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Is TicketMonster Legit, Reliable & Safe in 2021?

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TicketMonster Review 2021

Ticket Monster Review Updated 4/15/20

1. Is TicketMonster Legit?

This Ticket Monster review highlights the pros and cons of ticket purchases made from visiting this site.

They claim that their rates are better than most competitors, and the site, which has a clean and easy to use interface, is a great place to purchase tickets as gifts for friends and family members.

Clients visiting the site can search through a large variety of tickets available for sporting events, for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college football, theaters, and concerts.

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The site is very easy to navigate through and there are seating charts that show exactly where a person will be sitting. Tickets are available for events across the United States and Canada, and they are sourced from trustworthy sellers.

As a buyer, you can purchase tickets from just about any country around the world, and they’ll ship your order on time before the event with the valid tickets you ordered.

After our TicketMonster review, their top priority is your safety and experience shopping.

Ticket Monster’s top priority is your safety and experience shopping.

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2. What’s Good about TicketMonster?

Purchasing tickets from Ticket Monster review allows clients to save money and the hassle of trying to look for premium tickets elsewhere.

The tickets are lower cost and affordable.

The TicketMonster review reveals that this site is a reputable company that is dependable and delivers fast.

Shipping is always free and there are no surprise fees attached to purchases.

Credit and debit card payment options are available with a 100% money-back guarantee if the event gets canceled.

Ticket Monster is a reputable company that is dependable with no surprise fees at checkout.

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3. Any Cons (fees, shipping, etc.)?

There are those few times when there are no matching tickets found when searching.

Some seating charts for concerts and theater shows don’t show 3D views of sections, but overall the site is an excellent place to purchase tickets for any special event.

Ticket Monster review purchases are safe and secure. Group rates and trained customer service representatives are available if there are any questions or concerns.

If there are any other questions there is a FAQ section on Ticket Monster.

Some seating charts for concerts and theater shows don’t show 3D views of sections, but overall the site is excellent.

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4. Ticket Monster Review Summary

The fact that they are a member of the Better Business Bureau is a plus and live chat is available for anyone needing assistance while on the site.

TicketMonster.com review has a blog as well that has information on upcoming events and a newsletter that shares coupons and deals on major events.

Ticket Monster reviews show they are one of the best secure ways to purchase tickets online for any major event. 

Our overall our Ticket Monster review is positive and we highly recommend you use them for secure transactions to get valid and authentic tickets with no additional fees at checkout, and guaranteed on-time delivery before the event.


5. Any Good Alternative Ticket Sites?


Here’s our top 2 ticket sites we like and use.


1. Ticket Exchange by TicketMaster

    > best for sports and concerts

Why TicketExchange by TicketMaster?

It’s the official resale site for the NBA, NHL, NFL, and WNBA

     > safe and secure ordering process that’s simple

     > 100% authentic tickets that are verified for authenticity by TicketMaster

     > tickets delivered within minutes after ordering via e-ticket email delivery


2. ScoreBig

    good for concerts, broadway shows, and sports tickets

Why ScoreBig?

We have tested ScoreBig.com and got positive feedback overall from other ScoreBig reviews.

     > 100% safe checkout process

     > extra event ticket protection (get 100% reimbursed and 24/7 assistance) 

     > options to pay w/ debit/credit card, PayPal, and PayPal credit (monthly payments)

     > get 10% off ScoreBig w/ coupon code (welcome10) on your first order

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We did compare TicketMonster vs StubHub because some might ask, what’s the real difference, and is StubHub legit and reliable?

seems to have a larger selection of tickets to choose from to events in
over 50 countries, while Vivid Seats has events in just the United

Also, VividSeats’s service fee is about 26.5% and StubHub’s service fee is 26.8%.


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31 Reviews for Ticket Monster Reviews

denisebigger150 1 Reviews
This place is a scam- you never get your tickets

2 years ago we bought tickets to chris stapleton concert. Never rece3ived tickets. Concert rescheduled due to covid. We have been arguing with ticket monster for 2 years about a refund and they said they would give us the tickets. Rescheduled concert is in two weeks. NO TICKETS. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE. It is a scam. We contact them over and over, they beat around the bush, they say we aren’t using the email we purchased tickets from (which was my husbands email), this place is a scam.

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Rhigc199340 1 Reviews
Scam don't use these crooks

I ordered tickets for Monster Jam in April 2020. The event was canceled understandably due to covid19. I immediately requested a refund and was ignored. I’ve sent 2 more email requests for my money back and have been ignored. Meanwhile I’ve lost my job and a very close family member due to covid19, a family member who was attending the event with me. This money would really help my family but they refuse to refund me. It’s been a year now. My next course is the BBB, the Governor’s fraud hotline and channel 7 news.

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gaelenkes76 1 Reviews
Worst experience ever

We purchased tickets for Busch Gardens Pre-Pandemic in Feb 2019. Tickets had to be used in 2020. Because of the Pandemic Busch was closed. We were traveling from MN to Florida. Ticket Monster has refused to refund our money we are out $500.

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US Open Tennis 2020 ( original date)

We bought tickets in February 2020, for th price of 827,95 and- couldnt travel, because of corona. As the tennis was for the start of a longer journey, continuing to Nova Scotia and else… we were not able to use the second date for tennis- as there were no spectators allowed, Germany did not allow to travel to USA. All the flight, travel-booking, Hotels and so on was alredy refunded, but Ticketmonster disapered! I was trying to contact- but they told me, they moved to Orlando, FL. Now I am trying tofind a contact to them for refunding. Its very disappointing.. Its the amount of 827,95$ that we asked to be refunded. Marion NOlting, Allhornring 8, 22359 Hamburg, Germany.

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andreadalluomo9 1 Reviews
Waiting for refund for 5 months

We bought 4 ticket for NBA match NY Knick vs. Detroit Pistons in NY on April 14th, the match has been canceled and we wrote many email to request the refund, they’ve never answered and still no refund has arrived. As we write, we only get an automatic reply, with no information about the refund. The site now seems closed, no way to click on any part of it, just a form to be filled.

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Concert canceled four months ago, still no refund

Let me start by saying when I received my tickets, I was worried something was wrong right away. They sent me PDF copies of tickets which looked like they were not going to work. I emailed and they assured me the tickets were valid. Covid hit and the concert was canceled May 2 2020. I reached and inquired about the refund policy since the concert was obviously not happening. After no response, I followed up again and got a blanket statement that said be patient we need to confirm the concert was canceled. One month passed and no word so I emailed again and they said yes they confirmed the concert was canceled and to be patient while they decided what the best way to handle the situation was. Another month passed, no word so I reached out and asked for my refund again and was given another please be patient email. FINALLY I was sent an email that my refund was being processed and it should take 30 days to get my money. Well, two months have passed and I never heard from them again. I bought tickets from another site for the same concert and was refunded my money MONTHS ago. I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK! NO CONCERT = NO TICKETS = REFUND.

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jerrylui21327 1 Reviews

WHAT A SCAM!!! Placed an order (#19479128) for Disney World in early Jan. Original dates were for 05/25-05/31 AS NOTED ON THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL. Obviously Disney World CLOSED due to covid. I was offered an extension, which does nothing for me because 05/25 was my original travel date. Customer support phone line does nothing and email rep gave me an abrupt “No refunds will be offered” with no additional information. Their website is currently unusable and asks you to fill out information to get contacted. What a scam. DO NOT WORK WITH THEM. I ordered through AAA. And as a member, I’m frustrated. I will gladly update my review if i could get ANY support from Ticket Monster

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dcwayman1131 1 Reviews

Concert got rescheduled they can’t guarantee we will get our tickets 2 weeks before so we can sell because we will be out of country. No guarantee we will even get them. So disappointed in how they run their business.

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jybil80 1 Reviews
Ticket monster is the worse thing AAA ever did!

Before this virus I bought tickets at AAA for Discovery cove park. They gave a discount but it wasn’t a great one. SeaWorld is giving money back and ticket monster is so hard. They told to go back to AAA… I did they had to go there. Finally they said that they would refund my money and it would take 30 days, it’s been about 45 days no money yet! How can a company like AAA do business with them…. I’ll never book a vacation through AAA again because of them. They really suck! My friend today was told too bad so sad no money back… In a pandemic? How could they!!! Waiting for AAA to open with claim number to ask where my money is again?!? They suck spend the extra 20 bucks and put them out of business!

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nycdiner97 1 Reviews
Gave me the worst possible seats and have not responded to multiple emails

I just spent a tremendous amount of money on seats and they chose to give me the worst options in the block available. I’ve emailed three times now with no response from the Customer Service department. I’ll avoid them at all costs going forward and will tell anyone who will listen about what a horrible company this is . . .

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jamie_ben9656 1 Reviews

I did not realize I was purchasing from a third party agent before they were on sale to the general public. I admit that I was ignorant of how concert ticket sales are done these days. I paid an exorbitant amount for what I thought were decent seats. They were electronic tickets that arrived about 3 weeks after the original purchase. They were obstructed view!!!! This was not disclosed when purchasing the tickets or I never would have purchased them at the price they were charging. When I called to inquire, Ticket Monster told me that they were a final sale and nothing could be done. However, I could give them away because my name is not on them….really?

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wedeenmd29 1 Reviews

Complete fraud Complete fraud. Advertised Simon and Garfunkel, for a tribute band . Would not cancel sale after I immediately realized the deception. FRAUD.

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david.kight8215 1 Reviews
Horrible customer service

Tickets for frozen Broadway my daughters birthday present. I purchased were wrong on delivery. Customer service said nothing they can do. Then my Daughter who is 8 got sick and they told me to go to box office. Went to box office 1 hour away and they said nothing they can do because it’s a third party.

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gary.wolf1030 1 Reviews
Cancelled my order – TWICE!

I ordered tickets to the 2020 NHL Winter Classic on the Ticket Monster website. Later that day, I received an email from Ticket Monster indicating my tickets were cancelled (I was told the seller could not meet his/her obligation). I then reordered tickets on Ticket Monster for different seats (now much more expensive), only to have my order cancelled AGAIN – this time LESS THAN 3 HOURS BEFORE THE GAME STARTED. Ticket Monster was unwilling to provide replacement tickets (because the price had increased again), so we ended up missing the entire event. Although they promised a refund, our day was ruined due to this unprofessional and unreliable company. I do NOT recommend using Ticket Monster.

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ronni10453 1 Reviews
Terrible Customer Service

I purchased tickets in December for a concert in May. The NYCB Westbury website directed me to their site to purchase tickets where the price was more than double than Ticket Master. When I called immediately to try to cancel the purchase, they told me tickets were Final Sale and couldn’t be canceled. I then asked to speak to a supervisor, who was rude and not helpful. His name was Brandon. I then asked for a discount, and again nothing. When you call, they keep you on hold for almost half hour, and then tell you that your order was already put through and is being processed. The “supervisor” doesn’t know what customer service is. Does nothing to try to keep a customer. Will NEVER buy tickets from here again. Think twice before you deal with this unprofessional company!!

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pd54188 1 Reviews
Great experience

Have been using ticket monster since 2015 for mlb, nhl, and ncaa basketball. Never any problems. Customer service very helpful as well. E tickets always delivered.

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sonangel21c91 1 Reviews
They are scam and doing dishonest business

I made purchase 2 Cinemark tickets on ticket monster and this is what I experience from that time which is very terrible. 1. Trying to use tickets on Cinemark but they said I cannot use it because they said that movie is new released one and that ticket has limitations. So that time I purchased tickets from my credit card again. 2. This Saturday, I try to use it on not new release movie but they said that first ticket is already used (I never used!) so I can only use second one. I asked them how can I fix this issue and they said they don’t have any idea where I get that weird tickets but contact merchandise I purchase ask them to handle. I was with my family and they treated me as I make a benefit with lying. 3. I tracked my email and found that I purchase from Ticket monster so I email them and they asked me to call their customer service. Waited more than 30 minutes and they said this was final sale so no refund. Plus I should contact Cinemax to fix this issue. I explained Cinemark said they don’t have any idea where this ticket from and asked to email them because they have order number from their system. He said it is not his responsibility and yelled me no final sale and call to Cinemark. Of course Cinemark saying they cannot handle this issue because it is sales by Ticket Monster. They are doing very dishonest business against customer and you don’t get nothing what you paid for. Don’t waste your time and money.

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krhildebrandt98 1 Reviews
Purchased Ticket July 16th for August 5th Event…still no ticket…no tracking package UPSET

I purchased a ticket on July 16th and my credit card was charged on that date for an August 5th event. Well, the website claims don’t worry tickets will be sent one to two weeks prior to the event. I spent over 40 minutes (yup…40 minutes) on the phone yesterday with Ticket Monster and they stated that the ticket provider (not them) issued a FedEx Tracking number on July 16th. Well, the package has a tracking number but it never shipped. What the heck. But, “don’t worry” we will give you a refund if it’s not received. Well, ah, I really wanted to go to the event. I will NEVER EVER use this site again and I recommend Buyer Beware. They are just a pass thru and depending on the broker involved you may or may not ever receive your tickets.

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freddie87688 1 Reviews
Buyer Beware

Buyer beware – these people are crooks!!! They take your money and you never get anything in return. I purchased a ticket on April 4 for a concert on July 20. They charged my credit card immediately, but the confirmation email said the e-ticket would be delivered on July 19. I called on July 19 and was told that the vendor has until close of business 3 AM to deliver it, then was told it could be as late as an hour before the concerts scheduled start time…. I never received a ticket from them, nothing at all. And I was told that I could not get a refund, all sales are final. I was sent to them from the AAA website and believed I could trust them because I trust AAA. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR MONEY, you get nothing in return.

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gregor.mcleod5 1 Reviews
How do they hijack a website??

I tried to go directly to the venue’s website to get tickets, but every attempt was re-directed to the Ticket Monster site. Earlier in the day while at work I was able to do it. At home, I could not. The price difference was SIGNIFICANT!!!!!! Ticket Monster is not a value add in this instance – just a middle man collecting money for doing nothing. My recommendation is to not use this service ever

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carolyn_dines64 1 Reviews
Poor service and expensive tickets

I purchased tickets in May online for a New York Mets game this Sunday. We are travelling over from UK. Tickets did not arrive 1-2 weeks prior to the event as promised. I had to phone twice and email twice before tickets were eventually emailed today. The calls to USA cost over £25. As it turns out the emailed tickets had to be printed out and could not be scanned from a phone so needed printed (tricky when away from home). I have also realised they were twice as expensive as buying direct from the New York Mets site. Very disappointing. I will not be using them again.

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julie450438 1 Reviews

Tickets were not delivered until too late to make travel plans. They say they will arrive, electronically, 1-2 weeks before the show but when I didn’t have them 3 days in advance I reached out and they were not helpful. They said they were not required to deliver until ONE hour prior to the event. Customer service agents were frustrating and condescending.

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tomandjessky11 1 Reviews
Great Deals!

I love the Ticket Monster Perks site for theme parks and attractions! Always find great deals and never have an issue with my tickets! Have also purchased concert tickets and they worked fine too! There was another name on my ticket, but that is to be expected when you are purchasing from a third party. You can trust Ticket Monster though!

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Kyle 1 Reviews
TicketMonster Came Through!!!!

I purchased four tickets from Ticket Monster. I was sent the tickets a week later as I was expected and was way before the show. Ticket Monster seems to be a legit company to me!

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paul27 1 Reviews
Be careful with this site

We ordered two tickets for NBA for a lot of money. Not only you have to wait to receive your tickets until 48 hours before the event. When we received the tickets we realised that they were issued to another name, did not represent the seats we ordered and the price we paid was more than twice the face value! I would call this incredible … .

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Sawyer 1 Reviews
Overall, my experience with TicketMonster was good

Overall, my experience with TicketMonster was good. My only complaint was that I had to pay more than face value for my tickets. This is common among many other ticket sites I think.

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Beth 1 Reviews
Had no trouble finding the tickets we wanted

My husband purchased from ticket monster last month and he had no trouble finding the tickets we wanted for the right price. Our tickets have arrived in the mail and we are now ready for our event next week.

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Jenny 1 Reviews
I got to the venue and the tickets worked!

The show I wanted to go to sold out instantly. I usually buy my tickets off Stubhub, but this show was restricted from selling on Stubhub. I didn’t trust anyone on Craigslist so I did some research on other 3rd party ticket sales. I came across Ticket Monster, I bought my tickets at a good price. I was still nervous, since I haven’t really ever dealt with 3rd party sites and you always hear horror stories. I got to the venue and I was relived that the tickets worked!

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Shar 1 Reviews
Our tickets were a little spendy, but this is a big show

Received our tickets today for One Direction in Orlando for next week. I can’t wait! Our tickets were a little spendy, but this is a big show.

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Patricia 1 Reviews
I felt mislead on the phone thinking this was an upgrade, but did get partial refund

I ordered the tickets from them and 4 days before the game they call to tell me there was a problem with the seating and “upgraded” me. When I got there I was sitting in the nosebleed section on the 50-yard line. I felt mislead on the phone thinking this was an upgrade. Called Ticket Monster the day after the game to address the problem and they refunded part of the ticket.

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Richard 1 Reviews
I really like that there are no hidden fees

I found Ticket Monster to be a great site to purchase tickets from! I really like that there are no hidden fees and they have tickets for just about everything. I just got 7 tickets to a sold out event at a fair price, considering there was no tickets left from the venue. I found the site to be reliable and completely legit.

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