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5 Things You Should Know
TicketIQ Reviews 2020

1. What is TicketIQ and is TicketIQ Legit?

Online ticket buying has already been in practice for many decades, but it has only really gained popularity in recent years.

TicketIQ.com is a company where customers can purchase event tickets through an online website. For people who are still questioning the credibility and reliability of online ticket brokers like TicketIQ.com, one can read TicketIQ reviews and check what other customers have experienced with the company.

TicketIQ.com offers a variety of tickets to their consumers, but the most popular are the tickets for sports events. There is a huge market for sports tickets in the country because a lot of people enjoy watching their favorite teams and TicketIQ claims to give premium tickets to clients.

The company also guarantees that all their tickets come from reliable brokers and that the tickets are legit and accurate. Reading TicketIQ reviews will surely be beneficial for the one who wants to check if the company can uphold their claims.

The company was founded a few years ago by founders who just wanted to provide people with a simple way to purchase tickets for different events, especially sports events. The team that works for TicketIQ is composed of different people who are sports and entertainment enthusiasts, so they pretty much know what the customers would like to see.

The prices vary from time to time due to supply and demand of the tickets. Looking at different TicketIQ reviews, the company is showing very promising progress and reliable service.

Guaranteed that all their tickets come from reliable brokers and that the tickets are legit and accurate.

2. What’s Good about TicketIQ?

There are a lot of TicketIQ Reviews that have mentioned the convenience of this website when buying tickets for events.

Many customers love the fact that the website shows the price fluctuations and it also tells you when the best time to buy the tickets will be.

As mentioned earlier the ticket prices can change due to supply and demand. With the help of this website, customers will be aware that the prices are lower at the moment they are prompted to buy. This feature is prevalent among the consumers who wrote positive TicketIQ reviews.

Aside from that customers can check updates on the company’s social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Customers can check updates on the company’s social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.) about TicketIQ?

There were a few disappointments that people pointed out in their TicketIQ reviews. One of them was that after ordering your tickets there are absolutely no refunds. Only if your event get canceled and is not rescheduled for a later date.

Although the search bar is very clear and very easy to use, the navigation around the website can be a little bit confusing. When you click on an event to purchase tickets, you be directed to another website where the tickets can be bought, and that might confuse certain people when all this time they thought that transactions would occur within the TicketIQ.com website.

This cause some problems to some people but not everybody. Only a few TicketIQ reviews have mentioned this, but it is something that can be worked on.

The navigation around the website can be a little bit confusing.

4. Review Summary: Is TicketIQ Good, Reliable, and a Safe Site?

Judging from the positive TicketIQ Reviews that we have read, it can be concluded that the company can be a dependable and reliable source of not only tickets but also information on when to get tickets. This feature can be beneficial to customers, and this also makes TicketIQ stand out from typical secondary ticket brokers.

Consumers can check out their website at TicketIQ.com, and they can subscribe to the company’s Facebook page for real-time updates.

5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?

There’s one ticket site below we’ve tested and recommend as the go-to.

This fan-to-fan ticket exchange is verified by TicketMaster and is:

The only resale site to guarantee 100% verified tickets in your name.

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1 Reviews

Performance was cancelled, but I was refunded

4/ 5

I bought Hamilton tickets which were priced well above face value. The performance was cancelled the day of the show because of weather. TiqIQ gave me a 100% refund for the tickets- not just the face amount of the tickets.

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1 Reviews

They are a real source, but are absolutely horrible

1/ 5

They are a real source, but are absolutely horrible. I bought lodge seats I ended up with promenade seats. When you expect ice level seats to a hockey game and you end up with ceiling seats where you will need binoculars to see. Ya it pissed me off.

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