? . My Credit Card Company Called me because of the 3 major charges of the same activity on my account within a 2 hour period!! .My CreditCard Company immediately froze them from charging anything else on my card . I Would Highly recommend NOT to use them !! Never had a experience like this with any other company!!

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1 Reviews

Want my tickets

1/ 5

Ordered tickets several months ago and event is on Sunday and they still have not sent email link to print my tickets. 1st call to them said would be available closer to date of event. Called today 3 days before concert and said 24-48 hours before event. I feel if you took my money right away I should get my tickets right away. I will not be using these people again and do not recommend them.

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