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Is TicketsMate Legit & Safe in 2022?

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TicketsMate Review

5 Things to Know Before Buying

Review Updated 1/2/2022

1. Is TicketsMate Legit?

TicketsMate offers a legit and safe platform for licensed ticket brokers to sell tickets on for sporting events, concerts, and Broadway shows, but there are some negative Ticketsmate reviews to be aware of below (see our top alternative ticket sites below).

Keep in mind, TicketsMate charges a 30% service fee to subtotal that’s hidden until the checkout.

Although the tickets are not primarily owned, the company assures all of its clients that the tickets that they sell are authentic and legit.

Security has also been assured, and so far, there have been no reports on TicketsMate that spoke about the customer’s information is in jeopardy.



There are a lot of customers who wrote in their TicketsMate reviews that they often mistake TicketsMate with Ticketmaster which is another website selling tickets. Both websites are legit companies although there are a few significant differences between the two. But getting past the confusion in the name, TicketsMate is slowly getting more publicity even if the other company is much more famous.

ticketsmate reviews 2020 order

TicketsMate is a secondary ticket broker which means that the tickets that they sell on the website are already added with a markup value, and customers need to pay a certain percentage of service fees too. TicketsMate will tell future customers about what to expect as far as charges go.


2. What’s Good About TicketsMate?

Plenty of TicketsMate reviews mentioned the following positives:

> good selection of tickets

> floor seats and courtside tickets for certain events

> FedEx shipping with tracking

The tickets are also delivered accurately through FedEx.

Some TicketsMate reviews also mentioned that for certain events tickets can be picked up right at the event venue.

Also, seats from TicketsMate will be together side-by-side, in less otherwise stated, as shown below.



3. Any Cons (service fees, shipping, etc.)?

There were a few complaints that customers had stated in their TicketsMate reviews regarding their purchase.

The common complaints in TicketsMate reviews were:

> higher-priced tickets then face value

> service and delivery fees are hidden until checkout

> ticket delivery delayed, but still arrived before the event

One common complaint is TicketsMate charges a 30% service fee.

Also, on the order below, there was an $8.95 delivery fee for mobile entry tickets.


Most resale ticket sites these days on average charge about 30% service fees, so this is actually normal compared to other sites.

There were also TicketsMate reviews some ticket orders could no longer be canceled past a certain point after purchase.



4. TicketsMate Review Summary

TicketsMate reviews have helped customers know that this company is after a safe website to get premium event tickets.

The prices are not the cheapest, and there are also complaints about their customer service.

But if you look at the reviews, even the negative ones said that they were able to receive their tickets. You can take a look at the website and check the events for yourself.

You can also call them through their hotline and see how well their representatives entertain your questions at



5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

Compare all our top 3 ticket sites below for the best deal.

1. TickPick

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway shows

Why TickPick?

We have tested and TickPick is legit that has positive feedback overall from other TickPick reviews.

> no hidden fees and easy ordering process compared to other sites

> best price guarantee and up-front pricing (no service fees)

> grades every ticket from sellers based on price and seat quality

> options to pay w/ PayPal or zip (4 interest-free payments)

> ticket search w/360-degree seat view

stubhub vs tickpick reviews savings


2. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

> best for sports tickets

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

We have tested Ticket Masters Resale and got overall positive feedback from most Ticket Master reviews. It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

> safe and secure ordering process

> 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

> tickets delivered within minutes w/ e-ticket email deliveries

is ticketmaster resale tickets legit and safe review


3. Vivid Seats

> good for sports, concerts, and broadway tickets

Why VividSeats?
We have tested and was good for us, although there are mixed VividSeats reviews., but recently rebranded with better support.

> 100% guarantee with safe ordering

> largest independent secondary ticket marketplace to live events

> the official ticket provider of ESPN

> good prices compared to most ticket sites

> voted best in-house customer support team

> extra event protection add-on at checkout (100% reimbursed if an accident)

viagogo vs vivid seats ticket review sites legit


We did compare TicketsMate vs StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and is StubHub a legit site? StubHub seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in over 50 countries, while TicketsMate has events in just the US. Also, TicketsMate service fee is 30% and StubHub’s service fee is similar at about 30% on average it seems, but can vary.


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Q Is TicketsMate Reliable and Offer a 100% Guarantee?

TicketsMate claims to be a legit and good ticket exchange offering a 100% guarantee, although some recent TicketsMate reviews said they didn't have the best experience as not being reliable with high service fees.

Let's take a look at their guarantee...

TicketsMate claims their good with a 100% guarantee that your order will be:

> authentic tickets that will be delivered on time
> the exact tickets you ordered, or comparable alternatives (what?)
> refunded if the event is canceled and impacted by the covid-19 pandemic

Please take a look at recent TicketsMate reviews below to verify if they are reliable and still hold up to their guarantee.

One common complaint seen is the service fee (was 30%) that will add to your order.

Most ticket sites have extra service fees of 20% to 40% on average that are hidden, so you don't see it till the checkout.

In the ticket industry, it seems common to have a service fee like these other popular ticket sites we reviewed; SeatGeek Review, StubHub Review, VividSeats Review

There's one site with no service fees that we trust:

> TickPick is our go-to #1 ticket site with no service fees and a best price guarantee.

TickPick has been a legit and trusted site that's a great alternative to TicketsMate.

11 Reviews for TicketsMate Reviews

jskgreat55 1 Reviews
Bait and Switch

Live in Dallas and traveled to San Diego for Sweet Caroline Concert (Neil Diamond) at the Spreckels Theatre …. specifically for the event on May 22, 2021. Upon arrival at the theatre, was advised by security that the theatre had been closed for a year and nothing was scheduled. Other people arrived for the event and were also upset as to the appearance of a scam. We will investigate further and refer this to the authorities for appropriate pursual.

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raykinha201224 1 Reviews
I wish i could do a big 2 zero for this website

Second hand ticket agency’s like are not offering refunds for events that have been rescheduled only postponed. I am currently from malden ma but on vacation in Nashville Tennessee where the event I bought Jeff Dunham was supposed to be on March 20th but postponed to July 10th. Currently my job is not paying me and I won’t be able to go to Nashville in July. During this crisis I need all the money I can get. Their only solution was to resell it myself due to their policy which really hurts me. I still don’t think this pandemic will be resolved by July so selling the tickets will he extremely hard

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kathryn89 1 Reviews
Bait and Switch

Clicked on a seat inside a theater and was taken to check out. Ticket purchased, no problem, or so I thought. Wrong! The non-refundable ticket is for parking. How did I get from the theater to a parking lot? Customer service offered no assistance in resolving problem even 2 months ahead of the event. Another person had the exact same experience.

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Buttbucker41 1 Reviews
SCAM I was looking at one of the shows and there was a line that said "Not an event ticket" It was actually for parking lot

Good thing I called and asked what they meant by “Not an event ticket” It was actually for parking lot close by. The actual cost of the event tickets was $47. conveniently the cost for the ‘parking’ ticket was also $47. It almost looked like it was a legit ticket for the actually show. SCAM BIG TIME!

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larry5690 1 Reviews
They do not provide tickets when promised

Purchased tickets $536.75 on 11/14/19, got email thanking me and stating that I would be able to download & print tickets on 11/18/2019…..I have received nothing, no tickets and concert is 11/20/2019. Purchase tickets elsewhere.

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No problem at all!

After reading so many bad reviews about Ticketsmate I guess I ended up being one of the lucky ones. About a week ago I purchased two tickets close to the stage for a concert which is in another two weeks. Tickets just arrived. Didn’t know what seats I’d get, just the row, but was pleasantly pleased to see the seats ore the ones closest to the middle aisle! I did pay a little more than if I had ordered directly from the venue site, but because I wanted really good seats I didn’t mind. The venue is small and the concert hasn’t sold out, so that could maybe be why I had better luck.

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dena99 1 Reviews
Concert Tickets

-10 STARS. FRAUDS!! DO NOT USE THEM!!!! Paid for tickets 5 months ago. Never got the tickets I paid $650.00!!!! They have been assuring me for two weeks they were coming. Concert is in an hour….no tickets. So bummed. They are a scam.

Was this review ...? Interesting 4 LOL 0 Love 0

I was guaranteed tickets to be received by March 21st but nothing came to my email. I called and they said it should be uploaded at midnight. I waited and on March 22nd still nothing. I called again and they said it was to be uploaded before noon. It’s noon and still nothing. I called the third time and they said it’s on a 24 hour hold because the venue has not release the tickets. I had an upset conversation with the so called Escalation Team and told them to read their bad reviews on the website and hopefully they can read mine!

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paulfanella90 1 Reviews
Buyer Beware -No tickets for almost $500

I purchased two concert tickets for my parents a Christmas present on 12/25. Ticketsmate shared I would receive the tickets by 1/18 for a show on 1/20. Tickets were not sent until the afternoon of the show on 1/20, while I was traveling. When I landed, there was not enough time to get the tickets to my parents with enough time for them to make the show. Ticketsmate had no explanation for the late tickets, no empathy for what their delay caused and no willingness to make any kind of adjustment for the problem. Now I am out 483, have very disappointed parents and must buy additional Christmas presents a month after Christmas. I would strongly recommend not using ticketsmate and working with a better, well known ticket reseller with customer service ideals.

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mpaynecharley51 1 Reviews
Livid Customer

As usual, when looking for tickets to events, I was surfing and previewing ticket prices on several websites and utilizing promo codes to compare pricing. I’d never used this site before. When attempting to use my MATEY promo code that was emailed to me by Ticketsmate, Sally Greene, to get a discount, the site billed my card rather than preview it. I attempted to cancel whatever was going on but to no avail, it didn’t work. I called the Customer service at 1015p at night to voice the matter. He tried to belittle my concern with the website and preview of a “you did not purchase statement” which I screenshot. The issue was basically when he looked it showed I purchased the tickets he said, now call your bank. Horrible. The bank stated to call back in the morning and follow up with whether it pended or paid. Unnerving and not cool. Well see how they handle this.

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DO NOT PURCHASE CONCERT TICKETS THROUGH TICKETSMATE. My sister and I bought tickets for my mom and dad back on March 5th for the Billy Joel concert tonight and didn’t get their tickets until today at 5pm ET (3PM MST). In case you missed that, THE CONCERT IS TONIGHT (November 29, 2017)! I spent hours (probably more than 24 hours total) on the phone with them trying to get their tickets when at 3 PM today, they told me my tickets were lost and they had to re-assign my parents. I’ve been dealing with their BS for almost 8 months now and can’t even begin to tell you how disappointed and frustrated I am with them. They have the WORST customer service too. Save yourself the stress and buy your tickets elsewhere.

Was this review ...? Interesting 9 LOL 0 Love 1